– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV, producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. (dog barks) (bright music) – Hi, I’m Davette Fournier
and I am a proud owner of the American Bulldog breed. I’m a small boutique breeder
here in northern California and I’ve been breeding
these beautiful creatures for 21 years. I bought my very first Bulldog in 1996. Just by happenchance, I was
looking for what I thought to be an English Bulldog and I
showed up to somebody’s house and it was this really
short English Bulldog and I was looking for, what I thought to be the English Bulldog, which is now the American Bulldogs. I had previously been a
breeder and a shower of Afghans and, I have to say, once you own one of these American Bulldogs, you’re an American Bulldog lover for life. Best breed ever, great temperaments. One of the things we loved about the breed when we first got ours
is that they are great with children but on the flip side, you could take them hiking, hunting, do many things with the breed. It was not a sissy breed
by any means (laughs). You know, at first, I just
watching them with people and family, they just are
very in tune with the human. I mean you don’t have to say anything. They just quickly are
listening and learning and following your lead. But after I owned them for
a while, I started doing a lot more studies on them
and learning a little more about them and I was always
mesmerized by the fact that you could take your
American Bulldog out wild boar hunting and
it’ll pull down a wild boar till you go there and get
it, and then an hour later, after you give it a bath, clean it up, it’ll be sitting next to your two-year-old watching TV, it just has the ability to be a working dog and have the ability to be a gentle giant. It started in late 1700s, early 1800s, and they were all called English Bulldogs and if you look at a
lot of the old paintings and the pottery back then of the breed, it looks like what we see
now, an American Bulldog. The settlers brought over the
working farm dogs with them and that’s what we now
know was named later the American Bulldog or
coined the American Bulldog by a couple gentlemen
who in the early ’60s decided they were gonna bring this breed back from extinction and that
was JD Johnson and Alan Scott. And there’s two different types, Johnson, which is a little more bully, bigger head, shorter snout, Scott, really athletic, lean,
the actual working breed. I just had the passion
for the bigger head, wider chest and I wasn’t
gonna be using them for a working breed, even
though that’s what they are. They were just gonna be my family pet and I was gonna sell them to families and I just liked the look of the Johnson. My dogs do wanna work, they have a task. They love it when you give them a task but at the same time, they’re
okay just chilling, you know? And I haven’t owned a Scott
before but just, I mean, any time you have a dog
that’s 60, 80 pounds, working dog that’s active on
the farm, you’re gonna have a little bit more
high-strung dog for sure. My husband and I have a vineyard here. We have five acres and that’s really when we picked up the breeding a little bit because living in town, we
would just had one or two. Once we moved on the
property, it allowed the dogs to be a part of all the farm work. We actually used to strap
some trailers to them and have them go up and
down with our buckets when we’d pick grapes and put
the grapes in the buckets. They liked that, the dogs
thought that was fun. But for the most part,
they get their exercise just playing on five acres. They like to fetch and do all
the things that normal dogs do and they like to sit in your lap. But at the same time,
if they see a predator, they pay attention and they bark. Oh, we get raccoons, cats, coyotes. We we first, first moved
here, lots of raccoons and lot of coyotes but
now that they’re here and walking around, the
male dogs pee everywhere, that keeps them all on
the neighbor’s property instead (laughs) of ours,
so it’s kinda nice, yeah. So on top of being our favorite pets, they are meant to be our estate guardians. They really do watch the property for us. When we’re not here, nobody better enter our property without us here. They will take care of business for sure. But their looks and their
intimidation usually keep people off in itself so we’re
pretty lucky with that. Our dogs in particularly and probably most American Bulldogs, people
that are going to buy dogs, are gonna be family dogs. They’re not going to be for
hunting and working on the farm. Most are family dogs just like our dog. They’re welcome to come in the house. Like any dog that’s your pet,
they would definitely live in the house if you let
them but no, they can come in the house but they do
like to spend majority of the daylight outside
running around, playing, being outside but at
nighttime, they wanna come in where we’re at and cuddle
on their little dog beds. Even though we have huge dog
houses with air conditioning and heating for them,
those usually get used when we’re breeding. For the most part, they like
to be inside getting the pets, being a family dog. Our daily routine of our
pets are that we wake up in the morning and there
they are waiting for us on the living room floor on their dog beds and that’s where they are
when we go to bed at night. We have fun playing with them
outside and they like to play outside but they really aren’t
