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Hey everyone and welcome to another episode from Luckyfish. Normally we’re doing videos on sailing but this week Zaya suggested that we do something a little bit more personal. I’m Stewart and this is Zaya. Normally we are sailing our reasonably priced catamaran Luckyfish across an ocean or around the islands. But this year we stayed in Mongolia to have this little guy. Subscribe and join our journey. After ninety five episodes it’s probably time we told some of you viewers a little bit more about our private lives. So let’s kick it off with a question for Zaya. So Zaya tell us a little bit about growing up in Mongolia as a child. I grew up in a real countryside part of Mongolia in a Ger The nomadic lifestyle. So my dad used to take me to school every day by horse. Nomadic lifestyle is pretty simple life with. not many things because you have to move the house by each season. I’m pretty proud of my background. So if I was in the dog world I’d probably be called a bit of a mongrel. Mum and Dad are English. Dad fought in World War 2 who was a frontline infantryman and was captured and sent off to a German prisoner of war camp. After liberation, he and Mum married and had my two older brothers. They were born in the UK and then during the 50s you know there was the start of the cold war and Dad thought, or both Mum and Dad thought they didn’t want to go through all that again. So they looked for a place on the other side of the world as far away from England and Europe as possible and they emigrated to New Zealand and that’s where I was born. And I am really proud of them for making that decision to get out of Dodge. And we had a great upbringing in NZ and then I left New Zealand when I was about 17 went to Australia to study geology and marine biology. I travel on a British Australian and New Zealand passport. Also being a permanent resident of Canada and I’m currently a permanent resident of Mongolia. So that’s how I’ve ended up becoming a bit of a mongrel. So Zaya, do you have any phobias or f___hes you’d like to share with the audience. Well I’m not going to share a f___ish with you f___ishes with you but I’m very afraid of blowing balloons and opening champagne so I’m gonna go get Leo, Yeah, but you’re not afraid of drinking though. No, Im not afraid of drinking. Here’s Daddy,. Hello little boy you’re just waking up? Want to say hello to everybody? You’ve got a nice smile there. Did you have a good sleep. Too many questions. I have only just woken up Dad. Do you want to sit on your banana, or bobby? Put him in the banana, why not. Are you going to let mummy and daddy finish these questions Leo? Yeah, if you feed me and give me something to play with. So, what. About you Stewart? What do you mean f___-ishes or phobias. We’ll start with the phobias. I wasn’t really aware of it but Zaya made me aware that I’ve got a bag f___ish or phobia. Apparently I collect…. What colour bag? Well they are generally black. Black bags and it wasn’t until she pointed out the collection that I formed over the years that I realized that she probably has a point. In fact I do find now I have to correct myself when I go into a store because I’m drawn to the bag section and I start handling them and looking at them and imagining what I might do with them. I can assure you it’s all purely innocent. I guess it’s just a preoccupation with travelling moving packing things and going I dunno maybe that’s it. So Zaya tell us a little bit about your name is Zaya your real name. No. My real name is Sarnaitsetseg Bukhchuluuun It’s really long, right? It’s a mouthful. Sarnaitsetseg Bukhchuluun Can you say it? Yeah Sarnaitsetseg Bukhchuluun is my full name. Zaya is just one we came up with Why did you Why did you. Why don’t you use your full name? It’s too long. Especially when we travel you know almost everyone we meet. They can’t say my name let alone spell or ask me to spell it to them. And you know you get tired of. So it’s Zaya now I like Zaya I think Zaya is nice. It’s you. So Stew what would you be now if you were not geologist. I you I never really looked back and think of what ifs. What is it is really more important than it is what it is I decided to become a geologist mostly because there was employment at the end of a geology degree if I’d studied marine biology there was just a absolute glut of marine biologists coming out. Back when I was studying so I’m glad I ended up in geology. It gave me the money to travel. It also gave me the opportunity to travel with my work and help to fund a you know a preoccupation with sailing which is just not the cheapest pastime. But you know I don’t know. I have no regrets or I don’t really think of what else I could be doing. You know you would have been a marine geologist not a marine biologist? yeah maybe. Yeah I wasn’t smart enough to be an oil geologist but generally the