10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting a Puppy

(electronic music) – [Nikole Goncalves] Hey health nuts, welcome back to my channel. I’m here with Miss Cashew
the boxer on Instagram, who has eye boogers. And today’s video I’m
chatting about 10 things, I wish I knew before getting a puppy. I know I’m not alone. I never grew up with dogs, so it was like a whole new
experience when we got Cashew and like said I know I’m not alone and a lot of you guys maybe want a dog and don’t really know what to expect and let me tell you it
will change your life, mostly for the better, but
definitely will change it. So I thought I would share
with you guys 10 things that I wish I knew, and
I think you should know, before getting a puppy. Let’s hop right in. Alright, so the first thing
that I think is important to know when getting a new puppy is that you will lose sleep. Sleep is very precious, and you may be taking
it for granted right now but when you get a new puppy it’s essentially like a newborn, just much furrier and can walk already. She basically, well,
when you have a puppy, they need to go out to
use the washroom outside. Like every couple of hours, so usually… Oh, hopefully you can’t hear her snoring. Are you snoring? It’s funny that she’s sleeping right now as I’m talking about sleeping but you basically have to
take them out every couple of hours to, to show them
that you want them to go out, like go potty outside
and not in the house. You will have accidents,
I should say that as well. So if you have any like rugs or anything in your living space, remove them. We just brought back out the rugs. But we had them gone for a couple of weeks just because like, why,
why have the temptation or just something else
that you have to clean? So she’s been really, really good. But at night, when you
first get your puppy, you’re gonna be up every couple of hours, you’re gonna need to set your alarm, you’re not gonna be sleeping well and we’ve been so fortunate
that Cashew quickly started just sleeping eight hours a night. Thank you. Like for real though, the first two weeks, I was a zombie, I was just surviving. And, yeah, I completely was just, like, surviving off no sleep so just be aware that you will have no sleep and just to kind of switch, have someone to kind
of like, I don’t know, take turns going out in
the middle of the night with your puppy, because
it will quickly add up and then you’ll be really
tired all the time. So luckily she sleeps eight hours now and we are super grateful
for being such a good puppy. She’s sleeping right now, puppies sleep a lot, just you still have to take them outside. The next thing I wish I knew was, you’re gonna be outside a lot and this may be like common
sense to a lot of people like, oh yeah, you walk a dog every day. You walk the dog all the time, so when you take them out to go potty it’s not like they go right away. You’re most of time just waiting, waiting, practicing a lot of patience, and it can take two minutes,
15 minutes, half an hour, an hour and sometimes nothing happens. And you’re just outside all the time. Rain or shine, you will be outside a lot so it’s been really great now that we’ve been living in the
house we have the backyard, she can kind of run around in, we’ll usually take her for walks but as a puppy you know
they have a lot of energy, a lot of energy when they are awake. So you need to take them out, you know, get that energy
out so they can then just sleep and grow and do puppy things. So yeah, it’s been really nice so now that it is getting sunnier, we’re now in the Spring weather it’s been perfect time to get a puppy. I highly recommend getting a puppy during the nicer weather
because like I said, you’re gonna be out a lot, and I dunno, it’s kinda nice though, I work from home so it’s been a good excuse
to get outside more. The next thing is the time and
attention that puppies need, and I was saying on Instagram, that you know I’ve never had kids yet but I feel like puppies are
really close to having a kid, and so many of you guys that
watch my channel messaged me and said yes I have both and puppies are very
much like having kids. Obviously kids, I would say are more work, but puppies need your attention. She will let me know
when she wants to play, when she needs me just to like
hang out with her, you know, at this point, we’re not having her on the couch, in the bed and stuff, so when I’m working in the living room, or doing something on the couch, she’s looking at me as
she wants the attention, so a lot of times I end up just popping a pillow on the floor,
hanging out with her and then she’ll like fall asleep but they want your attention all the time. So if you’re someone who
is like, very like much in your own world all the time and I don’t know, like, you’ve just gotta like share your time, and give them the love and
attention that they need because they need it, a lot. The next thing to point out
