– [Man] Dogumentary TV producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. (barking) (upbeat motivating music) – Weimaraners are great to live with because of their
human-like qualities. They’re very connected to their people, thrive to please their family. They are also very
protective of their home and their surroundings. My name is Rebecca Gardes, and I’m with Silver Bay Weimaraners. I have been with the
Weimaraners Club With America, and have owned the
breed for over 17 years. I am active in our local
and national clubs, and also a member of NAVHDA, which is a national hunting club. So part of the Weimaraners’ genetic makeup is that they are a hunting breed, and they are in the sporting
breed classification. So what that means is that
it is in their genetic makeup to want to hunt and run all
day long with their owner. So I am a member of
NAVHDA, which we go out in the field and we focus on
her inherent ability to hunt. Weimaraners, because of they are so smart, the obedience aspect is another portion of the field training with NAVHDA that I feel is one that makes them a more superior organization. With the Weimaraner, it is very important from a young age that they
are trained in obedience. And that will contribute to making them better living partners. Without that training, because they are so smart, they will figure out ways to do things themselves, which is, it wouldn’t always be
beneficial to the homeowner. (upbeat music) So one of the other activities that we do with our
Weimaraners is we participate in the American Kennel
Club conformation events, and that is evaluating
the dog’s overall form. Is this okay? – [Cameraman] It’s fine. – Okay. So what the judges are looking for is the actual conformation
of the Weimaraner. So shoulders, top line, tail
set, forechest, their bite. All of these things are gonna contribute to what a Weimaraner should be. So the reason why I participate
in both conformation and field is I am a believer in form and function of the breed. I believe that a Weimaraner
not only is beautiful, but should be able to function, which relates to their field ability and their activity level. So having a dog that does both field and show, and excels in
those two departments, I feel that you have a complete
package in a Weimaraner. And not only that, but you maintain their activity level
to keep them balanced. (upbeat music) With a Weimaraner, daily walk is probably not going to be enough. Weimaraner was built to
run, they’re very agile, and they need that additional space. So, some examples of
things that you can do, like we are here today at a park, giving them an entire baseball field to run for an hour, or if you live close to the mountains, getting them out and letting them actually run the hills. A good owner for a Weimaraner is someone that enjoys being outdoors. Someone that doesn’t have
an issue with an invasion of space, because Weimaraners
love to be with you, whether it’s hiking, going to the beach, going camping, because
Weimaraner’s gonna want to do all those activities with you. So the type of living conditions that a Weimaraner requires
is, I mean they can, I mean they would be a great house or an apartment dog, however
with that being said, you have to be able to get your dog out and fully exercise them. They don’t require a lot
of space in your home, because they thrive on being with you. But what they do require is activity, irregardless of the space of the home. So you have to have the flexibility to get out to let your dog
run at least two times a day. And that’s full running. (upbeat music) The type of housing setup that you’d want for your Weimaraner,
it’s not very specific because if you were keeping
their activity level outside of the home high when
they are in the home, all they want to do is hang out with you. They won’t be bouncing
around off the walls because they’ve gotten their activity in. So if you allow your Weimaraner to run anywhere between an hour to two hours a day, when
you have them in your home, all they’re gonna want to do is sleep or follow you around the house, because they’ve been able to get that overexcitement out. However, a Weimaraner
that hasn’t been exercised can use your couches and do zoomies all throughout the house. But again, with the activity of running them everyday, which would be the goal, you won’t have any of that in your home. So the advantages of having a Weimaraner inside your house versus
as an outside dog, is they are very
protective over their home, because of their keen
sight, scent, and ears, they pick up on things that
are outside of the normal. And while they’re not an aggressive breed, they will signal you by barking, and indicating that something is going on. As far as leaving your Weimaraner outside, they’re not an outside dog. This breed was bred to
be with its companion, so therefore if you do
leave your Weimaraner unattended out back, or in your yard, they typically will find
ways to entertain themselves. Usually at the homeowner’s expense. Digging holes, because
they’re constantly searching for something, because they are a sporting and hunting breed, they’re gonna follow their nose. One of the biggest things to take note of is the fact that it
is a very agile breed, which means you should have at least a six to eight foot fence,
and with that being said, your Weimaraner can still get over it. So some of the rules that
