72. Narrowboat to Bugsworth Basin and Discovering the Peak Forest Tramway.

[Music playing] Awww we look similar, we like the same this morning. It’s early again. What’s that song? [Sings] Sisters… Sisters…. Der di der di der Der de der de der de der de der der der [Laughing] [Laughing] We’ve left well I think is the nicest morning we’ve ever ever had…… just after Bridge 29 on the Peak Forest. And we’ll be back.
Oh yeah we’ll be back. the only reason we’ve left is because we’ve been there what?
four days? Yes. And we were at Bridge 20 before that the three days, so we’ve been
out a week and we haven’t emptied the pot or filled with water. So we need to do it.
So we’re off to Bugsworth Basin this morning and we’re gonna do that, we’re going to empty the pot and fill up the water and we’re going to call at Tesco. Shaun hopefully, is not gonna hit this boat. I’ll be back [Music playing] [Music fading] You were moving in a bit close then…. Awwww [Laughs]
Awwwww he want’s a cuddle [Laughs] How many canals have we done so far, about 30? 30?? No. all right we’ve done Leeds and Liverpool, Lancaster…… Huddersfield… Huddersfield Narrow, Huddersfield Broad… Calder and Hebble… and Aire and Calder… That’s it isn’t it? Six… and Peak…. Oh no…. Ashton, a tiny little
bit of the Ashton. About three yards. And the Peak Forest….. and I tell you all this
it’s my favorite….. that much [laughs] Gonna chain him down. [Music playing] [Music fading] So this is where the Peak Forest splits,
about half a mile down to your right hand side is Whaley Bridge, that’s near
Todbrook Reservoir. But we are going left, towards Bugsworth Basin.
Hopefully we’re going to get moored up here because there’s a Tesco just behind that corner
and we need to call and get a few provisions. Brightness…….. Brightness. Can’t see. [Music playing] [Music fading] This is Bugsworth Basin, more
affectionately known as Buggy. It’s in the village of Buxworth with an X.
But it wasn’t always like that, up until about 100 years ago the village was
named Bugsworth too, but the people living here would be embarrassed,
it wasn’t cool to live in a place called Bugsworth and it got so bad that some
of the villagers even refused to get off at the train station when they used to have one here, thet’d rather sit on the train till the
next station at Chinley a couple of miles down the track….. get off and walk back. It’s getting a bit silly…. So campaign was started by the Head Teacher
and the Vicar here in the village and the other referendum and
changed the name of the village to Buxworth… Much more respectable. [Laughs] But it never affected the basin down here and even today it’s still known as Buggy So, we’ve moored up nice and early.
It only took us three hours. and that’s including stopping at
the water point and emptying the pot. So I’ve got to do some editing. I’ve got
to do something editing for the next vlogs that you’re gonna see over the
next couple of week and get a few questions about how we do that, what sort
of equipment we use and how the vlogs are put together and it’s really really quite simple. Most of the recording is done on the video
that’s recorded me right now so I can’t show you it, but it’s just a HD camcorder.
We also use a couple of GoPros like these, we put these on the front and
then at the back of the boat and they captured bough shots and stern shots. We have another little camera, this is a tiny little camera that’s got a built-in
gimbal and Shaun usually uses this…. and we keep this on the stern and it’s just for
capturing anything of interest as we pass it, so that gets used quite a bit.
and then of course we’ve got the drone which we use for the aerial shots. So we put that all onto the Mac. I use an editing software program called
Final Cut Pro on the MacBook. So we divide all the footage into little folders and so we’ve
got a video folder, drone folder, GoPro folder. It all goes into folders and
then it’s all edited down to get the best bits out. So that reduces it from
anything from 6 to15 hours, down to about 2 hours and then we just
reduce it down even more. I spend about a day picking music for the
vlogs, because the music has to be just right and then it’s just a matter of
knitting it all together just editing it and that’s why we only put one video out
a week, Cos it literally takes us a week to edit, So at any one time I can be working
on two vlogs, editing. But we’re also filming for one or two vlogs in the future. [Music playing] If you’d have been here about 200 years ago,
there’s a likelihood that you would have had wagons carrying
limestone two and a half tons worth coming down one side and going back up
the other. This is part of the Peak Forest Tramway, it links the quarry’s at Dove Holes
about three miles that way with Buggy Basin about three miles that way
and the wagons would come down carrying the limestone down towards the boats in
Buggy Basin. Some of it would be put in the kilns and turned into quicklime and
then it’d be off down the Peak Forest Canal towards Ashton and then wherever
in the country it was going. [Music playing] Now a couple of hundred years later ther’s
not much left of the original tramway. But if you look really carefully you can
still see signs of it. The original stone sleepers that the
tracks used to sit on are still embedded within the trail you can see like the
holes well here the tracks would be drilled into them. I tell you it makes
for a bit of bumpy riding. [Laughs] There you go and you can see these all the way down from Dove Holes all the way down to Buggy Basin. Back in the day, trains of
up to 40 wagons long and weighing anything up to a hundred tons would come
bombing down the tramway with a Waggoner and his apprentice riding on the axles
using a chain and hook to lock the wheels making it skid and to slow it down
Oh sounds dangerous but I bet it was a right laugh. Now once the wagons got
to Buggy, a tippler, it’s like a big wooden A-frame with a massive wheel
attached to it would lift the wagon up and tip all the limestone out of it and
at its peak, Buggy was the biggest inland port in the kingdom about a
hundred thousand tons of limestone alone would come down here along the tramway
where it’d be loaded into about 300 narrow boats every month. Now the tramways
stopped working in the early 1920s but when you look at Bugsworth Basin from
the air, you can still clearly see where the tramlines came in and where it
splits off into branches. Each one going down to a separate loading area where the
limestone would be tippled out and loaded onto the boats. Can you imagine if they
rebuilt the tramway as a modern day ride, it’ll be like an awesome 6 mile long
free running roller coaster. I pay to go on that. Underneath the kilns you’ve got these. It’s bit dark isn’t it? It’s a good job I’ve got my torch. So I’ve come into one of the little passages
underneath the kiln, this is the Gnat Hole Kiln and there’s three of these
passages that you can get in. I think the clue to what this is, is in
that corner there. Now you’ve got a chimney like a flue that brings the air
underneath the kiln op in to the kiln to get the heat and the fire going and
then obviously out of the chimney at the top. You can see it’s like the original
stones, it’s absolutely fascinating in here….. and lots of creepy crawlies. [Music playing] [Music fading] Did you know that Pat Phoenix used to
own the Navigation Inn? You know she is. Is she related to your Uncle Keith? Yeah [Laughs]. No.
