7 Signs It’s Time To Get A Dog

– Oh my God!
– How are you? It’s so good to see you! – So good to see you! Hello, I missed you too. – Dating standards change – I really think you should
go on a date with this guy. He’s so cute and so nice. – Ahh, I don’t know.
– He has a pug. – What’s his name? – Jake, I told you that. – No, the pug’s name. – Oh. – You’re overly helpful – We’re suppose to head
out of town this weekend, but I still haven’t been able
to find anyone to dog sit. Kinda, kinda gettin’ worried about that. – I can do it! If you, if you need a
dog sitter this weekend. – You’re constantly distracted. – I’m gonna be late, I’m gonna be late. – Oh my God! – Look at the little, cute little – Every time, come on. – Doggie, so cute. – Hello. – You clog social media timelines – You’re constantly falling in love – No one understands you – I would totally be a pug, but like, the really soft,
really fat kind of pug so I can just snuggle it. – And if you can’t find your own… – You can always find someone who does – Music: Jalopoes/Frosted Window – Warner / Chappell Production Music – Sorry Dogs
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