I have for my Weimaraners while they are in my home
is that they understand that the house is our space, and well when we go outside we have fun, we run around, we get to do
a lot of really cool things. Inside the home is a place
to be quiet and calm. Whether you have children or not, they have to know how to
behave in an inside setting. Usually when it comes to
furniture and my Weimaraners, as long as I invite them on my furniture, which means I ask them to
come up and lay with me, that is the best scenario. When your Weimaraner feels that he or she can get on your couch
without either being invited or asking permission, they tend to become a little bit territorial of that space. So if you ask them to move, they may not be very easy to comply because they kind of establish that as their space. Because Weimaraner are creatures of habit, it’s really important that the habits that you create are ones that you plan on living with with the
rest of the dog’s life. So my Weimaraners are crate-trained and crate training is a really great tool to keep your home and your animal safe. Usually, a Weimaraner can be in a crate anywhere between four and six hours. However, you have to think
about it if your Weimaraners are sleeping in a crate every night, which is typically about eight hours, and then if you were to go to work, that could be anywhere
between eight hours, that is really unrealistic, so during the day it’s important that
you give your Weimaraners breaks between its crate session. So, three to four hours
max, and then getting your Weimaraner out to be exercised. And then your Weimaraner
will have no issues sleeping through the night in her crate. So when we have a guest come to our house, we typically ask our
Weimaraners and our guests to, whether they want to meet out front, as a neutral greeting plays it depends what the visit is for. But our visitors are allowed in our house and our dogs are put in a
sit-stay and our visitors go ahead and go and greet our dogs. The only thing that I ask of my visitors and whether they’re children or adults is that if my Weimaraners choose to go lay into their crates, to allow them to have their personal space. So my feeding schedule for my Weimaraners is they get fed in the morning, usually around 7:30 in the morning, and they get fed in the evening, usually around 6:30 in the evening. Weimaraners are a medium breed dog that have a large chest. And because of their large test, their feeding schedule
is really important, because they can be more susceptible to what we call bloat. And that bloat is when after a dog eats or drinks a lot of
water, gets very excited, their stomach flips, which creates a lot of gas. So it’s highly recommended that once your dog eats two to three hours of solid quiet times
for the food to digest. So we feed our Weimaraners
a high-grade kibble. We also include supplements
such as coconut oil and fish oil, multi-vitamin,
all of those things, because Weimaraners
are a dilute gray coat, they tend to be a little
bit more sensitive to the foods that they’re allowed to have. So keeping high-grade food
with additional supplements will help to keep their coat healthy, and their allergies down. As a new owner of a
Weimaraner, socializing and obedience training is something that you should look into immediately upon getting your Weimaraner. Weimaraners are very smart,
so an eight-week-old puppy is going to be very adaptable to the new things and environments that you’re going to expose him to, and all of those things that you do with your Weimaraners at eight weeks, you’ll continue to do at nine
weeks, 10 weeks, and so on. Some of the key things you’re gonna want to make sure that your Weimaraner is socialized with is children. Because Weimaraners
are creatures of habit, they can become a little shy of things that they have never been exposed to. So your role as a new
owner of a Weimaraner is to get your puppy exposed
to as many things as possible during those crucial stages. So Weimaraners are not
generally an aggressive breed, however because they are a hunting breed, if they are not socialized at a young age with, say cats or small dogs, they may not adapt very well as an adult. However, if they are
grown and raised around, and socialized around small dogs or cats, or birds at a young age,
they’re very adaptable. As far as obedience goes, again, those are just gonna be
things that will help you to make sure that you have
a good canine citizen. With that being said, your dog should be able to sit, it should be able to calm, it should be able to heal,
walk with you on a leash, it should be able to stay. It should be able to welcome a stranger, be able to accept a child. By doing these things,
is really gonna set up your Weimaraner to be
a good canine citizen in its adult years. (inspiring classical music) So having a Weimaraner has been amazing because not only has it encouraged me to continue to be active on a daily basis regarding getting out and
doing the field training, doing the obedience training, getting out and enjoying everyday life, and at the same time being able to come home with an animal
that thrives on being with me. Because of their human-like qualities, they’re very in-tune to
their person’s emotions. All in all, owning a Weimaraner has been an amazing experience. (uplifting classical music)


