100-FOOT PUPPY ZIP LINE! **Rip Arya**

*intense dramatic music plays** lmaoooooo son of a bitch oh my god guys so innocent now so dead…now lets go see how Evan is doing hold on wait second ay yo good morning logang whats poppin did you watch my vlog from yesterday yet sad huh well the good news is uh were wearing matching bottoms thats kinda cool thanks for the input kong anyways bro you know i love you and i love you So I’m angry because I have to leave and Andy it’s cooking breakfast I don’t know why they called Lydia first, yeah are they trying to give Evan a gift a gift You call them and say instead of giving me a bill or even a condolence gift How about you guys give me my fucking dog back? I know this sad dog stuff and also making eye contact with Kong while we’re talking about this is awkward oh, no, honey No, honey, no So yeah guys rest in peace are ya it is sad I think as more time progresses the will get stronger and I hate to keep harping on it she’s in a better place now um Okay, you don’t you don’t know that factually, but I hear you, bro. She was a puppy. She was innocent Yeah, but like Sure, she went to heaven like she couldn’t went to hell You don’t know what do you think? She’s not Even not spend enough time with her to actually know who Aria was you she could have been doing naughty things We’re not looking you have no idea you’re assuming and when you assume you make an ass of you and me for all I know Is you can still be alive or in troubie? I’m especially type G. Oh this is dead. Oh Good so try to tell me Tupac’s dead you yes, yeah, brother anyway Yeah, I’m I’m going to hell bro. I know for a fact wherever I end up. I’m gonna make his so lit, bro I’m gonna pick up my vlog camera go Ayyo good morning Logang was poppin and the rest is history Anyway, you guys know I did a movie called the thinning last year Boy got yoked I worked out so hard for them, and it’s actually don’t movie. It’s on YouTube read most of you Seen it if you haven’t seen it. Oh you gud watch it because the next week I start the first day on the sequel to the thing against the thinning tubes on the thinning new world order guys I cannot wait for this movie, bro. It is so badass my character Blake ready music G, and we’re headed actually to set right now I’m sorry about me in general What year is the pinning seven it takes place in 2040 bro. Okay? No, we’re gonna be wearing, bro This could be that new Gucci, bro This is the classic Blake Reddy from the first thinning bruh, this is like This is the outfit and my favorite part watch closely to my boobs Good stuff it all fit high fashion movies acting you know how anyways guys. I have a problem Okay, so at the house when I wake up in the morning Kong starts barking it like 7:00 a.m. It’s so loud and obnoxious this little dogs No, granite. I still love the dog, but he wants to be Oh God. We’re out here. I’ll see you, bro I leave tag me at Logan home. I see everything anyways. I still love Kong It’s just he wants to be let out right and it’s like 7 a.m. Bro, I’m going to better like to lay on Oh buenos So I thought there’s got to be a way where we can make some sort of pulley system. We’re on the balcony we have a wire run from the second floor to the middle of the yard and kind of just like sling Kong down there and some sort of basket so then I don’t have to leave my room right like it might not work Kong could die and fall but You just got home, and I parked and I realized this is hilarious Too big bigger That’s amazing. I love it like this is the angle bro. We’re doing it right here at America I’m getting distracted. I’m back to the UH pulley system, and I Can barely make a bowl of cereal guys having ended here is like having three nipples that third nipple is just so perfect and out With a little bit of a game do you you could be my dad? My dad daddy Are you splitting this no way I’m eating the whole thing this is incredible is losing weight well no Hungry have any made one plate for me, and that’s it so you guys can just show clip stop now He just runs around with no direction yo Frank. That’s not how was you I just feel like you’re acting irrationally Yeah hold on do we actually get do we take on various son of a bitch I’ll come back to the house God Didn’t notice the thing oh that doors open, bro. That’s how he got out. There’s a visual offense before he keeps running away Frank Guess what I’m building broke now pulley systems We got uh You know a thing that goes under the little horse you go back and forth I got a thing that goes into the little horse you go back and forth on building a spaceship. Oh Tell me that’s not perfect Sometimes in life these things happen Joe. I’m not an engineer. I was majoring in that before I dropped out of college I’m just a vlogger boy the idea is to cork this into the ground The ground to screw this into the ground and then run the line to the house oh It’s about how hard you get back how hard you get how are you girls getting you? for once in my life I use my brain, and this is leverage you see this think it’s actually torque its torque is what I said, bro That’s in their daddy movie car just as much as that’s in here. I’m out here. No. This is good. Oh Because he’s sad about REO, and he’s lashing out No, it’s like 2 feet short, bro Are you? Kidding me right now. It was so close. It was so close. I think we move that closer. Yeah Yeah, look at us using our brains Wow mom you’re proud -, but we’re in business Don’t jump Kong. Oh, you know don’t jump stay right there. I want. What do you mean look at him dog? He can’t you know make that fall hyung he’s a maverick, bro You can do anything or you just say no my boys, right? No no Ling you should let it kill your whole family, bro. You could get away right. That’s so much more so much less important Three point two an Instagram here we go yogi, you’re crazy it was nice intention Using the most precision accurate engineering no gang we have concocted a Kong pulley system, Oh oh My gosh. She’s gonna have to go slow. Yo just really slow, but look look the bucket stable bro like we got four lines I’m tilting it right now. It’s really hard to tilt or tip any direction Kong. We’ll be safe in there I’m just curious. How he’s gonna get out of the bucket once we actually get him to the ground obviously I’m not a complete idiot, so we’re gonna do a little test Just calling me when I’m vlogging. What do you want Evan? Testing to see if my dog won’t die Too soon I didn’t mean it like that. I didn’t mean like that like I’m sorry I didn’t mean like that What are you doing? What point is it like why don’t I just walk downstairs like oh, we’re gonna double. We’re gonna dump them in the hot tub Hey, buddy, just gonna do a little swap here. I oh you gonna. Do okay. It’s your big day So chill Oh God Amazing The garlic you go Believe that word I’m an engineering roots coming into play Okay low gang that is the vlog I want to give a quick anti shout out to Los Angeles We’re getting dark so early you son of a bitch makes it really hard to do epic vlogs like Ideally we put a GoPro inside here, right Tomorrow you got something to look forward to if you’re not subscribed make sure you subscribe join the Logie the showings fastest best ever Sexiest family on YouTube ad format to subscribe button in the face for me if you have not yet gotten your merger maverick merch Aka you haven’t joined the revolution of Mavericks the people who are oh? The people who are gonna change the world by being different by being unique by being passionate do so Logan Paul that cop slash opera Link in description the hottest merch in a game Yeah, it always feels good to use my brain to make me be more lazy ok guys. Love. Y’all. See you tomorrow What’s up dude now ready to love it Oh Daikon aht urghan pop icon’s not sure you’ll ever so many to movement its revolution the game

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