$10,000 donation DOG or Cat shelter? (Followers Decide)

(dogs barking) – [Rocky] I donated $10,000
as a complete surprise to this animal shelter. (cheering) But there’s a twist, because I didn’t pick this rescue. Instead I let my followers control where I would end up to make the donation in this 24 hour challenge. But Rocky, where did you
come up with this crazy idea? – I had a company come to us and say, “Hey, we would love to be a sponsor.” So, I thought I would
love to pay that forward. More on that later, but let me tell you what I did next. I loaded up a briefcase full of cash and on the way to the
airport I asked everyone should we travel North,
East, South, or West. – Okay, like we are doing it. We are in the car right now. We’re in a Lyft. We don’t know where we’re gonna go when we get to the airport. We’re gonna look through
all of the comments, and then go. Are you nervous? – No.
– What?! (laughs) – I’m excited, I’m excited. I’m not nervous. – I’m a little nervous. It’s a little nerve-wracking. – Everyone right now has
been commenting on Instagram where they think we should go; North, East, South, or West, and take the briefcase full of cash. These are all the responses. South, North, East, Houston. South, South, South. Dallas, East. Mid-Atlantic. South. There’s a lot of South in here. We’ll go on the Southwest app and see where there are two tickets. – [Woman] The two button,
see what they have in line. – [Rocky] Oh, everything. All of it, all the locations.
– Ah. – [Rocky] All right,
before I show you where we end up getting our plane ticket to, I want to introduce you to a shelter dog that really caught my heart at the shelter we ended up surprising. Meet Vanna. – She’s been in the shelter
in and out for over 600 days, and there’s no reason. I mean, she has high energy and she’s gonna need exercise. But I mean, look at
this temperament, look. – [Rocky] It breaks my heart
to know that so many people have passed up Vanna time and time again. Yeah, all right, but here’s the good news. I think you and I can help Vanna. I mean, just the sheer
fact that so many of you participated in this and
helped make the final decision of the group that got the
donation tells me there’s hope. So keep watching, ’cause the
rescue that gets the $10,000, you’re gonna love it. – [Rocky] Let’s try Texas. We leave 9:25, we could
be there by 2:35 to Dallas and it’s only $284 per person. Should we do it? – [Hannah] Let’s do it. – Oh my God, that’s so much- Where are you goin’? Where are you goin’? Oh, I don’t know. (laughs) Okay, all right, we’re
doin’ it, we’re doin’ it. (beeping) – We made it through security and we’re on our way. Do you want to tell
them where we’re going? – Dallas! – Dallas, Texas! We are on our way. Texas I hope you are ready. (upbeat rock music) – All right, we just landed in Dallas. And now, there’s a bunch
more questions like go to a small shelter, a big shelter, a dog shelter, a cat shelter. – The amount of submissions that came in when we were on the plane
for just three hours. We rented a car. We’re gonna go get the car, and then we’ll figure out
where to go from there. Do you have the briefcase? – Yeah. (laughs) (upbeat rock music) – Okay, first question, very important, and I really want you to think
about it before you answer. Should we visit a small
or a large shelter? Small, $10,000 could make a big impact. Large, they have more animals, so they can really use the money. What one? – If you’re asked the question, do you help a small
shelter or a large shelter, I don’t know. We’ll find out. – [Rocky] Okay, you all chose small. – The next question is,
there are a lot of shelters that specialize in dogs or cats. – Coffee break and very
important question. If it comes down to it, dog rescue or cat rescue? Oh, that is a tough one. – Always in the comments tell me that you wish I
was helping more cats. And I have a cat adoption
center in one of my stores. Ball’s in your court cat lovers. It sounds like I don’t like cats when I like cats. Especially kittens. They’re all purrs. – [Rocky] And by a whopping 83%, everyone chose dog. We spent the rest of the afternoon, all the way into that evening, going through all of the submissions, responding to as many of
you as we could on comments. I think it was a lot more
work than we had anticipated, but it was awesome. – What’s so amazing about
some of these groups are that I thought that when the shelter submitted why we should come visit
their rescue groups that they would be talking about how they could apply the $10,000. No. Most of the groups are
talking about how, hey, we’ve saved thousands of
dog/cats in just six years, and we’re really working
on getting more recognition so we can save thousands of more animals. It’s those sort of
things about the exposure and their recognition, and that is awesome,
and that is inspiring. Because if we can just
bring some recognition to some of these groups that are
doing so many amazing things. Success. So, the big question right now that we’re gonna go to sleep on it, do we stay in the Dallas area because we’ve identified a
lot of great groups here, or do we keep going South? There’s a lot of groups in Austin, and San Antonio, and all the towns, the little towns in between.