She used to play Elsie Tanner in Coronation Street. Jesus how long ago is that?
Oh too many donkeys ago. Coronation Street….. Are you ready? Let’s do it….. 3… 2….1 [Singing theme tune to Coronation Street] I think somebodies strangling a cat [laughs] We’;re having a lovely time here at Buggy Basin. The good thing, the thing I love about it is there’s just
tons of moorings. When you come into the Bugsworth Basin you can kind of go
straight on and that’s where most people moor, but you can go around and this like
bits on the roundish bit. It is quiet and then there’s like a little hidden away moorings.
It’s really nice. It’s only a 48-hour mooring, buts there’s
like a Trust that look after the basin it’s not CRT…… it is CRT but it’s a Trust
that looks after it and if you make a donation to the trust you can stay a
little bit longer. I think that’s all right if you want to stay isn’t it?
Yeah it is. I don’t know what it is, but….. Errrr….I don’t But we’re not staying so it’s not
relevant to us anyway is it. It is nice and quiet. The A6 literally passage straight by,
but don’t worry cos there’s like a load of trees and so it’s really well
sheltered isn’;t it? Yeah, you don’t hear it at all. The wind was kind of blowing our away
from the A6 and the trees shelter most of the noise anyway, so you don’t hear most
of it do you?. Nah, No. There’s loads of places to walk and I’ve been loving walking
up here on the Peak Forest. It’s only about 20 minutes over to Whaley Bridge.
There’s two ways you can go… The shortest one is right over Silk Hill…… [Laughing] We went to get our haircut again and it weren’t much cheaper was. it, than it was in Upper Mill?
No. We paid 12 quid in Upper Mill.
I think it was 11 quid here in in Whaley Bridge. It’s a 20 minute walk but it’s
like that. I think have the energy to argue with the price. or you can go round the Canal towpath down the Whaley Bridge bit past Tesco and B&M We have a lovely time in B&M didn’t we [Laughs]
About an hour [Laughs] Looking at all the bargains and everything. [Laughing] The other night….. A bit annoying…..
Half past 10, we could hear a boat engine. There’s a boater, in the pitch black, no light on trying to
find his way down, it’s was a windy night as well and he gets in front of us and he’s
banging into the boat he’s trying to kind of get in moored in and he couldn’t
get in and he’s banging the boat that was moored in front of us. So we went out
with the torch kind of trying to light it up for him just so he can see what
he’s doing, he was like…. I don’t need to torch don’t need to torch, it’s been it’s been
a really bad day….. and Shaun’s like….. bang our boat I’ll be a bad night as well [Laughing] He weren’t half crashing into it though. Oh…. God So yeah… I mean… don’t…. come on. If it’s pitch black, either get really good
lights I just don’t bother. Half past 10 at night….. No! So I got my new bike today as well. So excited when Ryan Brough it. Ryan’s come to do the engine
service and he brought the bike too. So I’ve been out on that most of the day while Ryan’s been servicing the engine. It’s been lovely on the boat,
I’ve been on my own [Laughs] [Laughing] [Coughs]
That’s carmer isn’t it for punching you? [Laughing] So Ryan came to do the 250 hour service. and that’s about it, we’re off again tomorrow
next week’s vlog is a little bit special. No spoilers…. It was almost a disaster
movie that’s all I’m saying. That’s all you know. But we’ll be back same time next week.
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If you hit the notifications icon, YouTube will let you know every time we release
a new vlog…… 4 o’clock on Fridays. [Laughs]. Always. Any feedback or comments or
complaints or anything else just drop it in the comments down below and that is
it isn’t it? I think so. We have got………. Homemade cookies…. some Shortbread Cookies. That smells……. delicious! The aroma of freshly baked Shortbread is
kind of wafting around Buggy Basin. So that was busy for the next hour.
There’s a queue outside the boat [Laughs] We’ll see you next week, take care. Thank you
very much for watching and we’ll see you later, bye bye. See you later, bye. Who’s been in the water again? Owww!!! Argggh! Even some of them….. Ahhh wasn’t cool to….. but the basin here as still always been known as books. Argggh!! so they haven’t of. Argggh!! The Buggy?? It’s just Buggy. [Beeep. Beeeep] Or Buggy. YAYYY! Did you know that…… I don’t what they call it [Laughs] Played Elsie Tanner. Who’s are what with a spanner? [Laughing] When you come in… Errrr to… err Bugsworth Basin not Whaley Bridge Gotta do all that again… [BEEEEP!!!]

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