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(upbeat music) – Hi guys, It’s Jordan. And today I’m here with Lucky the doggie. Hi, Lucky. (laughs) If you guys have watched the video where the Villians crashed my room tour. You remember this dog
came from The Bandits. Make sure you go watch
that video if you haven’t. But, they just kind of left this dog here. And, what are you…? (laughs) He’s gonna bed, but
anyways they just kind of left this dog here. And, I guess, now we’re
just gonna take care of it. I don’t know, so I figured,
might as well film it. We’re gonna do 24 hours taking
care of a brand new puppy. A new puppy, so, you
guys know I have my dog who’s a Cocker Spaniel, he’s like five years old now I think. Almost six, and he’s so
sweet, his name is Logan. But now we’re gonna have
two dogs in the house. We’re gonna have Logan and Lucky. Which Lucky has just barely
turned one years old. So still, pretty much a puppy. I’m kind of excited but
also a little nervous, ’cause I know puppies are a ton of work. So, I’m just gonna show
you guys how the day goes. Yeah, the day’s gonna start tomorrow. I’m gonna bed, and I’ll
check up on the morning. Good morning, wow I look like a hot mess. So I literally just barely woke up. Lucky’s here, Lucky… (laughs) Lucky stayed in my bed the entire night. He was such a good dog. Logan never ever stays on my
bed so I was very surprised. Lucky didn’t have any
accidents or anything. We were very good and so
first order of business is we need to head upstairs
and let Lucky out potty. Because, he probably needs to go. So, we should let both the dogs outside and then we’re gonna
get ready for the day. We have both doggies
here, good morning Logan. Hi, okay go potty. There they go! Update; both dogs did go potty, but Logan went in the neighbors’ yard. So, now I get the joyous task
of picking up the doo-doo. Yay! Okay, so we made it to the pet store and I’m all ready now and everything. And we’re shopping for the
dog-o’s, because we figured, might as well make this, like a party, since we now have two dogs for the day. So we’re here at the pet store. And we’re gonna look for outfits for them. Like do a little dress
up party and everything. And then we’re gonna get like supplies that we can make treats. Like homemade treats,
it’s gonna be super fun. And maybe we’ll pick up
a few toys and stuff. I don’t know, I don’t know. Oh look, mom what have you found? – Well, we could go with like
Captain America and Spiderman. And do like, a theme.
– Superhero theme? – Yeah, superhero thing. – Pretty cute. – It looks soft–
– They have Batman. Do they have Batman in Logan’s size? – It’s hard because you have to do like– – Either or?
– outfits that are extra large and they have limited. – The Batman is so cute, yes It’s a cape! Okay, we’re getting Batman
for sure, that’s so cute. – You want a Batman one. – Okay. Okay, we found these two options. We’ve got Batman and Superman. It’s gonna be like a superhero
theme, I’m so excited. Very cute, we’re down the toy isle. And we found these like,
Easy Cheese, dog version. So we’ve got peanut butter flavor, pepperoni flavor, bacon and cheese, puppy recipe, and liver recipe. Liver?
