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My today’s guest is Aima Baig She sings beautifully And the most beautiful thing about her voice is that She can modulate it very easily But do we know her? Let’s know her today, Let’s meet with Aima Baig Aima, Thank you so much dear For being on the show No, no all pleasure is all mine I would really like to ask you a question That I have been waiting all my life to be answered Because I have never met in person before How do you keep it so? The way you are already, ever green so young I thought you would ask do you sing? Beside all of that Did anyone ever asked you this? I don’t know But they should have asked you This is your interview But this is the question I really want to know Stay positive and try not to keep anything in your heart But how to keep yourself positive all the time? It’s possible if you want to Stay angry for 1 or 2 hours Then after 3 or 4 hours be friends again and move on And don’t keep on getting jealous from inside It is possible by the way Because it is like an exercise Like you daily eat your meal Like You daily take your breakfast Just like that you can daily forgive people, if you want to Just like the tip that have plenty of water intake We need oxygen, food Eat less, stay happy more You are quite down to earth and you are not agreeing to this fact You are an example for the young girls Stay happy! From now on I am going to stay happy How come your name got so long? Aima Nur ul Ain Baig Who gave you this name? My mom gave me the name Aima Because it was her beloved friend’s name who used to be her best friend She liked her so much that she gave me her name She wanted to give my elder sister this name But because of some consequences she gave it to me My father was like I don’t have any interference in this name, she is my child as well He said I’ll do something Then he added Nur ul Ain to it
Aima Nur ul Ain is the complete name So what do you being called? Noori, Annie or Aima? I would really appreciate If somebody would really call me by my name, Aima I don’t bother about Nur ul Ain much Do you put brackets around it? People usually ask me is it the name of a one person? Or of two people? Honestly if you look at it, it seems to be the name of three people Like Nur, Aima and Nur ul Ain are three different names Probably three names altogether Are there three personalities of yours? No I am just myself My father gave added this name, Nur ul Ain How many siblings do you have? Including me, we are five How many brother and sisters? I’ve got two brothers and my elder sister is a doctor Then there’s a brother who is an Electrical engineer. Then there’s one more sister She has done B.B.A and then me And then one younger brother That’s how it goes Three sisters and two brothers Where were you all born? I was born in Rahim Yar Khan I was a few months’ old When my father got transferred To Lahore. What did he used to do? My father is an electrical engineer himself So how did he manage to travel? He was travelling all the time I was too young to ask him that I’m so glad, they put me here in Lahore I love Rahim Yar Khan Though I have never went back Since you were born, you didn’t go back? No, I’ve never been to I really want to know my city That how was it? My father would tell me about it At that time there used to be nothing but now I’ve heard they’ve got Mc Donalds Having McDonalds is a huge deal Now they are going to have super crispy burgers as well It didn’t used to be there at that time What else is there? I don’t know I have to go there first. Was your father strict? Or your mother? Aima: no never
Samina: your mother is a home maker or Does she have a career of her own? My mother was an M.A ed A qualified person. She has passed away recently about 8 months ago She was a cancer patient She was a fighter and fought with her cancer For almost like 6 years And she was a very moralistic person She has set an example for all of us During her chemotherapy she would never You know your behaviour Gets change during chemotherapy But she never let us feel that way It’s been just 8 months But I feel like yesterday It takes a long time It takes a life time Nobody can never ever replace her in my life To come to terms that it has happened It’s difficult to realize that we have lost someone All of us were very close to mom I sometime regret this as well that why are we so close to her And she had to leave What a kind of a mom she was? She was like a buddy She was not like mom; she was like more of a friend You can discuss everything with mom But there is a certain limit that you cannot cross with her Obviously because she is the mother We could discuss anything with her She would give best advice She would first listen to us quietly When she was listening, she was not even looking at you So that you could judge her expression But she wouldn’t look at you She was like that She was a very jolly person My father was against the music In the beginning he said you are the youngest You are too young for this You don’t know and You never know what’s gonna happen with you in this field My mother was the one who stood up for me She has got that thing in her, my mom has listened my voice But father hasn’t Why, didn’t you used to sing at home?