meant to be left out all day. They are companion dogs,
they like to be with so I’m very comfortable. My grandchildren come around,
other children come around and they’ll play very
gentle with the children. It’s not that I’ve taught them that but they just instinctively
know how to be that but it’s important that you understand that you have a lot of
time spent with the dog to make it a social family dog. You can’t just put it in your backyard and then expect it to be social. The main rules, we start as a puppy stage with all the basic sit, lay, stay, down from jumping on people. They are quite puppy like for
longer years than most breeds. They’ll be puppy for four years so but by the time they’re a year old, they’re up to 100 pounds. You can’t have them jumping on people so our main thing is that
we teach them not to jump. We teach them to sit any time
we want to give them a treat. We don’t just give them things. They have to work and they like that. They like to work or have
a task for the reward but their main job is
really to keep us comforting and patrol the property
for, when we have a litter of pups here and we do
it, my husband and I do it ’cause we love the breed and
we will segment four months out of the year that we have
time to actually dedicate from the pregnancy all the
way through till the puppy’s eight weeks old and we spend
a lot of time with the dogs and we socialize them. It can’t be a dog that
you just put to the side and you put it in the backyard
and you don’t train it from the beginning. They actually need all
their training up front. The first six months is
crucial for how they’ll be the rest of their lives. And so in our orientation, we
go through how to give them commands and not use the
word no, for instance. Each word means something
for the dog to do. If everybody in the house,
especially have a bunch of kids and a busy family,
every saying no to the dog, the dog gets confused. These are a working breed. You can’t put a leash on their collar. They’re gonna pull and
they are extentively meant to pull weight and pull
down bulls and pull wagons and things on farms so you
have to put them in a harness that clips from the front
and not from the back. Simple things like that
that’ll make your dog nice to walk or your dog
that pulls you down the road who instinctively, if you
put something on its back back here, it’s gonna wanna pull you. Make sure that the dog
has a good foundation with the family so we’re not re-homing it. The perfect owner for any dog
and I’m gonna sell to a family would be somebody that has
children, also has other dogs, especially maybe another American Bulldog, somebody that’s owned
a Bully breed before. That’s pretty important. I won’t sell my dogs to
somebody who hasn’t owned a Bully breed that
understands their temperament and their needs. I like the dog to be with kids or with another group of dogs, like my dogs are with each
other when we’re not home. They’re not lonely so
but I won’t sell them to too many people unless they have those certain qualifications,
especially a family dog. I get a lot of people call me and say, “I wanna buy a dog and I wanna
have it be my jogging dog,” and I will tell them these
dogs can run and they can run short and fast but they’re
not long-term jogging dogs so this would not be what you would want to get this dog (chuckles)
for, so but there are people that say, “I want a protection dog. “I’m a firefighter,”
“I’m a police officer.” I get quite a few police
officer and firefighters that have these long shifts, and so, they want a dog that’s
intimidating, stays home with the family, can be with the kids but then the wife can take
it for a walk with the kids and that’s really important
for a family dog I think ’cause they are meant to protect. Well, it’s important
to socialize this breed and the reason is when
you first get them home, you do have to keep them close at home until they’ve gotten all
four of their vaccinations. There is something I teach
in my course when you pick up your puppies that between the
age of 10 weeks and 12 weeks, you must keep the environment very serene. No loud noises, no popping
of bags, slamming of doors, gunshots because this is that portion of the brain that develops. If there’s anything it scares
them in that two weeks, it sticks with them for
life but once you pass the 12-week mark, they can
be molded into anything that you want and I always tell
people, if you get your dog to meet 100 people and 200
dogs in the first years of its life, they’ll
be the most social dog you’ll ever have. They need to be socialized
from a young age and with as many people,
just meet and greet, even going out in public. They don’t necessarily
have to touch the dog or see the dog but the
dog needs to see people and consider that to be normal. The best exercise or an
activity for this dog would be, yes, walks. They’re a large-muscle dog. They need to be walked every day. We have a toy called the wolf stick, essentially a stuffed animal
at the end of a string on a fishing pole, and
you can give your dog 30 minutes of exercise in four minutes with this particular instrument. So even though my dogs
have five acres to run, we, on a daily basis,
pull out that wolf stick and spend five minutes with
each dog to get their muscles really burning because they do need that. My dogs are on a grain feed diet. This is important because any breed but especially in a large
