Adopted Dog Gives Veteran a New Lease on Life

– Well, Sam’s changed my life
because he’s my whole family. I’d be bouncing off the walls
in there if it wasn’t for Sam. He’s always right close to me, within three or four feet of me. I got Sam after I lost
my last White Shepherd, because I’m partial to the white one’s. When I heard from my contact
at German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, and I told ’em I wanted another White Shepherd, they said, well, they didn’t have one either, but they knew of one that was in Arizona, and because it was old, it
only had a few days left before they were gonna put it to sleep. So I said, “Get him over
here, and I’ll take him,” and so, Maria sent a volunteer over to Arizona,
picked up Sam, brought him back, called me up, said she had him there, and I went down and looked at him. He’s just what I need. An old dog, two old dogs together. I learned about his owner, the boy that had raised him from a
puppy, was going in the Navy. Well, being an old
retired Navy man, I said, “That’s it.” I said, “I won’t let his dog be put down.” “I’ll take care of him.” “As long as he wants to be with
me, I’ll take care of him.” Sam’s personality is something else. Of all the dogs I’ve had all my life, I’ve never had a dog like Sam. He doesn’t play with balls or squeaky toys or anything like that. He won’t have anything to do with them. Well, Sam is special because he’s alive, and that’s the way I feel about Sam. He’s set as long as he wants to live. He can stay with me, and
we’ll be buddies together. (upbeat music)

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