Aima: I used to. And I used to be a very very shy person I used to lock myself in the room I hated dolls, Barbie dolls My father would bring me dolls And the very next day I would break them and throw them away Because I never liked them
Samina: so you have never played doll house? No, my parents tried a lot but I never I used to have a plank It’s funny but I used To play with it
Samina: what was its size? It was like a square Long And I used to play with that thing Do you draw something on it? yeah, I used to paint face on that Then attach hair to it, I was a very weird kid Used to?
Aima: yeah! That weirdness is not there now? I have now revolutionised It’s turned into other ways now And that piece used to there all the time? My mother once put it on the roof And it rained and you know The wood gets swollen with water You have no idea, I thought my life has ended What was your age? Probably 5 or 6 I think even younger than this 3 or 4
Samina: How long that piece stayed with you? Till I was 7 So singing replaced that piece? Yes, then I started singing And then my elder sister Who was managing me as well In school assembly She used to recite Naat and stuff And I thought it’s a good thing I can try that too But I was too shy it had been my problem since always And then I started doing it And realized that I can sing
Samina: did you hide behind the curtains? Not that shy That I would start shivering If mom would say sing before someone then? I could sing before mom And if she asked to sing before others? Had a strong bonding with siblings so I used to sing before them But never before father
Samina: nobody else sings at home? Not at that time but in music everybody was so involved My father had a band in Dubai of his own He was very fond of music But his father didn’t let him pursue it My wasn’t so strict He said I am too young I was pampered by him He takes care of me way too much Do you still have that piece of wood? It’s gone I don’t even remember What happened to it? When was the last time I saw it? I don’t even remember but I do remember That I used to have a companion with me All my childhood and everyone would want to snatch it from me But I would never let go of it And when music came at the age of 7 I’ve forgotten that plank I don’t even know where did it go I don’t know where is it now? What kind of songs did you sing? English I liked music And started with English songs I used to watch Disney and all that stuff If you watch it in your childhood And mother would always watch English movies Because she Had done masters in English Literature Then she would correct every Child in the house and if someone would say wrong word She would say it’s not even in dictionary My family Is very educated It was only me who did MPhil in Television They all have done degrees in Doctorate, Engineering, BBA I was the only person who said I want to do something different And my father let me do it Because I might be able to do nothing else He knew Yes, that she’s going to go in showbiz She’s going to do what she is asking for And became an actor?
Aima: I have no interest in acting as such I wanted to ask has anyone offered you? Yes, they do. Many offers for acting have been offered Tough my friends ask me to give it a shot Not in drama, in film I don’t think I can do it Plus it takes a lot of time And I’m always travelling. I love doing concerts I love doing concerts That’s the moment when I live my life When I am on the stage and The crowd is having fun and jumping on my songs That’s the moment I live my life So concerts are the ones where I live my life I am always travelling. My tours are going to start I have done two tours last year Which took me six months straight I don’t have time And acting takes a lot of time And it’s a very serious job And a very difficult thing, you face the camera And you act, it’s a very difficult thing Why?
Aima: it is. You tell me about it? Singers have done acting, it fascinated people around the world It do fascinate It does but it is a difficult thing to do To cry in front of the camera And to do romantic scene that’s the most difficult part I believe I can not do this That’s not just me Didn’t Aima fell in love yet? You fell in love all the time especially in this age Every day you have a new crush Who was your first crush? I remember my first crush was When I was 10 years’ old And he was my brother’s friend My brother is seven years older than me And he quite older than me yet I had a crush on him Because he had crystal blue eyes And I thought what is he? Is he even real? That was my first crush You have crush celebs all time I don’t why but in Pakistan I didn’t have crush on my people I always had crush on Hollywood’s actor Why? There are many beautiful people in Pakistan I totally agree now I realize why didn’t I had? You didn’t notice our poor boys No, no now it’s the time. I have got the sense too I can look for it Samina: Who do you like these days?
