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American akita is a variant of akita
inu from northern regions and mountainous Japan. American strain
it is simply known as akita. this variant race shows all kinds of colors
Unlike the Japanese akita. It is a race very resistant to cold. This time we present history,
general appearance, health care and this brave protector, bold and intelligent,
protection dog and companion, known oficianmente as: American Akita HISTORY.
American akita akita inu comes from Japanese. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century,
Japan’s warrior nobility was very fond to dogfighting, for which they crossed
its traditional Akita with other races physically larger and more muscular, like Mastiff
English. The akita dog was the nobility and caste
warrior. It was said that if a dying Samurai without honor, perhaps in the next life could
reincarnate in an Akita dog, to redeem himself, and die with honor by his master. In 1908 dog fights were banned
in Japan. Later, during the Second World War
world, was banned in Japan have dogs, due to food shortages. The only one
permitted race was the German Shepherd, by what some people crossed their akitas
with German shepherds to try to save them. Many soldiers these dogs were carried Akita
crossed the United States, and there by Selective breeding was was giving form
Ultimately this race. In short, the Akita American was the result of crosses between
as different races; Akita, German Shepherd, Tosa Inu and English Mastiff. GENERAL ASPECT.
Main difference we see that It is thicker and the akita inu Stunning,
It is even somewhat greater height and weight. He has a triangular head with triangular ears
Splitz type. The truffle is completely black. The eyes are black and small. As
spitz breed, the American akita has a double-layered coat, which protects you very
rather cold and provides a look stately, supplemented with a tail
is screwed elegantly on the back. Males tend to be slightly larger than
females, but generally hover around 61 to 71 centimeters. American akita weight
It is between 32 and 59 kilograms. Dogs They can have any color including red,
fawn, white, brindle or pinto even. The colors are bright and clear and stains
They must be harmoniously spread with or without mask or blaze. TEMPERAMENT AND BEHAVIOR: It’s a dog
Friendly, alert, responsive, dignified, docile and brave. American akita is a territorial dog
which tends to patrol the home or property. Usually it has an independent character and
attitude very reserved with strangers. They are somewhat dominant in their relationship with
other dogs and tremendously loyal to his family, which they will never hurt and protect
above all. For this reason we recommend socializing from puppyhood. CARE.
They are very clean dogs and groom themselves themselves regularly after eating,
play, etc. It is still important to care its prominent fur, brushing daily
and especially in moulting. I bathe every month and a half or two months. Nails
you must cut where necessary. American akita is a very active dog
so we take him out at least 2 or 3 times a day, complementing the ride
with exercise for adult dogs. She loves to play and nibbling since
are young people to discover what they can do. They must provide one or more
teethers and toys that keep you entertained in the times
this alone. FEEDING.
Akita food needs for content protein, less than 25%, incorporating
proteins of animal or plant origin equal parts. This power must provide micronutrients,
but particularly it will require a suitable in vitamin A and D, which are normally
the most necessary. HEALTH.
It is a very hardy breed to variations weather but may suffer some diseases
genetic including: hip dysplasia and dysplasia knees. also can
suffer hypothyroidism and retinal atrophy in elderly individuals. TRAINING.
American akita is a very intelligent dog you’ll learn all kinds of orders. It is about
a dog of a single owner, for that reason if we try to educate or teach it tricks
without being the owner probably will not make us case. Finally, I thank you very much for having
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