Alaskan Malamute Steals Puppies | Kritter Klub

There’s someone kidnapping the puppies… save me Dark shadow…?! what?! That dog keeps stealing the puppies She takes the puppies to her house The kidnapper dog Moong-chi Help me! The “real” mother dog, Debak Let’s drink milk~ It looks like Debak took away her puppies Mom, where are you going? It’s my turn! She probably thinks they are her own puppies I lost my puppies and my house… Always kidnapping the puppies.. Come with me Look at her face She’s acting like a mother What’s the matter with her? I heard she had a baby once before she came here When she almost got sold to another place, I brought her here She cried for a month after moving here She lost her young cubs She gave birth a year ago but there’s still milk coming out? because of ardent maternity? Moong-chi, take good care of the puppies with Debak

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