Aima: I don’t have any in my mind these days I swear nobody is in my mind, honestly I watch Pakistani films Because I sing songs for them And I watch that movie specially which has my song in it Now a days I don’t have crush But there are very handsome and Heart throb boys in our country I totally agree Because Bollywood is hiring our guys over there That means they have something in them I agree on the fact that they are handsome and dashing What is fame? I don’t get it you tell me about it I just don’t get it It’s something…uh It’s something related to greediness I believe Fame, fame it’s something related to greediness When you once step into this industry When I did I didn’t say that I want to become world’s most famous person I stepped in because I wanted to sing I wanted to pursue singing because my father Gave me the permission and I was like okay this is my aim and I want to do it But with the passage of time You feel this urge of having fame You feel like I am singing I am doing work but where’s the limelight? That limelight Is something that leads you to fame And I think That is fame What changes when a person becomes famous? Did you change? I think it varies from person to person If you have seen so much struggle in your life So I believe You always remain very down to earth person Some people born with the silver Spoon in their mouth and they are Born stars They are like Starts and stuff but Fame changes a human being. I have seen people changing My family and friends say One thing to me that we don’t like anything of you Except the fact that You are still the same Aima we used to know You are still the same I feel scared asking someone who are you? I have ALLAH’s fear I feel it, I mean who am I to say all of that stuff He put me here He can throw me down there Anytime He wants to. I have this fear in me This fear is just because of my mother She put that in my heart No matter where you go, where you are and at what level you are Never be arrogant because there is always going to be a prettier Better, talented girl in the room More than you And ALLAH will Grant her the opportunity So never be arrogant That’s what I have learnt from my mom What was the first song you sang? Which made you famous What made me famous was Probably Kalabaaz Dil That I did with Sheraz Uppal in the movie Lahore se Agay The tone of the song was totally different Yeah I never knew that I could bend my voice like that I would like to give this credit To Sheraz Uppal because he saw that in me He encouraged me to try it And said I can do it And then he gave me reference that a ‘bazari’ tone is required Just bring out that tone and think that no one is here You are all by yourself and you are Challenging yourself that somebody else I tried and it went great it took me almost 24 hours to do that song It never took me that time Because the song was challenging It was a very challenging track It was, a sweet pretty girl Its challenging to go into that mold To make up a voice of a woman Exactly of a woman An aged woman But I did it
Samina: and you are saying I don’t want to do acting You have an actor in you
Aima: you never know. An artist is an artist And has all the qualities
Samina: this is the acting To feel about that person I have done theatre in my university Were you naughty in your childhood? I have done very dangerous mischievous acts Really? You were saying you were shy Yeah the dangerous ones Not the cute ones My parents would say that She is a very dangerous kid This is what I used to be What did you do? Like I have done big things I loved electricity so I would put my fingers in a switch board Then I loved fire. I like things like these My mother would always have to Keep an eye on me And would look where Aima is? And sometime I would go out of the house crawling One time I went quite far away from home 3-4 streets away. My grandfather was riding With my brother and he was like such a cute kid And my brother looked over me and said
She is Aima and I was literally A crawling baby and he took me home And I went after the balloon seller Balloons fascinate you? The colors They fascinate me Do they still fascinate you?
Aima: yeah! I love colors. I love all the colors In the world. Even gray is not a color White is not a color but I still like them I think I wear gray the most And every time I touch gray I feel like I don’t have this color And I have a lot of gray color in my wardrobe It’s not a color it’s gray What mischievous did you do? I don’t remember
Samina: ever got beaten? No never. I think that is why I am like this All my elder siblings have been But never me Who used to save you in the family after doing mischievous act? At my time mom and dad were too tired Already they had four kids So they were so tired That they would let me do whatever I would do. Let her be We can’t be parents anymore Then my elder sister who is a doctor She is my sweetheart. I love all my siblings Because I think what would I do Without them? What would I be without them? And now they are getting married soon Both my sisters I am happy but I am like what would I do? Like who’s gonna take care of me? I don’t even get up to drink water I am that kind of a person Though I know how to cook, though I know how to wash my clothes Though I know how to do my utensils I know everything but I don’t do Because my sisters won’t let me do They are like she is the youngest So let her be What do you cook? everything Except for Pa’aye , aloo gosht These I can’t make but Biryani, White chicken I can cook Biryani very well And that smoked one I can make that YouTube! It helped me a lot For the first time when I cooked it went really well That nobody could recognize that it has been made for the first time Disaster ever happened?
Aima: in food?
