2 Rottweilers se encuentran con 1 Pastor Alemán/ When 2 rottweilers meet a GSD

Let’s analyze The behaviors of these dogs there is a social behavior of game The rotty 1 is the prey and the German shepherd the hunter The rotty 2 is distracted it slows down with a growl the German shepherd avoids tension and turns he turns around and finds himself face to face with the rotty 2 the German shepherd has a lot of confidence in himself there is tension for less than a second between both dogs the rotty 2 looks away and breaks the tension the rotty 1 does not remove the focus of the German shepherd the rotty 2 offers a signal of appeasement sniffing the floor the rotty 1 and the German shepherd resume the game the rotty 1 makes a playful curve to invite the German shepherd to play the rotty 2 runs towards the German shepherd trying to interpose his body to break the game of the other dogs achieves its mission and faces the German shepherd who avoids and ignores the rotty 1 invites the German shepherd to keep playing now the Rotty 2 separates the rotty 1 to calm down the rotty 1 wants to continue playing the german shepherd is hesitant to continue in the game, the attitude of the rotty 2 has persuaded him the attitude of the rotty 2 has him bewildered the rotty 2 mounts to the rotty 1, this does not mean dominance or a sexual drive It is a displacement behavior to calm down and calm the other dog the rotty 2 faces the German shepherd and makes his intention clear the German shepherd shakes himself to release tension and stress the German shepherd decides to wait and observe the interaction between the other two dogs the rott 1 wants to play but not with the rotty 2, but with the German shepherd but the rotty 2 is determined not to allow it, and tries to play with his partner the Rotty 1 wants to play with the German shepherd, and at the insistence of his fellow Rotty finally plays with him the shepherd watches from afar and tries to be part of the game the german shepherd directs his attention and play towards the rotty1 finally joins the game and persecution of the rotty 1 the German shepherd is very skilled in the persecution surpassing the rotty 2 so the rotty 2 returns to prevail against the German shepherd and leaves him out of the game again

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