Abandoned puppy that refused to leave chair on the side of the road finds forever home

abandoned puppy that refused to leave
chair on the side of the road fines forever home in June Sharron Norton an
animal control officer for Brookhaven Police Department discovered that an
abandoned dog in the side of the road in Brookhaven Mississippi the heartbreaking
photo struck a chord with thousands of people even though the poor puppies
owners wanted dispose of him it was clear he was still loved by others who
had never met him two of those people were Dave Trammell and summer guy
something about the way he looked just touched me Dave told today he just
looked so cute and so sad in July Dave and his girlfriend drove 15
hours from their home in Michigan to meet the abandoned puppy named lazyboy
Gatson in Mississippi the pup had been nursed back to health by vets and staff
at Brookhaven animal shelter and Brookhaven Animal Rescue League Dave
said it didn’t take long for lazyboy Gatson to adjust to his new home by the
third or fourth day he was settled in he’s got a demeanor of a ten year old he
said he’s very mellow a very good boy he’s even become fast friends with the
couple’s other nine month old rescue dog dave told today he hopes that lazy boy
gets in story will inspire others to take a chance on rescue dogs especially
those who have experienced trauma I thought he’d have some distrust in
people and be scared but even on the ride home he didn’t cry at all Dave said
he’s a very happy boy he couldn’t be a better dog child he finally gets an
opportunity to relax and you can just tell he’s loving it since adopting lazy
boy gets in the couple have started an Instagram for the now six month old
puppy I’m so happy this pup found a forever home it looks like he fits right
I would days I hope gets the story inspires others to
consider adopting pets who have had traumatic experience
share the story of youthink animals with a traumatic past deserve a second chance

4 thoughts on “Abandoned puppy that refused to leave chair on the side of the road finds forever home

  • Dumping this sweet lil puppy
    Gaston should haunt the person
    the rest of their life ! Kudos for
    animal rescuers and fosters Thanks
    for sharing and take care x

    Have a great day/evening friend 💜


  • Wonderfuil ppl for taken this sweet pup shame they left him but he got a for more better home with love from theses uery loving ppl bless them and this sweet pup adorable and yes all dogs should get a secand chance of happy ness 💖🐶💖💖💞💞💞💞💞💖

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