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  • thank you sandra for sharing this very good video it is so nice to lisstning to your videos sandra

  • Loved this interview. I wanted to post a link to Pamela Reynolds, the person Sandy mentioned who had a very remarkable NDE. It opened a lot of peoples eyes. Also, thanks for all of the fascinating interviews you bring our way. Here is the link – if it doesn't work just look up her name. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6R654H_qOvA

  • Fantastic, Loved this video.

    I do believe some NDEs are just dreams like Alexander's NDE seemed more like a fairy tale than anything else to be honest lol. And yet even with the more credible NDE we can't help but be skeptical due to the fact none of those people who have had one have been actually dead because if they were there's no coming back, the brain is still alive.

    Her stories are really incredible and I love them because it really gives you hope, it reminds of this story I heard in a video once where a couple"s son was in coma and his sister came to him (i don't remember the exact details) but basically she told him it was still not his time, what's incredible about this story is that the parents did not know she had passed, she was in college when they called her they found out she had died in a car accident Tried to find the video, but it was awhile ago and I have no idea what it was called .

  • What a wonderful interview. This was one of the best ones you've done Sandra. Sandy's stories are so compelling. I've known of many of the stories she shared, but would love to read her compilation and take on them. Thanks so much.

  • great stories!..i've been doing mini-marathons, listening to your interviews..very much appreciating your dedication to the topic!..often it's the skeptics who make great researchers and also interviewees!…and a request:

    i understand not wanting to, perhaps, wear out a guest, a listener, the self or a topic..but please consider being more flexible sometimes on your seemingly designated time limit (when your schedule – and your guest's schedule – allows for it, of course)..esp., when you have such wonderful guests such as Ms. Sandy Coghlan..she's a delight to listen to and loving her storytelling!

    what an amazing mission she undertook, searching out (and finding!) so many pre-Dr. Moody reportings re: NDE accounts – likely not a cakewalk either, tracking all of those down.

    but, in any case, please 🙏 think about just going with the flow when…well..when things are flowing so well…rather than abruptly telling the guest their time is nearly up..as very often, unexpected gems can 'fall out' of the treasure chests of wisdom and knowledge so many great interviewees have to share with us..and, to be honest, it sounded like she really had more she wanted to share beyond the ('extra'??)few minutes you give to your guests after that first hour or so. 🙁

    maybe, for such occasions, a break system can be set up, if you or your guest needs to take one..perhaps marked by music you can legally play..or interesting, topic related sound bites..and maybe, eventually, ads chosen by you and ad partners you personally know or like. 😃

    EDITED: Ms. Sandy mentioned Pam Reynolds, who had one of the most profound NDE's on record..didn't know if you have yet had the opportunity to look up articles or videos about her amazing experience – one of the most medically well documented cases ever, btw..it's just *amazing, what she shared with the world 🌍 about what she experienced.

    i revisit her story from time to time – but it had been quite awhile since i had done..so, i was reviewing short clips to find a concise one to send you that included her mention of the Light of God (because, oddly enough, some uploaders seem to be moved by her experience, yet cannot bring themselves to include that part of her reporting).

    if you like the clip and want to hear more: along with the other various re: Pam uploads is one that is a long interview with the illustrious, retired veteran, scientific/paranormal/metaphysical radio talk show host, Art Bell.

    i believe his name is not ncluded in the video title (which is probably one of the reasons it has remained posted for so long, unchallenged by lawyers..plus, Art is all kinds of 'old-school' radio awesome – and, so, has had a tendency to not shut down the sharing of such important interviews that he has done)…and its easy to find here @YouTube.

    ok, here's the link to the Pam clip:

    "Pam Reynolds Near Death Experience"


    uploaded to account: jebdunnit

    sadly, for Pam's family, friends and for us, she passed back over into the other realms about 5 years after the surgery featured in her testimony..she definitely would have made a great interview guest!..but, luckily, both she and her doctors were generous enough with their time that there is enough information available about her experience that can help us to understand what she and her physicians wanted us to know. 👍👍👍👍

  • Sandra, how can you not know the Pam Reynolds or George Rodonaia cases? These are two of the cornerstone cases in the NDE literature. Great show at any rate!

  • I’ve had out of bodies. In one my boyfriends mother appeared and she was showing me that she’s around her son all the time.

    Her coat stood out to be so much as it was red and had a big hood with fur on.

    I told him of my experience he was absolutely fine until I mentioned the coat, he burst out crying, he had bought this coat for her birthday just before her death, she had loved it, I had no clue of this, I’d not been around when she had passed as we weren’t in a relationship at that time and there were no photos up of her in it. This confirmed a lot for me.

  • Great interview. I don't even have 1% doubt about life after life. So I have to remind myself that their are very few people that are 100% convinced unless they have had an NDE or STE. I had a Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE) in the early '90s. I didn't know what to call it until I started watching IANDS video's and some participants shared their STE experiences and I thought, Wow, that is what I experienced. Don't be jealous though. I realized I was allowed that experience because God knew I would have ended my life many times, because of my life long battle with manic depression, if I had not had that experience. I didn't have any visual sights of heaven but I experienced the "atmosphere" of heaven. I am so looking forward to being with the Lord. It is so wonderful. I have no fear of death but will admit I fear the "dying process" if it is painful. I so love your shows and you are such a blessing. Thank you.

  • I work hospice
    One day I told my agonizing patient that before to depart to let me know she was ok during the transition
    I did not work for couple weeks
    But one night I feel this soft and gentle touch on my leg
    I immediately knew
    When I returned to the hospital
    That was the day she went to the Lord
    This is just one of many experiences
    Thanks for sharing

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