Samina: yes
Aima: not yet because I haven’t cooked too often I have been really careful while cooking Other than that did it ever happened? I have done disasters all my life A lot! I have done disasters all my life And I have learned a lot of things Do you regret anything? No, if didn’t have done it I wouldn’t be here If I wouldn’t have learned from my mistakes What I have learned now Now there are things that are in front of me But I don’t do that because I have already done that/ been there I have done that thing before in my life and I have learned the lesson So I avoid them as much as I can So this is something that has Made me learn a lot of things. I don’t regret it It would be better if I won’t do it You learn a lot of stuff You only learn from your mistakes Do you forgive?
Aima: very quickly. That’s my problem
Samina: that’s very nice, positive But sometimes it’s not nice
Samina: why? Because people would do it again over and over again They take it for granted. They are like she’ll be fine So you forget
Aima: very quickly I am like one of those people with whom you have fought And within 10 minutes if you come back to me I’ll be like okay. Forget it What would the fights be on? I don’t fight. In house the one who fights less is me Because I am a Pisces and the fight quite less With any of the stars If someone would specially forbid me Specially forbid me And would do again and again I’m like I get it. I got it for the first time Don’t say it over and over again to me Let’s just say. I’m getting late for something And my sister is saying Aima We are getting late, one time two times Now her tone is changed She is aggressive now Let’s go. How much time will you take? Then I lose my temper You lose your temper? Yeah, a little bit. I am like don’t talk to me that way Please I have heard it and I am going It’s in my mind that we are already late So I am doing everything as fast as I can But I can’t leave it You know it’s better to arrive late rather than ugly That’s what I believe
Samina: oh that’s interesting Yeah. I mean your makeup is incomplete And you would do it in car untidily And you have to be on camera Why don’t you start a bit before? That’s what is difficult to do I agree I agree it’s my mistake
Samina: can’t manage time? Yes, I have an issue Do you get up by an alarm clock or somebody wakes you up? I have never set an alarm in all my life Even never in my board exams
Samina: so who used to wake you up? Mom then, now sisters By saying we are getting late. We are going to lose it Why do you say yes when you don’t want to do it I need to make realize About the intensity of things If it would be typed and played? That would be better Great idea Realization no. 1 realization no. 2 After the show you can give this advice to my sister She might act on Now everything is available on phone, recorded messages That’s funny We can do that For the ones who are slow I believe I will learn. I’m just a kid I believe I’m just a kid I’m turning 23 next month in march No matter how much try to show that I am mature Serious and stuff But back there I am still just a kid You should remain a kid Exactly The baby inside a man should remain a baby In fact, people say if I remove makeup Then I will look like 17 or 18 That’s wonderful that when you’ll be 80
You would still look 30
80 thing is another matter. Don’t know will reach that ever We don’t know that’s the problem If the kid inside the man remains alive then he would do a lot of fun things I totally agree.
Samina: inquisitive I am very adventurous My sister and I we have been to tours and stuff I am the only person who would say Let’s do something dangerous, let’s do something risky You have that dumpy jumping? No but I have done parasailing, scuba diving I have done that as well In Dubai when I went their last time, recently I was all okay There was no pain in my bones anywhere Parasailing was a crazy, crazy experience Because I have height phobia Had no issues with scuba diving In parasailing it takes you up in the sky Totally at a great height That was scary Really scary but I had fun Do you like to decorate house? Yes, I like doing interior But my sisters have great interest in it Didn’t you decorate your own room? I have decorated my room very beautifully That’s a very good question
Samian: is it gray? No it’s black and white From gray to black and white Is there any red or orange in it? No, no, no other color
Samina: only black and white My sofa which is on the side Matches with the interior of my bed So that’s you can say Dark blue I say. It’s blue Because I have a contrast With the cushions and stuff No orange, no pink No. and the front wall is full of butterflies
Samina: oh you like butterflies I love butterflies. I love animals Do you have a pet? Yes, I do have a cat and a dog But dog stays with brother more So I stay away from him though I love dogs but I’m a little afraid of them Samina: why?
