ALEX AND GALAXY THE DOG FUNKO POP — Roblox YouTuber OC — Original Character Design

Hi everybody I’m Paula and I am going to
make a Funko Pop today this time I am going to do Alex he is somebody who does
roblox videos let’s go ahead and make Alex I don’t have galaxy I looked at the
Funko pop page and I do not see galaxy so we will just have to do the best with
what we have maybe someday I’ll try to make these
guys in the Sims and maybe we could come up with things that look more like them
and dress them better and everything but for now here is a picture of Alex and I
see here he has a pup yeah that is pretty cool
seriously I mean this is galaxy I take it that is so qui need to get that that
is really neat-looking do you already have it I mean I take it he sells them
I’m just guessing I don’t know okay I don’t know much about him so you know
you could tell me in the comments anything you know about him and let’s go
to faith okay he does have facial hair I have not used facial hair in the Pops
yet so this is cool I don’t know if he does right now but in this picture he
does so I’m gonna go by the picture and he looks like he has light brown the
hair or dark blonde baby okay how’s that for facial hair because his facial hair
isn’t real thick or anything so let’s go with that and what about eyebrows
everybody has to have eyebrows right seriously okay what about that oh that’s
great look at that that is beautiful maybe someday he’ll
have that beard I mean I don’t know seriously but you know he could you
never know um yeah that was random I know that was seriously random what is
that Oh under his eyes okay no we don’t need that and he doesn’t need to have
red eyes seriously he doesn’t need that no oh look he looks like what
what are you saying I picked that’s the goal and that one doesn’t seem to oh
there it is I was gonna say it doesn’t seem to work
but it does see I know what I’m saying but no we
don’t need that either okay let’s go to hair and should we use that yeah that’s
perfect no I’m just kidding don’t take me serious don’t ever take me serious
okay let’s see here wait we use this for Dennis or at least
the brown I’m not sure what color so we can’t use that we can’t give him Dennis
hair Oh let’s give him that that’s beautiful
okay and I did see that his roblox character had some purple and his hair I
don’t know if Alex used to have purple hair I really don’t know and I don’t
know what kind of hair to give him oh my gosh definitely not that what about that
is that good or bad and what color is his hair this is kind of blond I’m gonna
go with the brown and guess it’s a light brown okay so I’m gonna use that it’s
it’s not perfect okay I know but you know look at this oh my gosh all the
hair is I love this place up here this where you make Funko pops I think it is
so cool oh that’s nice okay I am off track okay outfit this is gonna be hard
there’s nothing galaxy at least I couldn’t find anything galaxy so what
are we gonna do guys okay well I’m gonna stick him in pants to start with and you
know all those are beautiful yes but let’s see here anything that resembles
galaxy that definitely doesn’t I’m not seeing anything galaxy you tell me if
I’m missing something hey there’s purple I mean he had some
purple in his hair so seriously we could use purple so I’m gonna stick that on
him for now and we well try to find something better I
don’t know I don’t have much hope for it they really need more clothes up here I
hope they get more wait what is that oh okay that that is cute that is beyond
cute I don’t know why it just is okay come on give us some galaxy
we need something galaxy that’s just blue that’s what galaxy the purple is
better than that is there anything else purple that’s purple oh that’s perfect
that is perfect don’t you wish he would film in that outfit and just like dance
around though I don’t know I don’t know what I’m saying oh wait he has classes
at least in this picture I have to go back or wait we’re not to that yet
nevermind see I know what we’re doing hey that’s
purple now why did I click on that now I won’t find the other oh it’s just over
on the next page I think those shoes are adorable
look at those shoes okay well we’re not doing so good with this I definitely
need to try them in the Sims because I think I could at least find something
galaxy and there’s nothing with a dog on the shirt either I wish I could get this
in purple because see that comes with one color okay I’m gonna go with that
because that’s a lighter color purple I don’t know why it just just seemed to
work unless you want to put them in something like that it looks like an
explosion I guess that could kind a big galaxy kinda maybe maybe not I don’t
know what do you think seriously I mean it kind of looks more like Alec C than
this kinda okay this is a hard one let’s go with it
come on let’s go with it he would probably hate it and probably wouldn’t
wear it but you know sometimes you just got to do what you got to do and that
made no sense okay let’s put him in those blue jeans
perfect perfect that is just perfect now not really but we do
glasses seriously and which ones these those is that only one color oh my oh no
he needs those he so much needs those glasses look at that that is beautiful
but you know we got to just put him in these that kind of looks like weird my
shirt go my shirt came off did you notice that you probably noticed that
before I did I was gonna like take him out like that wait what what am I doing
wrong give me those glasses okay the glasses
are on don’t click off those glasses okay
where’s our shirt okay there there that is Alex yeah and I know it’s sad don’t
don’t cry okay don’t cry it’s okay it’ll be okay does he have other accessories
well I think we can give him a dog which would be nice because everybody knows
that’s an accessory I don’t know why it’s under accessories all those glasses
don’t click on it pal oh how are you seeing what I’m seeing here okay I mean
is that not perfect that is perfect seriously he needs that so much I mean
if he does not have a flower like that I am disappointed okay
just sayin and does he wear headphones when he records I mean does he I am Not
sure seriously I’m guessing maybe he does a
lot of people do I mean I don’t know you know now that I think of it I don’t even
know if Dennis does you know that is one thing I never really think about well
let’s not give him headphones he probably wears them oh that’s beautiful
wait I forgot we’re doing a dog get back there we’re doing a dog why are you
leaving okay we need a gray dog oh that’s cute
that’s a door oh my gosh they’re all so cute let’s see if there’s any more
ah oh look look that’s perfect that is the one right there
now we have to do a background and I don’t think we need any more accessories
so let’s go to background what do you think his background should be do we
have anything galaxies galaxies would be perfect hey at least that’s purple but
that is really purple is there like a light purple all here there he is in
town and on the lake or is that a beach I don’t know well this is definitely a
beach okay he’s at the beach that looks neat that looks like fun doesn’t it I
mean you could just go swim in and have fun and that looks like a good time and
he has a castle yes he’s a king that’s what he is that is King Alex and his dog
boo boo wait no his dog saves galaxy I wish he could dress the dog because that
would be cool and that’s really purple I need a light
purple oh that’s cool I don’t remember seeing that before that is really neat
and come on give us something nice why are all the purple so dark I mean I
don’t mean to whine you know and complain but I really would like to have
a light color purple what about pink no that’s pink that’s not purple what oh
come on and Slenderman come to kill you here
that’s purple wow that is purple I don’t think he plays Slenderman or does he did
he I don’t know I do I look like I know why are you asking me that is a lighter
purple click that is definitely lighter purple and it looks better I don’t know
about the BAM bang pow but that’s ok because I wanted purple something purple
and no snow no okay alright so there you have it and guess what’s missing what do
you see missing in that picture there’s something missing you
probably already noticed those and why do they keep coming off all right there
he is done I am afraid to move because it’s gonna come off again I don’t know
what’s up with it but there you are there is Alex and that is his dog galaxy
yes at least I think it’s name is galaxy I’m thinking okay but that’s cute and he
doesn’t have headphones but that’s okay he doesn’t need them because he’s not
recording right now anyway he’s just out and about and he’s taking galaxies out
for a walk and they were thinking about playing roblox later or something maybe
so anyway guys you got to give me any ideas for doing youtubers up here if you
know anybody that you want me to do let me know I know some and I have ideas for
some but I don’t know them all so anyway guys you have fun and I’ll talk to you
later bye

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