is that you will be home a lot when you get a puppy. So obviously, you know, we’re
working on crate training her. She’s really good at night, she’ll sleep eight hours in
her bed, in her bedroom crate. She’s snoring so loud. But she has a second crate
that’s here in the living room, and she’s not yet accustomed to it, we are slowly training her. It’s hard. It’s hard to
put a puppy in a crate and then like watch them cry and whine. But that’s something we’re working on, just get her used to it, so
when we do leave the house, not for very long but
even if it’s like an hour, I need to be able to put her
somewhere that’s gonna be safe, and she’s not going to
like destroy something or go to the washroom all over the house. And so just in the beginning,
you gotta be home a lot. I know a lot of people
who just take a week off when they get a puppy
to properly train them crate train them and
just be there with them because they’re so little
and dogs are pack animals so they need to be around
people or other dogs, and they kind of just crave that, so I’m, a lot of you guys assume, in my assumptions video you guys assumed that I was a house body. I’m not, I love, I get
Cabin Fever really quickly, I love being outside, and being social, so for me it’s been a struggle. She does like keep me occupied though, I don’t feel like I’m home all the time and we’ll go for walks
and go to the pet store and do things, but just
FYI, you’ll be home a lot when you’re training a new puppy because they’re just too little to be left alone for too long so just something to keep in mind because yeah for me that’s probably been one of the biggest struggles. But you have lots of
family to babysit you. The next thing you should know is that you need to be disciplined,
and not only with yourself, but with your dog, so if you’re learning to have a well trained puppy, she actually started
puppy school last night. You need to be consistent
and on the same page with your partner, or
whoever is, whoever else is in the house that’s training your dog. So, there are certain things
you want to be consistent with, with like how you feed them, how you take them for a walk, how you tell them to do things, you know, puppies need
to know what what words, what command words mean different things. So she knows if I’m asking her to wait before I give her her food that she needs to sit calmly and wait instead of like just attacking the food bowl, so whatever type of
dog you’re looking for, you really need to put the work in in the first like year or two, in order to have a well trained dog, and you need to be
disciplined and consistent to, in order to do that, so
for instance you know if we’re putting food on the coffee table, we will train her right then in there that nope, like she
needs to stay on her mat when there’s food that’s not her food, and yeah you just gotta be consistent and discipline and you’re
basically you know, teaching a newborn on how you want them to behave in the home with you. The next thing is, basically,
that puppies are kinda of like babies. You have a lot of toys. You have just dog things everywhere. I have a dog like diaper
bag, things take longer. You take longer to leave the house, you have to bring their bed
and all their supplies with you so just keep that in mind like you are taking care of another being, and it takes, you know, it
takes doesn’t take a village, but it takes extra time so
just be wary of that you know if you’re someone who
doesn’t like to be late, like me, that you need to make sure that you’re giving yourself
extra time to leave the house, or just being more prepared, I have like some stuff
already set aside in a bag in the closet if she
needs to go somewhere. I have to bring all of
her supplies with her so she’s just like a little,
little baby, little puppy baby. The next advice I’ll
give you is that puppies are all different and
this is really important because just like when you’re
a new mom or new parent, everyone’s giving you all this information on what not to do, what to do, and you’re just feeling overwhelmed and you don’t want to be a bad parent or paw-rent as we call it here. It’s important just to
know that your puppy is gonna to be different
than someone else’s puppy. And you know it’s good to
like take people’s feedback into consideration, but to
really do your own research, talk to your vet, talk
to your professionals and talk to the people at
the pet store to find out what you should be doing with your puppy and when I first announced
that I got Cashew on social media, obviously
I got so many DMs from you guys congratulating me, which thank you so much, it’s like I’m super appreciative that you guys are so supportive. But I also got a lot of like
you’re doing this wrong, don’t do that, do this. And, you know, and even like
the food that we feed her, all this information was