Aima:I don’t know they look scary sometimes He has this German Shepherd He looks dashing But that you know I don’t know what it is His aura Do you read books? I love reading, I love writing My second passion is writing Do you write poetry? Not poetry. I write articles My first job was article writing for foreigners When I was 16 I used to make their assignments and get paid for it In dollars This is what I used to do You did First job at the age of 7? 16, I was 16 when I did my first job I was at home On my laptop And how much did you get? I guess 16 dollars
Samina: and what did you do with them? I was really happy, I showed it to my mother Mom see I am earning in dollars’ while Sitting at home My mother used to support me in everything She used to appreciate me a lot Like wow that’s amazing. Samina: Did you buy something for your mom?
Aima: No, not for mom. But I think I spent it somewhere. But the first cheque that I got Not a cheque. A payment in Dollars. $16 it was for making someone’s assignment. Then I wrote an article on NYC Here in Pakistan. The article got 3rd position Internationally and then they Paid me $200. Samina: What happened with it?
Aima: I did do something with it. But what’s under discussion is that The person who was getting me these articles was my sister’s friend She told them that I had never Been to New York and she has Written all this stuff about it and got an award for that. Aima: So on these bases
Samina: Did you research? Yes, I have done a lot of research. Samina: Do you enjoy researching?
Aima: Yes, I am very fond of it. I am into exploring new stuff and writing about it. So how much of the world have you seen up till now? Quite a lot. I have been to Europe, UAE, US. I have been to England. Samina: All these places for work?
Aima: Not always. I like to take vacations and travel. What do you do? Take pictures or write a diary? No I have this with Komal…She’s my sister. She’s got this polaroid camera.
We have this board in our house We take out the pictures and paste them on it. Aima: Please, you’re always invited to my place. Whenever you’ve time.
Samina: Oh, thank you. Aima: I am going to show you that board.
Samina: I’d love to. Samina: Whenever you make food, I’ll come.
Aima: I don’t know how to cook. But for you I’ll make food with my own hands.
Samina: Ok. So we have this whole board where we paste these Polaroid pictures. No matter where we’ve taken these pictures. Samina: On Instagram?
Aima: I have been to Egypt as well. Samina: So do you post on Instagram as well? I have recently made my account. I am one of those people who use social media very less frequently. I am not a constant user of cell phone either. I don’t really use it a lot. I have done it so much at one time that Always on the phone Always texting and now I hate it. I hate texting. So now I have my Manager for this stuff. He takes the phone calls and replies to texts as well. So now I don’t get any calls. So now I get only very rare work related calls. Samina: So who stays in contact with friends?
Aima: That they do themselves. I am bad at texting people back. I am so thankful to my friends. Samina: How many friends do you have?
Aima: I am not very social. I am very bad at socializing. I have a very small circle. Not that small. Samina: From your school time?
Aima: Indeed It’s like 10 – 12 girls. And this is your small circle! You know all the girls hanging out together. So these 12 girls are best friends or are they someone else? All of them are good friends but there are few Who I am very close to.
Samina: So how many best friends? I have 2 very good male friends as well. Yeah, got them from University. Samina: And they are still friends?
Aima: They were with me since the first semester. And they are friends up till now.
They’re like my brothers. So what do you all do together? When you all meet? All of the 12 people? And then of course the family, and siblings. What do you do? Do you play games? You can never tell exactly what you’ll do.
Samina: Ok, so no idea at all? Yeah, you never know what’s going to happen. Somebody might suggest something crazy. You never know. But usually when it’s all girls It’s usually gossip. But since I am not good at gossiping I only listen. I am a good listener. I listen to them. About the break ups and the patch ups. You know all this stuff. Samina: What about shopping?
Aima: I am a huge shopaholic. I was just going to ask about it. Where do you shop and what do you shop?
I shop abroad usually. It’s an acquired habit. I don’t want to show off or anything but I have a problem. Because now that I earn And I look after all my stuff. Samina: And you don’t save? I do but I spend them usually. This is what I do. I should have this collection. You know… I am a little … Samina: So what do you collect? Bags and shoes since I have a lot of clothes.
Samina: Jewellery? Aima: Jewellery I do collect. Diamonds. I only like diamonds. Samina: Yes, I saw. Did you buy this diamond yourself? Yeah, that’s something that I bought myself. To pamper myself. What did you do that you needed to gift yourself this? So I came back from a 6 months long tour. Samina: Six months?
