Abandoned dog bonds with paralyzed cat

>>I would say it was about threee months ago, they were picked up by Animal Services in Osteen, they were abandoned at the end of someone’s driveway, they were picked up and taken to Animal Control, and they were pretty much inseperable. They were found together, and the Dachshund absolutely loves this kitten. The kitten has some health issues, obviously. We named them Idgie and Ruth after “Fried Green Tomatoes,” because of the special bond they have. We’ve had bonds between animals, I don’t know that we’ve seen anything quite like this, with a cat and a dog, I know that it does happen, but this is pretty special. When Idgie gets a new toy, she always takes it over to the cat, and they pretty much share everything, and anytime that there’s a dog that comes in, Ruthie is always first there on the scene to make sure that she’s the buffer between any dog and the cat, of course, they’re in the pen during the day, so there’s no threat to Ruth. We do adoptions through Animal Services, we’ve been doing it since 2007, we also do adoptions through other rescue groups, so when they have something that requires a little extra attention, it’s not uncommon for them to give us a call. We’ve adopted them here ourselves at Hollywood Hounds, and they get lots of attention, so we’re making up for lost time of anything they may have lacked. We like to say they have about 14 mommies here, everytime Idgie goes out, she gets a smooch, someone’s constantly babying Ruth, and so it’s a lot of attention, almost around the clock. Customers come in just to see them, to pet them. We’ve had customers bring them Christmas gifts, it’s just been very touching.

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