  • I have a Weimaraner, his name is Pluto he's insanely energetic. He has a big sister named kera and she is a husky. They"re both wonders and i love em so much.

  • My weimaraner just passed away on October 1st, 2018. 21 days before his 14th birthday. And all I can say is that he was the best dog I ever had. So, everything in this video seems true from my perspective. If you're looking for a breed, this is the one.

  • I have a English Pointer / Lab mix, it totally "domesticated" the super high drive field dog they ade always talking about. Where they are like 15 hours of exercise needed a day lol. He needs a normal amount of exercise 1 hour in the yard walking around and running fetch whatever and we go on a walk everyday. Its a very awesome mix.

  • Ya, OMG….my weim is the absolute best. He loves the shit outta me…..just stares at me continuously…extremely loyal and I love love love him!!!

  • I had a weimaraner that I rescued. She was by far one of the absolutely sweetest dogs I've ever owned. She was not a typical weimaraner though; while she loved chasing squirrels and rabbits, she was very gentle with my cat and loved to relax and lay about. She unfortunately died of old age. I'll never forget that wonderful girl!

  • I have a four year old weim and he does NOT enjoy tons of exercise. Never has since he was a puppy. He isn’t interested in hunting either. I guess there’s an exception to every breed! Lol

  • I got my mother a Weim for her birthday she loves him and he loves her he is a very laid back dog he never chewed on anything or caused her trouble. I decided to get my own because of how well behaved he was, and well that’s not always the case I found that all Weimaraners have different personalities especially my Ivy! She needs lots of exercise so I take her for a run in the morning before work and sometimes when I get home she has no interest in playing with other dogs so I have to improvise, she just wants to be next to me I call her the Velcro pup if she hasn’t had her exercise for the day she can be very needy and will cry and howl for attention. These dogs are really not for everyone they are not the same just because one weim may seem chill doesn’t mean they are all like that. So really think about it when you want one of your own. They’re great dogs with enough exercise and can be great protectors. Some just require more than others. 😉 hope this helps anyone looking to get a weim.

  • My family raised this lovely dog. WE had a silver male and three females two silvers and one tope. They loved to hunt and SWIM. They lived in a kennel but at any time you could bring them in the house and they would be fine.we started raising these lovely dogs in 1954

  • we love our vizsla Pepper! Such a good pointer breed. We are hoping to show what this awesome breed of dog can do by including her on our adventures. Check her in action at chilli pepper dog on Instagram/youtube and you'll get the gist

  • Sooooo i have a weimaraner “Murphy” and he legitimately thinks he’s a person so when she was like weimaraners have human like qualities I was all like REEEAAAALLLYYYY?????

  • You understand this breed very well!! You totally get this! They are much more intelligent than the average human including dog trainers. Most will not attempt to train s weimaraner. I for most of my life had 2 weimaraners. My vets x7 were non pluses. I know how these dogs thinks. They were in my crib and forward. I temperament tested with one of the original breeders of the reiteralm goodies line. I had when I ran the rescue in the northeast John tanis for massive abuse on this breed put into prison.

  • Starbuck was a great dog. He had amazing intelligence. So did my last girl Maggie. Maggie was a beautiful. She had the heart and soul of a saint. I took over the weimaraner rescue in the northeast under the I insistence of barb peatrangolio on a criminal abuse case under John tanis.

  • Just put my weimaraner down after 15 years best dog ever came to work with me every day even to the pub great nose for hunting would reck my house every so often but thats just part of the fun of having one .

  • Cool vid….Ive got a 5 year old weimaraner… Spud, and what a big soft sod he is, and take into account he was a rescue dog.. i got him at 7 month old with all sorts of issues, emaciated, beaten and neglected!!, all sad and i would love to see the same happen to the previous owners but i live in a normal reality. Anyways now he is a true gentleman, so loving with children, brilliant with most people and dogs, does have a bit of an issue with other dogs showing dominant aggressive behaviour towards him…. not one to back down, dogs being dogs an all, never actually hurt another though. I put it down to he has clangers still and his early issues, but usually reacts to his commands. And great way to keep him fit on top of his walks with me is i take him cycling with me. and he absolutely loves it, so do I when I don't want to pedal he does the pulling… lol, took a bit of careful training but they take to it quick being bright, i Love my best friend, issues and all and wouldn't change a thing about him. Definitely would recommend to anyone, they are a lovely, super intelligent breed and most importantly loyal.

  • These are such high energy dogs and you need to be able to exercise them for hours everyday, which is why IMO they shouldn’t be sold in pet stores. Uneducated people will see a cute little silver Weimaraner puppy, and adopt it, not knowing how much time and effort they will need to put into the dog. And later on, the dog will be too hyper to handle, and will eventually end up in a shelter.

  • i’ve had a weimaraner since she was 2 she’s now 13 and when she was younger she would be more active but she is the laziest thing we’d take her to get dog washes and the people would bring her back shocked on how not crazy she is but she does love on the family at home. takes my spot on the bed and getting her to move is impossible

  • I rescued a senior Weimaraner and she is deaf. But she is so sweet and fit right in with our other dogs. I love to watch her run, so graceful.

  • I'm on my 5th weim….. all hunters. Rebecca has hit every nail on the head with this breed. I've had German shorthaired pointers, labs, etc. and by far the weim is the best overall. CAUTION: this breed is HYPER! Everything she says about their energy level is dead on. Love my boys…. and they will do anything to please me. You MUST secure YOUR place as the dominate one though. Once that dominance is set, these dogs will do anything you want them to with excellence. Best breed ever…. period.