Aima: Yes. Samina: Where did you go?
Aima: It was a US tour. For six months I disappeared. To US and then to UK. And it was all between Neha Kakkar and stuff. We were doing something. And I cannot reveal that right now as its upcoming. So we were gone. When I came back, I felt like I had done nothing in these 6 months. So I wanted to do something for myself. So I bought myself this ring. That’s the story behind it. Samina: And I was thinking who made you wear it! Aima herself did. Aima did it herself.
Samina: Yeah, why not! I feel so…
Do you feel that Girls should be economically empowered? And independent? Who are you asking this question? I think I should be the ambassador for this cause. Yeah I think girls should be totally independent. Samina: And economically?
Aima: Yes, exactly. So that they don’t have to be dependent on any man. So they can feel like buying anything for themselves. That gives a self-respect to The girls as well. Have you bought a house for yourself? I am planning it very soon. One should have it. When you earn you should have your own car, have your own home And enough investment that keeps Paying off later one. I want to do that soon. I think in young age we should think about it. When we are in our prime Of our career, our youth, we should save money. And usually at that time you don’t realize Because you’re so into it. You’re so high on life, you think just let it be. Samina: Are you practical or romantic?
Aima: Yes, practical. Actually both. Yes, but when it comes To being romantic I am a very secret and confidential person Meaning I am a person who can’t even hold hands in crowds. I wouldn’t even do that. If I am with someone i.e. Samina: Really?
Aima: yeah, I am very shy when it comes to this. Otherwise I am romantic. I am. Samina: So how will you tell? That you’ve fallen in love with someone? That person will have to get a revelation from God. To tell that person that I like him. Samina: So he has to keep waiting? Yeah, I think I should change this, right?
I should have the guts to tell. So you’re not the type who will propose herself?
Aima: No, I am not. You’ll wait for that man.
Aima: Yeah. He should propose and he should bring the flowers. He should come bearing the ring.
Aima: Yeah. You will not ask him to marry you?
Aima: No, I will not. I would rather die alone than asking somebody to marry me. Samina: Why?
Aima: I mean I have no qualms about living alone. I think a woman has this right. Yes, the right is there.
Samina: You’ve the right. Aima: I agree.
Samina: That if she likes someone and wants them as life partner, she can say so. And now you have to instill this in me, ok? You’ve to give these tips so I can do it.
Samina: Yes, this is very necessary. Why should anyone else tell me? I should be telling them! This can happen too. Right? Yes, I totally agree. But I am just too shy. That if the other person refuses then! My heart will break.
Samina: What are you most afraid of? Losing my loved ones. To let go of the ones that are dear to me. That includes my family first. Or whoever that I am attached with or love. Love doesn’t necessarily mean THAT love. It could be with parents and siblings That is the first love. That comes before anything else. Then you realize there are other kinds of loves as well. But first of all, it’s for your family. So if I do feel it for anyone And it has remained over time Then it becomes really hard for me And very difficult for me to be away from that person. To be away from them is my fear. It’s one of my biggest fears. To lose somebody. So because of this fear you’re not going to fall in love. It could be one of the reasons. Maybe I am not justifying myself Yes but maybe because of that As it’s one of my fears. To lose somebody. So how does Aima live? Fearfully? Sometimes not. Emotionally I am a very fearful person And if you ask about being adventurous Being risky and stuff, I am very Open to it. To life, I am very open. I am just Not ready to be emotionally attached especially after my mother. I have become a little too insecure. Samina: What do you remember of her? I remember every single memory regarding her. Every single beautiful memory. In fact her last days as well. I remember everything. It’s been written and saved in my mind like anything. Something that you keep remembering all the time? Or something that keeps echoing? In your mother’s voice?
