A Dog With a Broken Toenail | The Incredible Dr. Pol

Come on, buddy. He was out playing with the
other dogs and ripped a nail. It was bleeding really bad. Roscoe? PAT VODICKA: Yup. NICOLE ARCY: Oh, bud. Come on, cutie, limp with me. PAT VODICKA: I’m hoping
that they can trim it without hurting him too bad. But he’s going to squeal. You got a big goofy smile? There is a lot of
blood flow to the paws and a lot of nerve endings. So any injury to the paw or
the nail can be pretty painful. I know.
– You’re OK. You’re a good boy. I’m not touching your nails yet. You’re OK. [bark]
– Oh. You’re OK. [squeal] OK, bud. I think it’s that one. Yeah, I can see it. When I take off the wrap,
I noticed that the nail is kind of dangling there. So that will need to be
removed in order for Roscoe to be less painful. And then we’ll
bandage it up for him. It’s just going to be
a little bit short, so it is going to bleed. And then we’ll wrap
it back up at the end. PAT VODICKA: OK.
– OK? OK, yeah. And I figured since we’re
here, we might as well try to clip all of his nails. NICOLE ARCY: OK. The last time we were here,
it took about three of us. NICOLE ARCY: Uh-oh.
OK. Because he doesn’t like
his paws touched at all. OK. I need to call on
some reinforcements. Hi, bud. He’s a big boy. What is it, 110 pounds? Come on, bud. [click] [growl] PAT VODICKA: Oh, you’re fine. [bark] Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, he’s– he’s very
dramatic, very, very dramatic. Roscoe. [inaudible] [bark] [inaudible] Good boy, Roscoe. PAT VODICKA: Hey. [whine]
Hey. [growl] [inaudible] I’m
not doing anything. [whine] PAT VODICKA: It’s OK. I’m going to
bandage up his paw and make it super comfy for him. There, you got a nice little
bandage, extra cushion. PAT VODICKA: Look
at those colors. We match, bud. Look it. [interposing voices] All of that for
that little nail. You survived. Look. Look at that. So that can come off either
later tonight or tomorrow. PAT VODICKA: OK. He’s going to keep his
paw and all of his toes. So the nail will regrow, and
that’ll be the end of it. OK. Thank you, guys. You guys are all set. Come on. I know he’s a big baby and all. I’ll pick you up. Get up there. He’ll make it through it. Stay in there. [music playing]

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