– Maybe. – I feel like we should get one of those and have that but then
I feel like we should also make our own treats, you know. Like do a little baking
session with the dog-o’s. I think that’d be really fun. – I think this should
be like their present. That they can open a present. That or else, maybe not that
but we get like stuffed animal. – Like a toy, yeah. That would be fun yeah. We should get them stuffed animals. They’re so cute. We found dog chips. (laughs) Literally dog chips. We’re gonna get some of those. And then we also found
these stuffed animals that we are gonna get them. They’re super cute, matching because, dogs gotta be matching,
it’s gonna be adorable. So, we are gonna get those,
then, I think, next up we are gonna run to the store,
like Walmart or something. And buy some ingredients
for a baking party, or something like that. Girl We got the goods,
we made it back home and look at all the stuff we got. We, literally, got so much stuff because, we also got dinner for tonight. So,we did a little
mini-grocery shopping trip. So we got all our dog stuff. We got some stuff to make
home-made dog treats. And, we’ve got dinner supplies. And tonight, I think
we’re gonna binge watch the very last episode
of “Stranger Things.” And I’m really excited. So, stay tuned for that. That’s gonna be a blast. But, I think the dogs need some attention. Because I hear them like
grabbing their toys. They are all sitting over here. So, I think we should
play a game with them. Okay, we have both the dogs here. Bye, Logan, just kidding. Okay, he’s coming back. We’re gonna play fetch, classic game. We’re gonna see who chooses the red, who chooses the blue fish? We’ll see. (toy squeaking) Alright, you guys ready to play? Ready? (toy squeaking) Set, go, get ’em. Go get it! Oops, downstairs, they’re both like. Look you came back with a new toy. What is that? What is this? What is that toy? What is it? Let me see, it’s green. (laughs) He got a green toy. How’d you get that? How’d you get that? There goes Logan! Logan, picked the red fish! Logan, let me see it. Did you get the red fish? Oh my goodness, yes you did. Let’s see, ready? You wanna go again? Get it! Lucky is saying, “Never mind,
going back to the green toy.” Oh my goodness. Hi, Lucky. Logan let me see it. Let me see it baby, let me see it. Oh my goodness. (Logan growling) There we go, down the stairs, oops. Whoa! (laughs) It’s like extra intense with two dogs. It feels so weird. I’m only used to just Logan. So, this is a little strange. Oh Lucky, you want to play to? Let me see your toy, let
me see your toy, ready? (laughs) Joke’s on you, got ’em! Get it Lucky. Did they get it? Logan got his, okay. Okay, we are gonna keep
playing for awhile. And then I’ll keep you guys updated. Okay you guys, it is officially lunchtime. And I tried to do a messy bun but I think, I kind of failed. I might take it out, I don’t know. But, it’s lunchtime and
here’s the lunch of the day. Its bean and cheese quesadillas. I don’t know where Lucky went,
I think he’s taking a nap. But Logan is here, chillin’
down here you can see him. Hi Logan, he always sits with
me and like watches me eat. He just sits down here and
sometimes he’ll put his head on my knee and he just like reminding me, “Hey I’m here, in case you want to feed me “any of your food.” But like, we never do
’cause it’s human food. And he can’t have like,
certain human food. So, I don’t know where Lucky is. But, Logan decided to join me for lunch. We’re gonna eat, it’s
gonna be a great time. And then we’re gonna do
a lot more fun stuff. Okay, so we finished eating
lunch and everything. And it’s been a little while, just been chillin’ here at the house. But I think I want to take the dogs on a little adventure before
it starts raining actually. It kinda looks a little cold outside. But, like, I have this doggy bandana that I want to give to Lucky! Because, Logan’s already
wearing his adventure bandana. So, we’re just gonna put one on Lucky. And we’ve got the leash. I think we’re gonna take them on a walk, on a mini-adventure themselves
and see what happens. Lucky, come here. Look we have a bandana for you. Come here baby, look at this. Oh my goodness, you
already know what to do. Come here. (laughs) You want a belly scratch? Yes you do, oh my goodness. You’re crazy, this’s gonna be so cute. Come here, come here, no you gotta get up. You gotta get up, puppy come on get up. He’s just like. (laughs) Come on get up, he’s broken. He doesn’t know what to do now, come on. Guys, I broke the dog. What’s happening? We got to put this on you. Come here doggy. Oh my goodness, oh there’s Logan. You can see his bandana, look at him. He’s got his adventure bandana on. Look at that, so cute. We’ve got to get a matching one for Lucky. Sit Up, baby! Okay, we managed to get the
adventure bandana on Lucky. And Logan has his, he’s wearing. So cute. (yells) Okay so, I wanted to share I think, what I’ve learned from this experience is that, I think dogs,
whenever they have toys, they just tend to like
whimper slash growl. Just like naturally,
because Logan always growls, whenever he want to play and stuff. And same with Lucky. So I guess, it’s just a dog thing. I just thought Logan
was so weird but like, I guess that’s just what dogs do. Okay, well anyways let’s
go on an adventure. Come on guys let’s go, let’s go. Come on, let’s go. Well, we’re gonna go for a little drive to find a place to go walking. Or to go on an adventure. But unfortunately, it’s raining outside. So don’t know how this is gonna work out. But, we’re still gonna go for it right? Logan, really wants to come up here. But, he’s gotta stay back. You, gotta stay back
