4 Easy Steps to Prevent Fear of Loud Noises in Your Puppy – Dogs Trust Dog School

We don’t want our puppies to ever feel
scared or distress when they hear a loud or unusual noise. Which is why
introducing different noises gradually early on in their life can prevent this
from happening. Common noises that can frighten dogs that we want them to get
used to may include fireworks, traffic, household noises and children. So you can tell signs that a puppy might be slightly worried or slightly stressed by
noises, by things that they might be doing with their body language. So keep it ranged from very subtle signs such as the dog not eating, not taking treats,
their ears going back, lip licking and obviously the more intense signs of
anxiety such as a dog shaking or hiding. What we’re trying to do at Dog School is
really trying associate noises with something positive, so introduce them
really gradually in our classes. So noise fears are easily preventable if we can
train our puppies and get them used to these things as puppies. So this is why here at dog school we really build the positives to try and avoid them getting
those fears later on in life. We have a sound CD, so we’ve started at week one or
two at a very very low volume where the puppies don’t even really notice these
sounds are going on and all the time we’re doing nice things with our puppies
really really positive associations. Over the weeks we increase the volume so that
this becomes normal real life volume. So the end game is that the dog actually
pays no attention to these noises or even better predicts something great
happening. Ultimately if you have got concerns they’re seeking professional
help, going to your vet and getting help from behaviourist. you

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