Abandoned Poodle Was Imprisoned On An Isolated Rooftop For Two Months | Animal in Crisis EP96

A rooftop of a multiplex housing A creature has been doing hide-and-seek for two months in this place.. Informant: (The creature’s)about this big The identity of the creature who’s ‘this’ big is? Aiming at the hole that the informant talked about, installed a camera and waited after placing food The animal who came out of the hole is a small brown poodle The poodle carefully looks at the surroundings and comes walking outside Even while eating hastily, the dog doesn’t lower guard towards sounds coming from surroundings After finishing the meal that the informant prepared Into the hole the dog goes back into and disappears Informant: This hole is the drain that lets out rainwater Informant: I don’t know what the interior is like but the entrance is so small How did the dog end up going into this place? Informant: This is so steep that this is a staircase that the dog wouldn’t be able to climb up on own It’s a high and steep staircase that’s even difficult for a person to climb up If so, then perhaps someone brought the dog to this place Would the people who live in this building know this dog Resident: It’s been a year since I’ve moved here but I didn’t see a poodle Resident: I don’t think I saw a brown dog before PD: Have you by chance not seen a brown dog on the rooftop? Resident: I didn’t Couldn’t obtain any information about the poodle But Informant: So that soil doesn’t go into the drain, Informant: it’s supposed to be placed here like this Informant: But the fact that this is ripped and thrown away Informant: means that somebody came and abandoned the poodle here Informant: This side is also like that here Informant: This is supposed to be stuck like this but Informant: it’s ripped and placed here like this Informant: If a person didn’t do this then how would a dog be able to tear this off It’s clearly an evidence of a human having torn it off Did someone really abandon the dog on the rooftop This place where there’s no single drop of water If the informant had not found the dog what would have happened to the dog.. Wonder what the dog has gone through until now Even at a small sound the dog gets extremely surprised Because of getting surprised, for the first time, the dog got further away from the hole and the poodle came to the front of the stairs It’s a situation where the dog can’t even go down because the stairs are so high Decided to approach carefully An expression that looks frightened When they approach closer the dog escaped to the inside of the hole For two months, on an isolated rooftop, wandering like a ghost, wonder what thoughts the dog must’ve had For the rescue of the poodle An expert has come to visit the site How will the expert deem this situation? Expert: For people who’ve abandoned dogs, they want to avoid the dog coming back to find them as much as possible Expert: And so, there’s a big possibility that this steep rooftop was chosen so that the dog doesn’t come down to find the owner The stairs that the dog can’t go down on own The fear that the dog must’ve had to cope alone Expert: The fact that the dog was isolated here like this for two months Expert: really hurts my heart Informant: It’s probably possible to live here, it’s possible but Informant: how long would the dog be able to live like this Informant: If the dog starves for two days, the dog will die Before it’s too late After receiving agreement from the house owner Decided to rip the roof off After blocking the entrance first Decided to examine the inside of the roof first The space that the dog had hidden in for two months This is the first time that it’s being peered into PD: Oh (the dog’s) there The dog is crouched in a corner PD: (The dog) is shaking, shaking The tile is quickly taken off and they look inside The dog must be so scared that the dog’s entire body is shaking Expert: Oh no what to do, (the dog) is so fearful right now Unable to even run away, the frozen dog is carefully held and lifted up! It’s the moment where two months of hide-and-seek end “Oh you’re so good it’s okay it’s okay” After bearing through a long painful period the dog was barely able to be held in someone’s arms From the help of the informant the dog’s meals were taken care of, but two months of living on the rooftop Could the dog’s health have worsened Worries precede Vet: The age is about 5 years old? 4 years old? About that much Vet: Looking at the teeth condition, the dog seems to be that old Vet: What makes me think that the dog originally had an owner is that Vet: The fur has been cut short and has grown back again and Vet: and even the dog’s ear fur looks to have been completely shaved once Vet: Looking at the length of the dog’s fur, I wonder if 2~3 months ago Vet: the dog was abandoned on the rooftop with fur shaved short On top of that, what’s strange is that, the dog tries not to be far from humans Vet: As the dog had lived in a very enclosed space for a long time, the dog must have already become familiar with an enclosed space and Vet: now because it’s an open space and the dog isn’t able to grasp the situation either Vet: the dog wants to keep hiding somewhere Vet: The dog is stuck to me by pushing me Without any preparation the dog was abandoned What’s left for the dog are extreme anxiety and terror Vet: You probably understand the term, ‘a critical situation’ Vet: When the dog found that it was impossible to go down after being abandoned, the dog may have started to fear all people Vet: The fact that the dog went all the way to the end of the drain space Vet: is a way of expression that the dog wanted to hide Vet: in the safest place where the dog could be hidden in Even when getting bathed the dog is only gentle Vet: Wah, are you really you? The dog is so lovable.. Vet: There were no particular problems in terms of appearance and physical examination Vet: Just that how the fear that lasted over two months will appear Vet: should be looked at a little more carefully of course and Vet: If someone who has a much warmer heart capable of embracing that Vet: becomes the owner of the dog, I feel that the dog will live very happily and well And A few months later Is the dog living well? Following her owner “Oh you’re playing so well” The dog who is running around playing excitedly is? Is the poodle who was rescued from the rooftop! Now she’s even gotten a pretty name, Yebbi Owner: Our Yebbi should also live without being oppressed “I’ve met a good owner” “who will love me until the end” Hope that you will forget your painful wounds and live well receiving as much love as you want

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