mass breed like this where there’s a lot of muscle mass, they are carnivores by genetics. They eat vegetables and meat
so a lot of these dog foods have rice and grains and fillers in them, so our dogs only eat grain free. And Bulldogs, in particular,
are a little gassy so we don’t allow them
to have them (chuckles) to have lamb ’cause lamb makes them gassy and it’s not bad for them
but it’s sure bad for you if you’re sitting around
watching TV (laughs). So we stick to the fish and
the bison and the prairie, that type of thing. We use NutriSource but
you can use anything as long as it’s grain free
and also with NutriSource, it has 500 milligrams of
glucosamine in each serving, which is super important
for large-breed animal to have that in their joints. We, as a boutique breeder,
we have always kept only about four dogs, three
females and a male around, two males around, then
you have to kennel them and we kinda like our
dogs being pets as well as our stud dog so we tend
to keep one male around and three females, so right
now, we have two females and one male, our senior
citizen, she passed away shortly ago, Miss Fiona, who
we still have, who is seven, her mommy passed away. We have Cricket, who is now four. She’s the one that has
a two-year waiting list for her puppies already
and our dear Hank the Tank. He’s 3 1/2 years old, he’s 128 pounds. He is definitely Johnson,
he comes out of Jose Lopez, just a very well-known breeder
for 30 years, Manstoppers. Hank is got amber eyes,
he’s more of a red. We call him red and white
with amber eyes, super mellow. I’ll never forget when I got
him for the very first time. I met Mr. Lopez who had
moved here from out of state. He moved to California and
brought all his dogs with me. He had a job transfer or
his wife did or something. They were all being housed
at his friend’s horse ranch and I go there and there’s
all these male dogs in this arena, barking and barking. And I see this white dog
just sitting at the top of five tires, not barking,
not being affected by anything by the chaos and I said, I
don’t know when that dog’s gonna have a puppy but when
that dog up there on the mound, Obi-Wan, is his name, has a
dog, I want a dog from him. That’s gonna be my next male stud so that’s where Hank the
Tank comes from (chuckles). If I’m not here, he is Mr. On Guard. He’s very intimidating
looking and the girls, who are a little bit more
of a watchdog, if you will, if the girls run, he’s on it. If they’re not doing much activity, he doesn’t do much
activity but when it’s time to be serious, he’s a
pretty intimidating dog but at the same time, like I said, I could have my four-year-old
granddaughter crawling on him, riding on him, being a family
dog and they’re not even here all the time but he
just instinctively knows as soon as they get here, be gentle. Let’s talk about Miss Fiona,
we call her Princess Fiona. We actually kept her for
a very special reason. Her mom also who just recently passed away was one of our breeding females and her very, very first litter in 2009 is where Princess Fiona comes from and we knew that we wanted a male stud so we paid JD Johnson
Kennels Zak-ar to be the stud for our Malibu, which is
where Princess Fiona comes in and so she has a pretty
incredible bloodline behind her as well. She’s all white, Princess Fiona
means basically white beauty in Gaelic and white wine in
Latin and we do grow white wine in our vineyard so that’s
how she got her name. Cricket, we have Cricket, Miss Cricket. Miss Cricket is our now
leading breeding dog. She makes quite large females
(chuckles) and ironically, she’s a special gift
because her entire litter, ’cause the lady didn’t
know what she was doing, died of Parvo and she’s the only survivor. And it was just because
by chance I picked her up a little bit earlier than everybody else and had removed her from
the scene and apparently, the rest of the dogs were
there for another couple weeks and a visiting dog came onto the property and tracked Parvo and they
all were put down to sleep. So she’s the lonely
survivor so we call her a pretty special dog (chuckles). So in general, the American
Bulldog, if I could advise anybody for a family pet, I
would highly encourage you, I mean we bought our very
first one 20 years ago, 21 years ago and never looked back, absolutely the best breed you’ll ever own. I get a lot of folks
calling me on the phone and just telling me, “This is
the best dog I’ve ever owned “and I’ve owned many breeds.” They are so conducive for
family, for protection. They’re loving, they’re
strong, they are working dogs. There’s a lot of very
good things about them and that’s the reason I started breeding. I wanted other people
to have the opportunity to have this dog, this
breed in their family because they are great family dogs and I would highly encourage it. However, like with any
large breed, you need to do your homework, that’s what
my website was put there, American Bulldog Farm,
because we live on a farm, not because we’re a breeding farm but because we live on a
farm and it’s there for, there’s a lot of good information on my website and now with
social media and out there on YouTube, plenty of
information about the breed. Do your homework and make sure
it’s perfect for your family. It’s perfect for our family. We love them, they’re the best thing ever but not for everybody, yeah.


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