  • Gorgeous dogs, mine is a cross but definitely takes after her weim dad, looks just like him expect in size. I’ve never known a dog to have such a personality. I can’t wait to get another!

  • their too protective put it this way no one would dare even steal the wheelie bin or a pin dropping and their barking

  • it's not called shy it's called snobby everyone want's to stroke them they don't like that they like don't touch what you can't afford lol

  • mine was always around 10 feet in front off the lead and if someone or other dogs were coming towards us she'd look back check where i was and hold the ground

  • i would say if you want to own one i wouldn't leave one at home if you need to be out the house for 8 hours a day at work they are working dogs and need to out in the field doing what they do

  • and if you own one i wouldn't recommend letting them off the lead in bradgate park that's deer land once they get that sent ranger may turn up with a double barrel

  • i own a weimaraner and i have had him since i was three, he is getting really old but i love him so much and he is the best dog. he can be bad sometimes but he is an amazing dog and he protects my family and it just wouldn’t feel like a family without him

  • American weims always seem more doberman- like than those of european and british origin. I'm Australian and have had 6 since 1989. None look (ed) as pointy and slender as the Americans. Squarer muzzle and brow, wider set eyes, and sturdier. Couldn't have another breed after sharing my life with them. By far the most human fur chidren I've encountered in my 60 years. Non have been destructive unless to teach me a lesson, never trained them, just spoke to and treated them as children, and all have been wonderful. Gotta be involved in everything. My greatest loves.

  • Regarding fencing: Weims train incredibly well to invisible fencing. Have had Weims since 1995 and have never had a problem as long as batteries and fence are working. If the fence is down due to bad battery or break in line they will figure it out and roam into the neighbor's yard.

  • The video was excellent except i don't agree with a lot of time in crates. I truly believe Weims are the best large breed on the planet. I have had three.

  • I got my Weimaraner from the RSPCA (Willie) he took a lot of time to get him to calm down, he was fantastic with my kids and I found a new part of him when I started to take him to Archery.

  • Love this video but she forgot one of the most important things.. weimaraner owners MUST have a sense of humor ♡

  • I have a Weimaraner and he is so sweet his name is buddy and he has two different shades of brown eyes he has a huge scar down his back bc he was struck by lightning NO LIE and he is 10 I love him so much and he is soooo cute

  • Weimaraner are amazing, super intelligent and strikingly beautiful dogs. But please don't dock their tails, that's torture

  • So I’ve been an owner for 11 years . I have a big boy named Gus . He has cost me in damage to my home and vet bills is 30,000 . Yes you read right . Just to name some things …. 13 doors in my house ( from himself shutting them and then panic setting in and blasting through them including door jambs and drywall . One being a glass door . The vet bill from cut paws about 1500. Broken tooth 2000 . Four ear hematoma . 1700 . Eye glasses three pairs 2200 . 10 bed spreads including a goose down because he has to be comfortable when he sleeps and claws like a chicken as he stands on them . 40 door mats ruined from puke pee etc , couch from sleeping and drooling on it , all my carpets from pee puke and diarrhea , 15 tv remotes , braziers at about 50 each , countless shoes 1000, wood coffee table chewed the corners off , baseboards , laminate floors ruined after pulling carpets up from butter puke he decides to pee on them and have it soak in all day , 5 area rugs 150 each . Many other things I have stopped keeping track of . Don’t get me wrong I love him to death , he is a good boy ….. now . I should have gotten two when I got him it would have been better . I tried crating him before I went crazy way back …. big mistake . I came home from work and he managed to body slam the cage from the living room to the front entrance ( about 15 feet ) and tried to chew his way out of that metal cage to the extent of chewing out chunks of his upper “ lips “ . Another trip to the vet $$$ . Tied towels around the bars to protect his mouth only to shred them into confetti . The funny thing is I had a premonition the night I put a down payment to buy him . Went to bed that night and woke with a panic attack and cold sweat lol . Boy was I right . Guess what I have two now . A girl named Sophia for six years . She is the Virgin Mary compared to him . Oh ya I forgot the Kingsdown mattress ruined from him peeing on it . Oh ya the a 50 or so rentals of carpet cleaning machines at 70 bucks each and shampoo over the years . One day got a call from alarm company about a possible break in . Went home he is tearing into the garbage and chewing on muffin container which mimics a glass break sound , sets alarm off , I put him in the basement because there is no time to clean up cause I have to go back to work . Come home to find the door shredded of coarse .