Aima: Yes, but it’s a sad thing. My mother was on her death bed. So I was crying. Because the doctor had told us That there wasn’t much that they could do then. She’s on her last stage, the 4th stage. She’s losing all of her organs. And we all knew that it was time. So I said to my mother Not to go. And if you go then keep coming in my dreams. I said keep coming to me. So then my mother took my hand And said that she didn’t want to go. But whatever Allah wills. So that line that I don’t want to go But whatever God wills That I keep remembering. Her face and the way that she held my hand She was one of those people who’d grab and love children. She never … I don’t know why but She never touched us much But we knew she loved us like crazy. She wasn’t a very doting and show off kind of parent. She was never like that. She would show her love by putting her hand on our heads And would just hug very lightly. And that was it. And from that we’d get to know that that’s her affection, that’s her love But she loved us all a lot. Especially me because she was very worried about me. About my exams and my results. About time wondering why I was late in coming home. She was always tense because she knew I was her weirdest child. She would tell everyone that Aima has her own world. Since childhood she lives in her own world. In her own bubble So these are the things I keep remembering. Every time I remember her. But I have very beautiful memories of her. My mother was very jolly and full of life. And she was very mature. She was very wise. So did the bubble break after she left? Yes, to quite a lot of extent. So what changed? I think I have changed my behavior. I have become way more serious. I wasn’t serious earlier. And I have become responsible. Which I never was, when she was here. While she was alive I was very careless. Carefree. But now I am responsible as I know that In the end my sisters are going to go To their own homes and I’d be left on my own And I have to take care of myself in the end So, I have realized this fact. So I think a lot has changed after my mom. I have changed a lot emotionally. People think that I have become strong. But no, I am not strong. I have not become strong. I have become way weaker. I cannot lose any other person that I love, in my life. I don’t have the strength to lose anyone in my life now.
That’s the truth. Yeah.
Samina: What is death? A reality. Will come upon everyone. And whatever you do and earn in this life The conclusion of your life is death. Everyone will taste it. This is life’s reality. A reality which we all Have neglected in our lives. It is that reality. So I think when it comes in front of you Not you actually. On someone you can’t even fathom about If death comes upon that person You realize that this is life. This is how it’s going to end. That’s it. Samina: And this is life?
Aima: This is life. You cannot wake that person up no matter how much you die for them. How much you’re crying for that person. How much you’re begging for that person. That person is not coming back and that’s it. And what is life? It’s just a few steps to that Conclusion of death. You just have to live your life. No I have learnt that One should forget about all the sorrows and stuff You do learn from your mistakes; you learn with the people you lose. But Staying happy is the key. What you said in the beginning as well. Try to live your life in a happy way. Because everyone faces bad circumstances too. And I am not the only one Who’s lost her mother. There are people who are in orphanage. Who have lost both their parents. So there’re those people too. And I think about all these things And think this is what life is. Life is very complicated. Where is Aima today? She’s sitting in front of you and for me it’s no less than an honor Because I told you. I have been a huge fan of yours. I have seen almost all of your dramas. Yes, but Aima who’s a star now, where’s she today? And what is she seeing in the future? So if you ask me about the future Then I have got plans.
Samina: And is she successful and at peace? You have done well?! I am very happy in my life. At this point I feel like I am way too blessed. I believe not everybody’s supposed to be famous Or happy or the things that I am doing. I see my friends, I see my age mates They’re studying right now Or doing something that I am not I am doing way better than them So this is not something that I deserve This is something that I have been blessed with. Thus I think I am very happy with my life. Thanks to God! Right now Aima is very happy with her life. Samina: Tell us the secret that you’re hiding.
Aima: Ok, eventually you know what? There’s another one.
Because I noticed there’s another one. There are two secrets right? What’s the other one? Am I right? I don’t know. I will give it a shot if you want. The thing is that if there are any work related secrets, They eventually get revealed.
Samina: Yes, so how soon will they be revealed? Within a few months. It’s going to be released very soon. You’ll be watching me internationally very soon.
