5K SUB SPECIAL – Major’s all tricks & commands + BONUS/Wszystkie sztuczki i komendy Major + BONUS

Sit Sit Good dog Major, sit! Good doggo Lay down Lay down Aside Good dog Major, aside Aside Good doggo Yes, good Major Paw Se…second Good dog Major, come Up Up! Good dog Good Major. Major! Go down Good doggo Good Major To the car Good dog To the home Catch Catch Catch Jump! Nice Good dog Leave it Leave it! I’ve got a stick I’ve got a stick What we gonna do with the stick? Catch! Find! Find! Good dog. He found the stick This one which I threw Stay! Wait Major, to me! Good dog Good Major Of course if I’ll do it on a walk, that I want him to wait next to shop So I have to tie him to on a leash somewhere He can’t stay in one place on a walk without a leash To me! Good dog Major, to me! Let’s give him some time Oh, he’s running Good dog. Where are you walking in the forest? Major! To me! Come…To me! Good dog And this is why I’m not scared of leaving Major without a leash in the forest, in the fields Especially in the forest, cause I can see him in the fields, but he can hide everywhere in the forest & I don’t know, where he is Did you end with sniffing? Stop! Stop Yes, shake off Go! Good dog You’re not pulling on leash, when I ordered you to stop So it has to be Run! Calmly! Calmly! Good dog! “Run” when we’re running. “Calmly” when we must slow down Good Major Go back Good dog. Go! A bit forced situation But the command “go back” for Major means That he’ll go back & go around the tree or a pillar from the other side When he tangled with a leash It often happens when he’s sniffing by the pillar He’ll go through one side, I’ll through the second one Then I’ll say him to go back & that’s all about commands & tricks which Major can performs Not always he’s making them in good way He’s a little bit stubborn Like his owner But Major is a very good & wise dog He knows the most important commands And very good Dog has to be learned & socialized with other people also with other dogs Or with other pets Once more, thanks for 5000 subs. Already above How fast it’s going Begin of the year, 1000 Now over 5000 Major you’re the little star of a YouTube Thanks for watching & see you next time We’re going for 10000 Later

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