100 thoughts on “A speech pathologist taught her dog Stella to ‘speak’

  • I've got a little staffy & I'm sure he can read my mind. He seems to know how I'm feeling all the time. Sometimes if I think negative thoughts, I don't have to say a word, but my dog knows I'm pissed off. He's called bubba. Thanks

  • hey I've always thought dogs have better brain 🧠 people well the dogs I've had had more brains than any of my boyfriends and told them so honest of God their much brainer than people the world miss judge dogs well all animals 💯 /💯

  • Trump OUT!
    Stella IN!
    Stella communicates much better than trump…… and has larger "paws". }:p

    Well, y'all KNOW I just have to do this….



  • yea and a few dogs could treat humans a few new tricks or manners👍👍 😊🤣👍👍😊😁💯/💯❤️💖💓💓💕💞rather kiss a dog than a dog on two legs 🤣😃😂😂give my love kisses and hugs to this the lovely new human being please send it on to her and any all dog's on four legs only oh and our male 👨 on CNN channel 👍

  • 👍 love ❤️ it from one speech – language pathologist to another . My German Shepherd is also very communicative ! 😂

  • The really impressive thing is how the dog has trained this woman to think that it's actually communicating with her.
    People are always looking for patterns in random events. It's easy to find them when you convince yourself the nonsensical patterns are irrelevant.
    The woman is the one giving meaning to the dogs actions not the dog.
    The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type any given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.

  • My dog knows about 15 to 20 different toys by heart. I ask for wichever toy and he gets the exact one i want.. talk to your dogs they understand alot more than what you think

    The Canine Uprising is closer to finally being realized.
    I for one WELCOME our future Dog Overlords. My Black Lab is older, but he is a good boy and is also fairly smart for a dog. I can tell you not all of the Dogs eill agree with each other. Dogs will definitely be political, they'll have hardliners, reformers and progressives.

  • Yes cats do communicate if you pay attention. The tail is the key of understanding. When my cat is hungry she will come up to me and if i try to pet her she takes off. If she is pissed tail gets stiff. If she needs attention her tail will be relaxed. If she is afraid of fearful the tail will puff out. Playful her tail will sway. Sad she will go off alone. I have more than one cat and if i play with the other one she gets jealous and upset. If the litter box is not clean she will piss on my bed. Cats are alot smarter than people understand. When i go to work and come home she go to my bed if i lay on her like a pillow she will purr extra loud for a couple of minutes. Almost like a kid. My cat will come to me for confront. Pretending to cry and she will come and rub up against me.

  • Incase you didn't notice. This dog can also read word. Clearly he looks for the word and then press the button. He can read too. Amazing.

  • Brilliant, and awesome. I was wondering how, exactly this was done. She should go to Shark Tank, and sell the board, as well as tutorials on how to get your pet to effectively use the board. 🤗💝🦋

  • This is amazing this is exactly what I’ve always wanted to do bridging the communication gap between us and other animals. We’ve come so far already but I think we have the capability to do more

  • Color me skeptical. Read up on the Clever Hans effect: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clever_Hans
    Read up on operant conditioning: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operant_conditioning
    Dogs are very good at picking up on cues of what pleases their owners.
    We need to see more controlled testing of Stella to see if there is true language cognition going on.

  • That dog's ears went up like it was surprised when the noise came out… It has no idea what it's doing except stepping on the buttons…

  • Wow that is very cool. Whoever creates a device or Technology that allows humans and dogs or Animals to communicate. That Person would be a Billionaire. ✌

  • Silly. The dog pushes outside and doesn’t seem to want out, thus likely the dog has no clue that those sounds have meaning.

  • Couldn't get what the dog was saying (which was the whole point of the video) because of all the writing at the bottom. Annoying.

  • ummm…
    There's a real danger of misreading what the dog means. It may not mean "I Love You" for example. There's a lot of research into what CHILDREN perceive at specific ages and even then the concept of "love" for a two-year-old isn't very close to what a 20-year-old would perceive it as. So again, if a dog says "I Love You" it may be similar or analogous or we might be completely missunderstanding what it means (It might for example mean "scratch my ears" as in I press this button my ears get scratched when the person is saying "I love you too" whist scratching the dogs ears)

  • This little woman is an absolute cutie. If she doesn't have a husband than no woman has a chance. Absolute sweet little intelligent cutie.

  • I'd me more impressed if humans learned dog language. It's much simpler language…..hard to understand what these buttons were saying

  • This is interesting since it didn't seem like much more than repetitive memorization until the part where the dog asked for help. While it may have been a fluke, if consistent it shows a similar understanding to the meaning behind the words like the female gorilla (I think her name was koko) who could put 2 & 2 together and sign for 'sweet water' when asking for watermelon treats

  • A fellow with a dog walks into a bar. He says to the bartender "My dog can talk. I'll show you for a free drink."
    The bartender says "Yeah, right."
    "No, really," says the guy, "watch this. Hey, rover, what's on the outside of a tree?"
    "Bark," says the dog.
    "Oh, gimme a break," says the disgusted bartender.
    "No, No. I'll ask a different question. Hey, Rover, what does sand paper feel like?"
    "Do I look stupid to you?"
    "Okay, okay, one more question. Hey, Rover, who was the best baseball player of all time?"
    "Ruth!" says the dog.
    The bartender doesn't say a word, just grabs the guy and throws him and the dog out the door.
    As they walk away, the dog looks up and says "Gee, do you think I should have said DiMaggio?"

  • this is beautiful! it still needs work, but technology can make accommodations for all appearances and ability possible.

  • too bad the subtitles showing the dog's words are not visible because the other news at the bottom of the screen cover the subtitles.

  • Imagine so far into the future where dogs' evolution is influenced by us that they end up naturally learning English. And then we even start giving them rights….

  • My dog communicates, she says I love you when I come home and whines when I have to leave her out. She also brings me her leash on command now 🙂

  • This is a amazing step forward for understanding conciousness in other species. We as humans share some of these higher aspects of conciousness with pets that can adopt our ways of acting, responding, and understanding.

  • How does she remember which buttons say what? Do the colors help? I know that dogs cannot see color as well as we can.

  • My chinchilla doesn't make many noises but I can tell what she wants through body language and her facial expressions. I talk to her and she makes really good eye contact with me and I have her full attention (hard for people these days! ). Mad- she'll furrow her brow and chut her teeth. If she's hungry she'll beg like little Dobby the Sock elf, she moves her ears down and back. She'll keep doing something in answer to my question. "Do you want this?" while I show it to her or name it *stretches up, chews on the cage*, that means "yes, bring it here". If she stops doing it, changes her posture, it means "no" or "I'm not sure" or "I don't understand". I have to repeat the question but hey that's part of good communication. I speak to her in multiple languages, she understands the tone of voice to mean something instead of the words I think. I have no training by the way, I think we can all do this if we are more attuned to body language!

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