Samina: Internationally? Yes but I can’t name it yet. Samina: But something is happening? Obviously we’re working, I am working. And since you asked about what next So there are many things and I want to do something real for a cause as well. Yes, I was just about to ask that with your fame And your name what will you do? Yes, I really want to. First thing is That I have seen the spending cancer patients need So I really want to do Something for cancer patients. Though a lot of people are doing a lot of things for cancer patients I am thinking of doing a lot of stuff Against abuse as well. You know for … For awareness. Yeah and for depressions. I think depression in Pakistan is just… Every other woman here Is a victim of depression. But nobody really cares They’re like it’s only depression. I do not understand it myself. If someone feels pain in their heart or any other organs, We take care of them and talk about it too. But if there’s some pain in your mind If you’re feeling unwell mentally. And you feel under pressure, you don’t want to talk about it. That is a taboo. Society doesn’t accept. But brain is an organ itself. Like heart is. If the mind is not feeling well Why not see a doctor. The mind gets to face it all. Because it controls all your system and if it’s not alright… It’s always working all the time. Even when you sleep, it’s working. So you want to work on that? I mean I really want to talk about it. Especially for those girls
That want to come into this field And their parents and families are being strict And who think that coming to this industry means
That you’re a shameless person. I want to change this This thought and this perception. I want new girls to come in, just like me. And pursue it and show that they are doing nothing wrong. We are doing well and we are happy. We’re not doing anything wrong. Yes, and the payment is good as well. Yes, everything is good and you’ll be happy too.
Samina: And people get happy because of us. Please let them be what they want to be Like once in life and they’ll never let you down. This is what I want to do.
Samina: If you trust your children, They give it back to you. Aima: They never let you down.
Samina: They give back the same respect that you give them. They do. My father had said,”Aima you are doing this but Don’t let me down ever.” Now my father is very proud He is my biggest fan. Even bigger than my mother I guess. And he has saved all of my stuff on phone And I keep wondering and asking where he finds the time?! He’s like I do it for you. And I am like ok. Which song does he listen to? He listens to all my songs.
Samina: But which one’s his favorite? He likes my Coke Studio’s Baazi. He likes all of them But Baazi’s his favorite because he’s from Multan And he likes Saraiki a lot. And since there’s Saraiki in that song He likes it.
Samina: And what about you? Which song of mine do I like? I like my Befikiryaan a lot because it’s probably my first track. So it is my favorite. Because it’s a very Rock-ish kind of Track as well and I like more hip hop-ish songs. Though I like my Coke Studio songs as well. But they were very difficult. I like Banware, touches my soul. So yeah. How so? Your father? Do you speak Seraiki at home?
Aima: No, no. Samina: Only Urdu?
Aima: Only Urdu. Since my mother was totally Urdu speaking. She spoke pure Urdu. Even though my father is Punjabi But no one’s ever spoken Punjabi at home. But my father does like Saraiki a lot. He likes my Coke studio’s Baazi quite a lot.
Samina: He listens to it repeatedly? Yes. It’s on a loop.
Samina: Really? Aima: Yeah
Samina: Ok, let’s just sing Baazi for your father. Ah, okay. Just for my father He’d be really happy. Though when I did the song I had no idea what I was saying. Samina: Seriously?
Aima: I had no idea about what I was singing. When the put the lyrics in front of me, it had translations as well. And I could then understand what I had sung. I had no idea about the meaning of the lyrics. Samina: And what about the pronunciation?
Aima: Pronunciation, exactly! Samina: So was there a teacher?
Aima: No teacher. Bagga helped me quite a lot.
You know Mr. Sahir Ali Bagga. Thanks a lot.
I am a huge fan of him. Samina: How sweet!
Aima: Though I have a throat selling today! Samina: It’s alright. Samina: So how do you know this? About how to modulate?
Aima: That’s… Samina: The teacher who I think is your composer. Aima: Yes, the composer helped quite a lot. But you can also consider it as a blessing. This is God-gifted. I adapt to things really quick. I learn things quickly. Samina: And Kalabaaz?
Aima: That as well. Samina: Wasn’t it difficult?
Aima: That was a difficult track. It was. Yeah. Samina: Make us listen.
Aima: Ok, you want me to sing it! I will sing a few lines. Because my throat is unwell today. No, no. Please sing the whole song. Whole? Oh my God! Samina: Is it difficult?
Aima: No not that … Ok, I will. Because it has male vocals as well. Anyway. So few lines. Samina: Where did this have come from?
Aima: From inside. Deep down. Yeah. Samina: What do you like yourself? I like this track called Befikiriyaan. Should I sing it? I would want you to only sing. You have got a lovely voice. Thank you. Thank you so much. Oh thank you my dear. It’s my pleasure.
Samina: I liked it a lot. Thank you so much.

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