A Border Collie kutya fajta – DogCast TV S01E08

I am Korózs – Papp Judit, the owner of Real Pearl Border Collie Kennel. I have been dealing with dogs for a long time, the first breed I dealt with was the Collie (Scottish Shepherd) As we took part on a lot of events in connection with British shepherd dogs, this way I got to know the Border Collies. I fell in love with this breed and started breeding when there were hardly any of them in Hungary. My first Border Collie was the 34th in this country. At that time the movie „Babe” came out and this was a real boost for the popularity of these dogs. At that time there were no colored border collies in this region, only the black and white versions I was the one who imported the first blue merle dog to this country. I was attracted by the qualities of this breed, their ability to work, their endurance, their colorfulness and intelligence Border Collies are above the average intelligent, but of course their owners should deal with them and teach them to develop this intelligence. Their ability to work expresses itself in many forms, I can say that they can be used for almost any form of activities. They are great in sports, work, in therapy work. One of the most effective therapy dog of Hungary was born in our kennel. In therapy work they can be used with kids with mental problems, old people and other fields as well. They are great in almost all segments of dog sports, like flyball, agility, herding and dog dancing. If you want to be a Border Collie owner, you should know that this is not a general breed. When somebody comes for a puppy, I usually inform him/her that for this dog it is not enough if they are fed every day and hugged two-three times daily. If you do not give tasks for them to solve and to work with, they will do tasks for themselves and the owners will not be happy about it. They unpack the flat and find out other colorful ideas to have themselves occupied if you do not deal with them enough So, we advise this breed should have an active owner. It is not a necessity that the owner should be young, elder people can have them as well if they can spend the majority of their time with the dog This breeds enjoys to be close to their owners and spend as much time together as it is possible. Of course an older people should definitely not buy a working bloodline border collie and should choose a puppy of less activity level from the pack with the help of the breeder You can always tell to a responsible breeder that what are your plans with the dog You can always tell to a responsible breeder that what are your plans with the dog and he will help you to choose the puppy which is for you. A breeder can usually tell the possible future character of the puppy when they are 4-5 week old and separate, which will be a great in active work, or for example a therapy dog In general, we can say that the border collie standard is not to severe. This is why so many types and colors fit into the standards. The border collie exits in a lot of color versions, I cannot even tell, how many versions they have If a new color comes out it is very easily accepted and there is only one very important expectation: it is that the white cannot be dominant. The balck and white is the most popular and numerous and breeders can work with it very easily as there are a lot of good genetics balck and white dogs A little more difficult is to breed colored versions as their genetics are mixed and you should be skillful to get the variant you desire The brown tone border collies always have brown noses and all other black based variants have black noses The eye colors are always harmonize with the dominant color of the dog, while merles can have blue eyes as well. According to European standards, no other color variants can have blue eyes It is always a very difficult question that what is the exact difference between the show and work breeding lines. The two breeder groups have quite different views and targets about the characteristics of the breed. The working border collies were bred from generation to generation to work all day, they have a very high level of endurance and stamina, and they usually have fantastic herding and concentration abilities By phenotype, they usually look completely different compared to show dog lines. For family purposes, show dog lines usually fit much better. If you do not plan to do hard work with your dog, do not buy dogs from working kennels, as they will not fit well to family surroundings With a show breed line border collie you can also work on a hobby level, of course, not on a professional level. They are very intelligent as well but of cource their body buildup is different from that of the working lines. In many articles and posts it can be read that the border collie is one of the most intelligent breeds of the world. I think there is a lot of truth in it, although I do not have a lot of comparisons as I dealt with 3-4 breeds in my life. . I consider the border collie an above the average intelligent breed and this is why you have to deal with them more intensively than with other dog breeds. Basically border collies have a long life span and there are no special illnesses of the breed. For their eye problems there a genetical screening programs to prevent that ill puppies born. Dysplasia is very rare among border collies, but if sometimes it happens, border collies can live together with it quite easily as they are not heavy and big size dogs. If the owner handles well this illness of the dog and guves them the appropriate food, vitamines and supplements a border collie with dysplasia can live up to 16-17 years without major problems. . I always underlien that border collies up to one year of age should move only to the extent which is comfortable for them Do not run them near the bicycle, do not let them jump very high, let their bone structure develops. You can practice basic agility work with young dogs but never overburden them and do not work with high jumping gates. I am the owner of Real Pearl Kennel and I am very proud of the quality of our dogs especially our colored borde collies Everybody who knows me know that I love the colored ones and breeding them is a challenge. It is a challenge to reach the same quality level like the black and white ones represent. A lot of our dogs live all around the world and they are very successful in almost all forms of dog life We are also proud of our show dogs and of course their owners without them, I could not be proud. There are a lot of champion dogs from our kennel, world show and breed winners as well.

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