very smart ones. But what I am happy to say now is that I’m turning my back on geology and doing a lot more sailing which is really my passion and I have dabbled back in geology again just recently as we try and feather the nest and get ready for some more sailing. But I got to say each time I go back into that career I feel more and more isolated from it. It’s when it’s not your passion you know you can’t fight it and it’s there just to to earn money and that’s a pretty cold hearted way of going through life. So I’m glad I’ve resigned twice now from from my career. Hopefully this is the last time. So, Zaya outside the world of sailing. What are you most proud of in your life. Recently I found out that I’m a course freak. A course freak? Oh yes. That means I took lots of courses. You’ve had like Diving course, Photography, dressmaking Chinese language English language even mining for non-miners, diploma for computer programming a diploma for business administration skiing course, sailing cause social media marketing. I would like to do some RYA (Royal Yachting Association) courses next year What do you want to learn about sailing that you don’t already know. I want to become a master. You want to become a master. Leo, come on. Leo Play with this thing. Jolly Jumper, Jolly Jumper I don’t want that Mum So. So RYA courses. What what is it that you want to learn. I want to learn more about the navigation Okay so I can sail away from you alone Oh yeah. All right. We’ll see about that. So Stew what are you most proud of in your life apart from sailing. Well I guess our most recent addition to the family. Little Leo. I mean who wouldn’t be proud of this little creature. But I also have two fully grown up sons who I’m also very proud of. They live in Canada. One of them’s a carpenter and he volunteers for the Sea Shepherd Organization. And my other son is an engineer raising those two boys back on Magnetic Island. I’m very proud of that time. Magnetic Island is an island off the coast of Queensland in Australia. And I guess if I’m allowed to one more thing I’m very proud of is learning about permaculture under a guy called an absolute legend called Bill Mollison. And then buying an acre of land on Magnetic Island which was disused pineapple farm. It was virtually like desert and turning that into a food forest over many years over about 13 or 14 years. Firstly bought the property next door making two acres and then planted thousands of trees mostly food trees and turned desert into this amazing food bowl. And not only that but it was an experiment also to see whether you could capture rainfall put it into the water table and increase the net balance in the water table through swales and minor engineering of the landscape. And it worked very successfully. So to me what I learned out of that more I am proud of it is that all the solutions to our problems we already know and we can turn deserts into forests and as examples around the world where people have done it on much bigger scale than than I did. And so looking at all the fuss and bother about saving the world we know how to do it. It just takes effort and a bit of willpower. What are you proud of Leo? Tell us later. You got a good set of ears on you mate. I don’t know where you got those from. Do you think that is from your Mum’s side or your Dad’s side? We might have to tie him down if it gets windy out there on the boat. So I’ll tell us how much travelling you’ve done. Before I met Stew I lived in the United States for three or four years. Texas New York mostly in Washington D.C. All in all. Filled up five passports and visited 20 countries. So I do enjoy traveling. Yeah well one of the neat things that we all enjoy about travelling is the foods that we learn in Thailand it was the green curries South Africa. We learned Suzy’s famous chicken and cauliflower cheese in St. Helena It was beautiful broccoli blue cheese soup are in Grenada chicken Rotis in America. We learned about the Thanksgiving tradition and the turkey and the cranberry sauce so now that’s become our tradition wherever we are. And then in the Bahamas it was cracked conch thanks for that one Brandon. That was awesome . I mean out of all those foods which do you find. Which country have you enjoyed the food the most? Oh, France. But we can’t cook French so we have to go to France to get some French food French cooking yeah. The thing about eating in France is no sooner have you finished breakfast then you’re thinking about what’s for lunch. Anyway guys I hope you’ve enjoyed that one and we’re all just going to sign off now as always leave your comments below. Give it a like if you enjoyed it. And thanks very much to our patrons without you these videos wouldn’t be possible. Bye everyone. Dont forget to subscribe to our channel. If you haven’t already. And thank you for watching.

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