in the back seat, okay? Go back, go on. Okay, so we’re here at the
park and it is raining. But, we’ve got Logan right here. He’s on a leash. Whoa! And we have Lucky over here. He’ collar that gives him
commands so he’s good. Yeah, and we’re just gonna
go for a fun little stroll. So yeah, here we go. Whoa! They want to run! Come on doggies, get in. Okay, we came home. And it’s actually getting kind of, late. So we’re starting on dinner. And I made the salad right here And, dad’s using his little meat claws. – My culinary claws. (roars playfully) – And he’s making– He’s like cutting up the meat and we’re gonna have french dip sandwiches and all the dogs are here. Here’s Logs. Logan. And Lucky is over here. ‘Cause Lucky really
wants to eat Logan’s food but he has his own food over there that he can have. But he just likes Logan’s food. You’re a crazy dog, you know that? But, they are both watching to see if dad will drop any meat. But, hasn’t so far. Anyways, it’s getting kind of, late. So, I think we are gonna eat dinner, and start our “Stranger Things,” party. And then, we’ll see by
based off how late it is after we finish if we want to
make the treats for the dogs. Or just go to bed and make the treats tomorrow and show you guys. – [Mom] We can do it tomorrow. – We might just do it tomorrow and continue this video past 24 hours. 48 hours with a new puppy! With two dogs! Man, that would be crazy. Maybe we’ll have to do that. We’ll see. Dinner’s done. This is what it is. It’s a french dip sandwich. And it looks so good. And we also have salad over there. But I’m gonna get it after I eat this. That way the salad dressing doesn’t get all over my sandwich. Because, I don’t know, I’m just weird like that. But, looks so yummy! Yeah, I’m so excited for dinner. It’s like, kind of late at night so I’m very happy. Guys, I’m disappointed in myself. It’s literally 11:30. And we just finished our
“Stranger Things,” party. And I forgot to film it. And so, yeah that happened. I’m not gonna give any spoilers, because, in case you’re watching it. I don’t know if you are or not. But, I’m not gonna give any spoilers. But, proof, we did have the party. We had popcorn, I had… (laughs) I had a brownie, I just flung
crumbs all over my face. That’s fun, I’ve got my
water and everything. Like, it was a full on party. But, now it’s over huh Lucky. Come here, come here. Now the party’s over. Right? Yeah, yup. So, now we’re gonna go to bed. You ready? You ready to do downstairs to go to bed? Yeah. Okay, so it’s the next morning. And, it’s time to make the dog treats. And I showered and my hair is all crazy. So, that’s what’s going on. (blender grinding) – [Mom] Guys, this is so cute. Jordan fell asleep with the dogs. She’s babysitting them. And they’re right there by
her while she’s sleeping. Awwww, it’s so cute. – Guess what? It’s time for a puppy party
because, the treats are frozen. And we’re ready to go oh yeah! Lucky’s here, Lucky
wants some of the treats. We’re gonna have an epic party and it’s for Logan’s birthday. Which was like at the beginning of summer. It’s now the middle of summer. So, a little late for that now. But, like– – Logan!
– We’re still gonna celebrate and have a great party but if you want to see the full
on version of his party make sure you check out his channel at Logan The Adventure Dog. He’ll be, filming it all. And it’s gonna be a great time. But, I’ll show you a few little clips. ‘Cause it’s gonna be so fun. Okay so, we wrapped the presents and this is what it looks
like they’re matching! It’s gonna be so exciting. So, they each get a present. And we are also gonna make it super fun. Because, they’re each gonna get a pinata. Oop, so this is behind the scenes prep. We’re gonna put a little
SmartBone Chicken Wrapped Sticks. Little bone thing in there. And it’s gonna be so much fun. I’m so excited to see how they react. One gets a unicorn. One gets like a lama pinata thingy. I don’t even know. So, we’re gonna… what in the world? How do you do this? I am not an adult, I figured it out! Yeah! Okay so, there it is. You just put the bone in there. Easy, duh. Oh no, here we go, perfect! There we go, that one’s done. And this one, there. Yeah! Oh my goodness. These dogs are gonna be so spoiled. Well, we got everything ready for the party. And, now it’s time to get
them all dressed and ready. Duh! This is a costume party. Duh! So, we have our Batman costume. Oh, Lucky get off baby. And we have our Superman costume. And I think Lucky wants the Superman. Because he’s like, smelling it and he’s really excited. So, he’s gonna get that one. Logan’s gonna get Batman. Logan doesn’t love costumes, Logan doesn’t love costumes
but like, he’s okay with them. He likes, like once they’re on he’s fine. But like, the process of
getting the costume on, he doesn’t love. Do you want to sit down? We’re gonna get you all dressed for your party. It’s for your birthday party. Sit down. He’s like, “What?” (laughs) Look at this! You’re superheros, you’ve
got Superman and Batman. They’re so cute! Are you excited? Oh, they want their presents now. Okay that’s it. We got to start the party. Let’s go! Okay, so it’s a little later in the party. Kind of mid-party and we
decided to bust out the bubbles. And the dogs are playing
with the bubbles now. Logan, loves bubbles. But Lucky, is a little bit of a puppy. And so, he doesn’t really know like– – He’s popped one!