– Yeah, there’s … – As we sleep. – (groan) This is giving me
anxiety just thinking about it. I’m glad I don’t have to decide. – But right now, we gotta go live and ask everyone that question. We are live. Thank you for joining us. We’ve got a big question for you. (slow country music) – We put it out to everyone and you all said, 75% of
you said keep on truckin’. – [Drive-Thru Lady] Good
morning, what can I get for you? – A tall double soy latte. We are headed to Houston. Ahhhh, Houston. – Mmmm, hold on, I need one more sip. Wooo, Houston. – Woohoo. (slow country music) – Is that a smaller
group or a bigger group because remember everyone
picked a smaller group. – Yeah, these are all a
little bit smaller, 25- – Okay, hold on, I gotta grab something. – What? – I’m gonna go in there
and grab something. – Okay. (laughs) And I’ll just keep working.
– You don’t trust me? It’s some things we need. I think you’re gonna like this. – Okay, good luck.
– I have an idea. – [Hannah] What is this?! – What do you think? – [Hannah] I don’t know! – If you’re in Texas, and you’re gonna show up
and surprise a shelter, I think you gotta look the part. I don’t look like a Texas
guy with a briefcase? Walking into a shelter like, hey, I’m gonna give you $10,000. Surprise. Thank you for all you
do helping the animals. Boom. – [Hannah] Yeah, let’s
see some dance moves. – (laughs) I got something
better than that. Watch this. Ready for this? – [Hannah] What is that? – This right here? This is my money blaster. – [Hannah] What?! (laughs) Okay, blast some money. – All right. – [Hannah] Oh! (laughing) Okay, maybe we should do this inside. – That’s what I thought, we’ll get to the shelter, and then we’ll use my money blaster. You see now where it’s
all coming together? – [Hannah] Okay, yep, I gotcha. All right, we have a
little bit of a problem. – [Rocky] Like what? You want a cowboy hat too? Or a cowgirl hat? – Yeah, next time. So, we need to narrow
it down to two groups. I think what we do is we
put these names in a hat and we pull two names, and then- (gasps) – Uh, ma’am.
– Yeah? – You said you need a hat? – Oh, my gosh. (laughs) – See? See?
– Perfect. – It’s not as easy as you think. Everyone always leaves me comments like, well, why didn’t you do this group or why didn’t you do that group. I wanted to do all the groups, but … And my goal is that we can
donate to more shelters, and we’re actually able to do
this because we have sponsors. What’s really great is
Hello Fresh is actually a sponsor of this video and
it’s something we use at home. – Hello Fresh is the number one meal kit. And for me it’s fantastic because I’m on the road a lot helping shelters, and when I come home
it’s really nice to know that I can say goodbye
to grocery store trips, say goodbye to take out food, because Hello Fresh has me covered. Hello Fresh has more five star recipes than any other meal kit, so you know you’ll get
something delicious. And get this, Hello Fresh
is from $5.66 per serving. A lot of times I’m on the
road helping shelters, but with Hello Fresh I
can easily skip a meal. I can change delivery dates and even change food preferences. All right. Voila, look at this. Ah, it looks amazing. I can not wait to dig
in and give it a try. – [Rocky] Get started
with eight free meals. That’s $80 off your first
month of Hello Fresh. – All right, let’s do
that first taste test. Mmmm, that is good. Okay, now for the best part. Babe, dinner’s ready. – So, thank you Hello Fresh. Make sure you go check ’em out. It’s hellofresh.com. Enter promo code Rocky80. That’s hellofresh.com, promo code Rocky80. Go there now ’cause you gotta try it out. And also, as a thank you
for them helping support us so we can go surprise this shelter. – All right, do you have those names ready to draw out of a hat? – Yeah. – [Rocky] Okay, what are we doing here? – Okay, we have four shelters in here, and we’re gonna pull two of them, and the two of them we’re
gonna put on Instagram and let our followers
decide who gets $10,000. – [Rocky] Okay, I’ll pull the first one, you pull the second one. Oh, this is a good one, I can tell. All right, you go now. – Hold on. – [Rocky] This way you
can’t look (laughs). – I feel like this is a good one. – [Rocky] All right. – All right
– Okay! – I have the two shelters. Let’s get it up on Instastories and see what people decide. – [Rocky] And then we’re going! – And then we’re going! – Oh my God! And I can’t believe just yesterday morning we were in Los Angeles-
