A Dog With a Mean Bite | Dog: Impossible

leash and step back. Can Ollie tolerate
this dog that’s across the fence from him? If so, the dog next door becomes
less and less of a threat. Easy, bud. The hose is a powerful tool for
snapping a dog out of a rage. A blast of water
near the face usually gets their attention fast. OK. That’s important to see. Even with the water,
Ollie’s still in a rage. Come here, kiddo, come
here, come here, come here, bubby, come here, my love. Come here, Ollie. Come here, kiddo, come
here, come here, come here. OK, come here, come on. What I make of what I’m
seeing with Ollie is he is so fearful
and consequently aggressive around the
fence, he goes to kill. And when he goes to kill,
nothing else matters. Is that similar to
what you’re seeing? Yeah. And if we let him
go, you think he would have gone under the fence. Absolutely. OK. That’s what just– my insides just turn inside out. MATT BEISNER: Come here, kiddo. Even with the dog gone and Ollie
15 yards back from the fence, he’s still amped up
and ready to go again. Now we’re 20 feet
out and he’s still running hot from what happened. We know from a safety standpoint
that if you can’t control when the neighbor’s dog is
going to be around, then you can’t safely have
him out here unsupervised. OK. No wiggle room. Ollie is deeply insecure,
but he acts out like a bully, trying to control all
the other dogs around him with dangerous aggression. So be mindful about
what you do in the yard. Keep being mindful about how
and when you give affection. And we’ll see him at
the zen yard soon. It’s worth it. MATT BEISNER: Yeah. Yeah.

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