A Dog That Can’t Gain Any Weight? | Kritter Klub

This dog is so skinny to the point its bones are showing Doberman Seungki It eats some of its friend’s food eats everything on the plate But why is Seunki so skinny? He greets his owner Owner: My neighbours complained a lot because Seungki used to bark all the time So I had to keep him at my mother’s house Is Seungki sick or something? Vet: The cause is not clear, but it can’t assimilate nutrients from food I think it’s a psychological problem Owner: I’m just going to take him back to my house The woman feels sorry for Seungki After 2 weeks Seungki looks way healthier I think Seungki feels relieved because he came back It was stressful for Seungki to live in a strange environment Seungki, always stay healthy from now on

2 thoughts on “A Dog That Can’t Gain Any Weight? | Kritter Klub

  • I think I have watched half of there videos and liked and commented on all of them 😂😂😂❤️i loveeee this channel soooo much

  • Glad it was something easily fixable. My parents had a dog whose teeth were falling out, couldn’t eat, etc… They didn’t want to take the dog to the vet until the dog couldn’t move on it’s own so they finally took it to be put down. Turns out the dog had cancer

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