7 Simple Life Hacks for Your Dog

What’s up everybody? Welcome back to my laboratory Where safety is number one priority. And I’ve got Luke over here because I’m going to be doing 7 doggie life hacks. Luke, you want to do some life hacks? Well if you wanna do life hacks with me you’ve got to wear safety. So let’s put safety on. Good boy. Here you go. So! Everyone has safety, even the dog. Yea, you’re rocking it, Luke! *laughs* Alright guys, safety is first! Luke likes safety too. So let’s get to it. Luke. You don’t like safety. So guys you’ve got a husky right here. Huskies have a double coat. It gets hot so easily. So how to cool them off in the summer really easily Well, check this out. We’ve got a little kiddie pool and a lot of ice. *crunching noises* And now watch this puppy react to this ice. He really likes it! *more crunching noises* Here’s the ice. ice ice baby *laughs at cute dog* This guy, look how excited he is for that ice! Ha ha! You don’t know what to do! Ha ha! I’m telling you, he’s going to be so entertained with that ice! And at the same time, keep himself cool. *crunching noises* *crunching noises and laughter* *crunching noises* Good boy, Luke. You just love ice. I’m going to bury him in ice. Guess what? Huskies love ice. Look at you! You’re just licking ice. *crunching noises* *barely audible* I didn’t know he was going to like it that much. *clearly audible* I didn’t know he was going to like it that much Man, what is this? Arctic wolf, in ice! *laughs* He just keeps licking that ice. Pretty amazing, huh? Luke, what are you doing? You like this? Luke, you like it? Look, and he’s still panting. He’s still hot, even though he’s sitting in ice like that, look, he’s still panting. Isn’t it awesome? So that’s helping him out to cool off a lot. Jacuzzi for the dog right there. Boom. Boom! If your dog eats too fast, put a tennis ball in there. So that will slow him down. That will be in the way and he will have to push it. It makes him a little bit more work to eat. Boom! So you like your pet on the couch, right? But all that fur comes out and goes on the couch. Let’s look at it. *to dog* C’mon, get out of here. Look at all that hair on the couch. Look at how much hair there is. So how to take off the hair from a couch? So rubber gloves will do it. Just pull it like that. Check this out! Wow, it actually works pretty good. *brushing noises* Not bad. Clean! Dirty. *dog barks loudly* Boom! If you don’t have a rubber glove, just grab one of those things, I don’t know how you call it [squeegee] and you can pull it like that. Wow, that actually works better than rubber glove! *sweeping noises* Wow, that’s so good! *sweeping noises* I didn’t expect it to work that well. So if you’re too lazy to bring out the vaccuum, this is pretty cool. Look how much hair I got. Boom! This life hack I’m going to show you how to make a doggie bed out of an old sweater, a pool noodle, and and old pillow or some kind of foam. The first thing we’re going to do is stick the pool noodle right inside of a sleeve. Like that. *ff audio noises* Then we’re going to grab an old sheet or some kind of cloth to make it soft. Put it inside of the sweater, just like that. Spread it out. Nice! And now, we’re going to turn the noodles around like that and duct tape it around here. *squeaking tape noises* So duct tape it just like that. And now put it over like this. And over like that. And guess what? We’ve got this nice, doggy bed. I think Luke is enjoying that bed. What do you guys think? It’s a little bit too small for him. But it makes sense. *laughs* Luke, is that bed too small for you? Fine. But yeah, that will work for the small dogs. Not for the big dogs like huskies. Boom! There is one life hack on the internet that says I should put treats into pieces of clothing, wrap them up, and grab a ball like that and stick them inside of them. So seems cool, huh? The dog is going to try to pull this stuff out, and unwrap it, and try to actually eat the treat. But I think it’s a really dumb idea.You know why? Because the dog will try to eat, instead of the treat, Will try to eat the cloth. And guess what? If they eat clothes or like socks, the puppy is going to clog all the stuff, intestines. So please do not do this life hack. Don’t believe every life hack, what they say on the internet. Boom! Somebody else said it’s a good idea to grab a squeaky toy and put it in a sock. Well, I think that’s a dumb idea as well because there is actually, dogs like to, for some reason, eat socks. So I wouldn’t put toys in the socks. They might swallow the socks and get really sick. So! Definitely do not do this life hack either. Save your dog’s life, okay guys? Don’t give them any socks. Ever. Luke, you want a sock? You see? He doesn’t even want a sock. Because he knows it’s a sock. I told him do not ever eat my socks. Okay Luke? Don’t ever eat my socks. Oh! No kisses! Boom! If you don’t have pockets and you’re out on a run on a beach with your dog, put the keys on the dog leash. That way you’re not going to lose them. C’mon! Good boy! And now he can hold your keys and run with you and not even care what’s going on. Pretty awesome, huh? And then when you’re done you can just grab him, take it off from him, C’mon Luke, take it off! And you’re good to go! Thank you, Luke! Thank you.

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