– I know. – Had no clue where we were going, and you know, I mean, I couldn’t think of a better place than Texas. Hey, by the way, that’s my hat. – Oh, yeah, it’s a little big for my head. – Wait, that’s backwards. Is that backwards? That’s backwards. (laughs) – Leave a comment, which way
is the hat supposed to go. – I’m sorry Texas. (giggling) – [Hannah] Why are you
wearing that outfit? – I’m in Texas. I got it at Tractor Supply. I mean, when in Texas, you know? – [Rocky] Hey, I’m not surprised here that you all loved my outfit. – All right, we better
get this to the shelter before someone tries to
take our briefcase of money. – [Hannah] I don’t know if your hat fits. – It is the biggest one they have. I have a large head. I know the camera makes
it look smaller but … (laughs) – Okay, so I do have a concern though, the A group, they’re barely ahead, and they’re amazing, but
they close in an hour. Are we gonna get there in time? – We are an hour and two minutes away. – Well, you better hit the gas. – What if we don’t make it? – I don’t know. – Um, we’re surprising
them so we can’t be like, we can’t call ahead and
be like, “Hey, hang out.” Um, okay.
– The B group is, if we show up and they’re gone, then I guess the B group is
kinda in the same direction. I don’t know. – Oh, so we can’t reveal it right away because what if. – I know.
– Okay. – So we just gotta get there. – Okay, all right, all right. I’m focused, I’m on it.
– Okay. – [Rocky] This is it. – [Hannah] This is it. – [Rocky] This is it. Oh, look at this. So, are you excited? – Yes. (laughs) I’m so excited.
– Nervous? Are you nervous? – [Rocky] All right, we
can’t dilly dally around. We just need to pull up. – [Hannah] Yeah, are we just gonna run in? – [Rocky] Yeah, I think we just go for it. – Man, this feels really heavy. My hearts racing. (slow country music) – [Hannah] Let’s just go in there. – [Rocky] Okay, wait. Before we do the big reveal
of the rescue who won, I also want to tell you about Pughearts, K-911 Rescue, and Who Rescued Who. They were all runners up. So many of you supported them. So, were donating $500 to
each one of them right now. In fact, the winning rescue
that I’m about to show you actually caught my eye
because as we’re on the way to Houston they tagged us in this video. – Hey, Rocky. This is Julie Deflan shoutin’ out. We’d love to see you stop by our shelter. We’re an all volunteer organization. This is Beth and she is a
sweetheart and I love her so much. She’s got a real bad back,
but we’re working with her, and we’re taking care of her. And we’ll work with her until
we find her a forever home. So, stop on by. We would love to see you. I can’t think of a place
that’s more deserving. So, hope to see ya. Thanks. – Well, Julie, Beth, all the other animals
there are your shelter, I have some really good news for you because my followers think
you are very deserving of this $10,000 and I couldn’t agree more. Okay, the winner of
the $10,000 donation is Abandoned Animal Rescue! Wooooo! (cheering) (clapping) Go ahead and pull that
trigger and just hold onto it. – Okay, all right, you guys ready? – Yeah.
– All right. (cheering) – [Rocky] So awesome. And none of that would have been possible without all of you being involved. But our work is not done yet. You remember the dog, Vanna, that I showed you at the
beginning of the video? Well, I need your help. – Sit. Oh, your gonna lay down? Okay, lay down, okay. We’ll start with that. I’m okay with that. I want you to leave a comment down below of love and encouragement for Vanna, so that we can encourage her and help her until she finds a home. If you’re interested in adopting Vanna, I’m gonna put a link down
in the description below. Fill it out now. She will go fast. And she’s such an amazing dog. – [Rocky] And I gotta tell ya, spending time with Abandoned
Animal Rescue was so awesome. There’s so much that I
couldn’t include in this video, so I’m gonna put it in
the members section. If you’re not a member yet, what are you waiting on? Join the channel. You get special perks like this video. I released it early to members, so they got to see it first. Okay, I’m gonna ask you to do me a favor. Join now, come along
with me on this journey, and I guarantee you’ll love it.

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