– What to do with the bubbles. – He’s popping them! – Look, are you getting them? Are figuring it out? Lucky is still confused, he’s like, “What is happening?” But Logan just goes and like, pops all the bubbles so. Okay, so both the dogs
just opened up pinatas. And now I think it’s time
for the little treats I made. But first, I got to
test it out for myself. I wanna try it! Look. I’m gonna try that much. I just ate dog treats, ewwwh! It just tastes like a smoothie. It’s literally like a frozen smoothie. That’s actually good. ‘Cause literally, all it is, is yogurt, banana, and
strawberry, i want one. If there’s leftovers, I am gonna have one. (laughs) Okay, well, let’s take it out to the pups and let them try it. Okay, are you guys ready to try it? Lucky come here, Logan
come sit on this side. Come right here. Okay, there’s too many dogs! Okay, we’re just gonna go ahead and start. – Who wants the first treat? – Oh, they can do tricks! If they do a trick. They’ll earn this treat. Oh, that’s so cute. Look at this. It’s like a little gem. Oop, he tried to snatch
it right out of my hand. Okay, Logan, how about here you hold these for a second. Logan how ’bout you? Hurry this is melting. How about you give me a high-five? Now, knuckles. Knuckles. Give me knuckles. Logan, give me knuckles. Oh, he’s moving closer. Okay, now speak. Speak, just speak. Just say it, something. Speak, say it! Good dog. There you go. – [Boy] Okay. – You can’t even see his face. He’s like, (mimics dog) – [Boy] Is it Lucky’s turn? – Did you like it, Logan? I think so. Okay Lucky, are you ready? Lucky, doesn’t know a ton of tricks. ‘Cause he is still, kind of, a puppy. – He know sit, stay. – But we’re gonna oop. And I oop, here you go. We’re gonna try something. Okay, come here Lucky. Ready, sit, sit, sit down. Okay, we’ll try lay down. Lucky, Lucky, lay down. Lay down, lay down, lay down. Come on you know this. I taught you earlier today. Lucky, lay down, lay
down, lay down, lay down. Lay down, lay down, good boy Lucky! Yeah! Here you go Lucky, there you go. He’s just like, guys, I can barely see. Guys, the party is officially over. Man, that was so much fun,
okay I want to show you the damage because, there’s
a lot of wrapping paper and everything, but yeah. Look at all of this mess,
oh no it’s everywhere. But the dogs are enjoying their presents. There’s Lucky and here’s Logan oh man, they love their little
bears and they’re matching. It is so cute look at
them, they’re so cute. And they have their superhero outfits. I love it, you guys are so cute. Okay, now we have clean
up all of this mess. All right you guys, so it is
officially the end of day two, with two dogs. So I guess, we actually spent
48 hours with a new puppy, with two dogs. Like, that’s actually really crazy. But unfortunately, Lucky’s
gonna have to go home soon. Because, we were just dog-sitting him. So, he’s gonna have to go
home soon and see his family. He’s such a good doggy though. But Logan is upstairs,
he’s already gonna bed. Lucky, sleeps in my room for now. So he’s right here, so cute. And we’re off to bed because
it’s getting kinda late. But, thank you guys,
for watching this video. This has been such an adventure and it’s actually been super fun. So, thank you all for watching. If you enjoyed it give it a big thumbs up. Subscribe to the subscribe
button, from red to gray. And I’ll see you all next time. Bye!

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