7 Best Small Dog Breeds for Seniors

You’re Watching Animal Facts! It’s the Golden Years. Time to move out of the rat race and into
a more relaxing way of life. And there’s no better way to spend this
stage of life than with a doggy companion. Science has proven many of the benefits on
physical and emotional health. The companionship of a dog has been proven
to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, as well as reduce anxiety and depression. Plus, exercising your dog is a great way to
stay active and fit. Let’s check out seven best small dog breeds
for seniors. Let’s get started, but before we start,
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notification squad. 7. West Highland White Terrier (Westie) The wee white Westie is surely no stranger
to the life of a companion dog. The West Highland White Terrier is a friendly,
low maintenance small dog with a rugged, non-fragile build. The happy and inquisitive West Highland White
Terrier is always busy and involved in something. At the same time, he is also among the friendliest
and most affectionate of terriers. He’s always up for a walk or just a bit
of play indoors. His playful and loving personality will surely
keep you entertained and his desire to romp and play will keep you active and alert. 6. Shih Tzu The Shih Tzu was bred specifically to be a
companion. And that face! Those big dark eyes looking up at you with
that sweet expression! It’s no wonder why the little “Lion Dog”
has delighted owners for a thousand years. As a small dog bred to spend most of his day
inside a royal palace, he makes a great pet if you live in an apartment or can’t get
out much. He likes nothing better than to be held, stroked,
petted and pampered by his owner, and is perfectly happy sitting with you for hours. This is a noble breed but he is never too
proud for a roll on the floor with a treasured squeaky toy. 5. Pomeranian When you hear the word Pomeranian images of
pampered pooches being carried by well-heeled socialites comes to mind. But, the tiny, foxy-faced Pomeranian is one
of the most popular toy breeds with both the elite and commoners alike. He’s playful, lively and alert and is often
described by his owners as a furry little angel. With his small size, his exercise needs can
mostly be met inside, but he does like to get out for short strolls. It’s hard to go out with a Pomeranian and
not get attention. Oh and did you know that Mozart dedicated
an aria to Pimperl, his beloved Pomeranian. 4. Pembroke Welsh Corgi If the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is good enough
for the Queen of England, well…. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II has owned
more than 30 Corgis over 8 decades? The Corgi is known for being happy, loving,
and intelligent, but can have a stubborn or independent streak at times. He is easy to train, but don’t expect your
Pembroke to be subservient. He is affectionate and companionable and is
considered by many to be among the most agreeable of the small house dogs. He enjoys playing with his family and may
require a bit more activity from his owner than other dogs on this list. He is a herding dog, by the way. So if you’re an active senior, the Pembroke
or Cardigan Welsh Corgi might be the breed for you. 3. Maltese There’s not a lot more we can say about
the Maltese that we haven’t said in multiple videos. He’s a great little companion. He’s active and gentle and treats everyone
he meets as a friend. Because he’s so people-oriented, he takes
well to training and responds to positive reinforcements such as food rewards, praise,
and play. He’s playful, but he’s been sitting on
laps since the Bible was a work in progress. He enjoys quality lap time as you stroke his
long, white, silky coat. 2. Bichon Frisé Also frequently featured on this channel is
the cousin of the Maltese, the Bichon Frisé. Like the Maltese and the Shih Tzu, this gentle,
little, white dog was bred to be a companion. The Bichon Frisé is considered a great all-around
pet. He’s a playful yet gentle dog. The Bichon is quite active, but because he
is small, he doesn’t need too much room to romp and is suitable for apartment living. He’s happy with a run around your living
room. If you love the Bichon, you might like this
shirt we’ve got on Amazon. There’s a link in the description for this
and other Animal Facts Merch. 1. French Bulldog It’s hard to mistake the one of a king French
Bulldog, well perhaps you could mistake him for a Boston Terrier, a dog that would also
be great for seniors, but didn’t make it to this list. The Frenchie is playful, alert, adaptable,
and completely irresistible. He doesn’t require a lot of outdoor exercise
and isn’t known to be a barker. This little charmer is affectionate and intelligent
and enjoys making new friends, both animal and human. Unlike a lot of other breeds on this list,
the French Bulldog sports a short easy-care coat to accompany his easygoing personality. While the dogs on this list are awesome, the
truth is that you can have any dog you want if you have the ability to care for him. You might even find your retirement companion
as close as the nearest animal shelter. Just because a dog finds himself in a shelter
doesn’t mean he is damaged or flawed. Many times, he’s there not because of his
own doing, but of that of former owners. You at least owe it to yourself to take a
trip down to your local shelter to see what kind of love you might be missing. If you like this video, check out some of
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27 thoughts on “7 Best Small Dog Breeds for Seniors

  • Popular senior dogs owned where I live in the UK Shih Tzu, some form of poo i.e cocka, cava, Yorkie, Bichon Frise. I guess they did their research😁

  • All of these dogs are adorable and I do agree that every senior citizen should have one! As a senior myself, I don't know what I would do without my precious little Chihuahua. Also, some senior citizens may not have the energy to cope with a puppy or young adult dog. There are many senior dogs, many of them are pure bred, who have been given up simply because they have gotten older. These wonderful senior dogs are calm and well behaved. They just need a home where they can snuggle and be pampered by some loving person for the remainder of their lives.

  • My Mum is getting a Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy in a few weeks. We lost the last one 19 years ago. She was called Sarah. This one is called Sally. Both names mean Princess which seems very fitting. She didn’t know that the name Sally is actually a derivative of the name Sarah it was pure coincidence! 🐶 👑❤️

  • I can’t believe you don’t have the schnauzer on the list, nor on the apartment list. Mine was such a perfect cuddle bug! Wanted nothing but to be wherever his family was at the moment. Smart, easy to train and wanted nothing but to make his people happy.

  • Greyhounds are another great breed! I have my own greyhound and she is the best. They are great apartment dogs and do not require a whole a lot of exercise so they’re great for senior owners. Many also serve a therapy dogs. Greyhound adoption agencies also work with matching the right greyhound to the right owner, so if it’s possible to match a greyhound with a low pray drive to a senior citizen if preferred. Being a part of the greyhound community I’ve also seen a lot of senior owners who end up having two or more. LOL

  • If you are a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, do not show a video of a Welsh Corgi Cardigan. and The corgi is much too energetic for older people.

  • Corgis can be GREAT dogs for any age group but I don’t consider them “small”…they’re medium sized with short legs and VERY strong

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