  • Oh ya to add to my story below , I am a carpenter and floor installer so had I not had these skills to fix what Gus destroyed would easily put me into 40,000 range

  • Weimaraners are awesome! I have a 1 year old puppy, she’s adorable. Sneak a peak at my channel to see her!

  • Just had to euthanize our 17 year old Weimaraner, Blue. This was a dog that was unexpectedly trained as a service dog when he was 7 years old and he acted like he’d been doing it since he was a young pup. He was the dog of my heart and our family was blessed to have shared our lives with him for as long as we did… 😔

  • I like to hike (almost every day), I have a german shepherd now that keeps me company but she has slowed down a little after crossing 6 years of age. I Still, get her out for walks daily and short runs sometimes but she can no longer hike like before. I was thinking of getting a new dog that can keep up with me. This might fit the bill 😁

  • She's right about their protective traits. We have a Weim-GSP We got him at 1.5 yrs old. he was a foster dog that I adopted out, he was quirky but he was not insane like he was when they return them He came back super aggressive at the vet (still has to be sedated for nail trims and I have to vaccinate him with the syringes, LOL). He required a couple levels of obedience to accept people/strangers in his space. We foster dogs, so he runs & plays a lot. He's super skinny despite eating more than our GSD. He's great with new kids, cats, dogs. New People? Not so much (which we like about him), but he made so much progress with tolerating other people from attending GROUP obedience classes (he needed to see people and their dogs). He's always touching me. He can't sleep without having a paw or his snout on me. He has separation anxiety so he has to be crated when we leave the house. He is crated for a full work day which is 9.5 hours (not being able to crate for more than 3 or 4 hours is laughable). his personality is everything that is described in a Weimaraner and everything that is described in a German Shorthaired Pointer. I don't think I will ever have a home without one or the other BUT would love to continue to have mixed a Weim-GSP. I wonder what his parents personalities were like. It's really frustrating when people breed sketchy animals. I don't know if he is sketchy because of nature or nurture.

  • I have a weimeraner, his name is buddy and he's getting back from his flight today because we moved countries! 😀

  • My Weimaraner’s intelligence is the equivalent to a Jurassic Park raptor….

    he can open locked doors and windows

  • I let my weim on the couch anytime he wants and he has never gotten stubborn or hard to move from that spot, he is a pushover, all of them are.

  • Its not pronounced with a W because it is a German breed of dog, being a W you pronounce it with a V, they originate in the Wiemer forest ("Vimer") so they should be called a "Viemeranner"

  • Absolutely best video I have ever seen on the weimaraner! I am 62 and started with the reiteralm goldies line. Adolph hauserman brought over the original line. As a little child I was there for all of the temperament testing on the puppies. These dogs do not tolerate stupid. I regomed 200 hundred of them. Now, they are almost extinct. They are regarded as a dog that has a human mind. That is wrong!

  • I have run a rescue operation where we had to rehome 200. My daughter is about 30. Typical weimaraner! Starbuck. If you are intelligent enough to communicate with a weimaraner ad a human good fit. If you are not as intelligent as one absolutely move on. This dog breed will not tolerate you.

  • I bad weimaraners always. Usually 2. I live in a rich neighborhood of doctors and lawyers. Here was my deal. 2 weimaraners were here . Easy to train such an intelligent dog. No drugs, no violence and no sex. Sociopaths such as Jeff epsyein no entrace!

  • I foster Senior Weims now, but my first one , Daisy lived to 13 1/2. I rescue because now that I’m 65, I know I can’t handle a puppy plus I do not want to die before my dog. My son said I should get a smaller dog, but once you fall in love with a Weimaraner, and their regal, yet goofy personality, no other will do.

  • If you want to feel real love get a weim…I've resqued 4 In past 20 yrs..and they are just unbelievable dogs..they are extremely intelligent and know every move u make…they are usually very happy and just want to b close to you..all my dogs sleep next to me and do things like put their paw on you so they know if you try to get up..follow u into the bathroom and sit right In front of u..peek into shower or lay there head on your chest…my baby girl Sadie made it to 17…I lost 1 to gastric dialation at 13 and one to cancer at 12…and have an 8 yo now and a looking to resque another..they are a dog that will steal your heart and make you crazy in love w them..treat them well and you will be rewarded with happyness and love…I will always have a Weimaraner or 2…they are a very special breed…..I can't say enough good things about them..they r funny,loving,protective and loyal…I love all dogs but the weim is just an amazing dog….go resque one..

  • These dogs are perfect for mountain biking no joke I have been dropped countless times by a weimaraner but they are such an amazing breed overall

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