A Dog’s Purpose (2017) – Bye Ethan

Ethan, I made you a sandwich. I’m gonna put it in the backseat, okay? All right, Fran. Bailey, Bailey, Bailey. Good boy. You’re gonna miss me, huh? I’m gonna miss you, too. Don’t look so glum, women. It’s a good agricultural school. He’s gonna learn everything he needs to know
about running this farm. Better grab him. He’s not gonna understand. Come here. Stay, Bailey. Stay. Come on, boy. Whoa! Oh, my goodness. Good boy, Bailey. Keep that for me. Okay, Bailey? Bye, Ethan! Drive safe. See you, Ethan! No, Bailey. Stay. Stay? We’re playing fetch! Bailey! It’s been so long since we’ve played. Bailey? I like this new version of fetch. You’re crazy. You know that, boss dog? Maybe not drive so far next time. Take care of things around here for me. Okay, boy? I’ll be back soon. Promise. Come on. Go on. Go home. Humans are complicated. They do things dogs can’t understand. Like leave. Ethan and I were meant to be together. But if there was no Ethan, what was the point of my being here? Maybe the point was not to look for a point.

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