just like coming at me and I felt like everything
I was doing was wrong and I really just had to know my dog and know what Cashew needs, and I did my own research
talked to my vet. Even her food that she’s on I made sure that I checked with my vet to make sure that it was good for her, and just know, she’s in very good hands. We’re giving her lots of love, and just something, yeah, to remember because every dog is different. Some dogs will chew bones, we’re not giving Cashew bones because I’ve heard things that they can crack their
teeth, blah blah blah, and they have puppy teeth and they’re really fragile and gentle so she’s just been chewing softer things. So yeah, everyone’s gonna
have a different opinion and things work for different dogs. I’m sure not all dogs
sleep eight hours a night and a lot of them need to be woken up. So just like, you will get into a rhythm and you will know your dog, and just know that your dog is different. Just like people, we’re all different. Alright, the next thing,
which is an important thing, if you’re thinking of getting a puppy, is that puppies, guess what, they’re expensive, yeah,
(register chime) apparently Matt knew this already, and I think it’s one of the reasons he wanted to hold off on getting a puppy. But yeah, puppies are very expensive. There are so many things that you need when bringing a dog into your home. We actually met Cashew on a Sunday, we didn’t pick her up until Thursday because even though she
was ready to take home, because Matt wanted to
make sure we were prepared, we had all the things that we needed. We were fortunate enough to get some stuff as a hand me down from Matt’s mom. Thank you, Terry. Things like cages and crates and stuff, those can be a couple hundred dollars, so try to get them on Kijiji, ask a friend or someone else that you know that has a dog and maybe
doesn’t use them anymore. Obviously, things like
a bed, we had to buy, toys, you need a lot of toys so they don’t chew your furniture, you need different
treats, and even like her, she loves bully sticks, which
do not Google what they are because you’ll just be disgusted but they’re expensive, they’re like, for the large pack they’re like $20, and she’ll chew one up in no time. So, they are expensive, obviously you can like buy cheaper food and buy cheaper toys and stuff but it’s still going
to be an added expense. If you’re maybe a student
and you’re just struggling to like feed yourself maybe wait until you have the funds to get a puppy. And that’s just one thing
I would let you know that puppies are expensive
and I’m happy I waited to get a dog because we’ve
already spent quite a lot in vet bills, vet bills
are crazy expensive, so things to think about, puppy insurance. All these vaccinations they need. Are you going to get
them spayed or neutered? Lots of expenses that quickly
pop up when you get a dog. The next thing is that
puppies grow so fast. Can we just talk about the fact that like Cashew’s doubled
in size since we got her. She’s so big now, which
I’m happy she’s growing, ’cause I want to be able
to take her on hikes and the beach and the
cottage, that we don’t have, but we want to rent one the summer, and it’s been really nice to
see her growing and be healthy but at the same time,
we’re not gonna be able to hold her much longer
and I’m so sad about that, so basically I’m just telling you guys to take as many, as
many photos as you can. There is no such thing
as too many puppy photos because you will regret it if you don’t, and I’ve already, I luckily
did a full photoshoot when she was like, only
here for a couple days. And I’m so happy I did, I wish, I still wish I took even more but I figure like I have a
lot of puppy photos already but yeah, just something to keep in mind, they grow so fast I think they grow like, most of their weight in
like the first few months. I’m not quite sure but
like she’s so big already. She’s gonna get big. I don’t think I mentioned,
she’s a boxer mastiff mix. So she’s gonna be a big girl. And she’s a snorer. At night I’m like, I can hear her snoring, I’m like oh, how do you
stop a dog from snoring? You don’t, you’re just
like, “Cashew, ssh!” Alright, last but not least, (laughs) last but not least, puppies
bring so much joy and love into your life, and that
is like the main reason you should get a dog, despite
all of the other things. She has just been so
much fun and such a joy to have in our household. I cannot imagine life without her now, like Matt and I just like stare at her and anytime she does anything cute we’re just like “mmm so cute” like, how did we not have you before. She is, I would say free therapy, but it’s not free because you
gotta pay for the puppy stuff but like she is just
constant puppy therapy, you know for someone like me, who deals with like a lot
of stress and anxiety. I can guarantee like that,
I’m just like a test, I’m a testimonial that like puppies, reduce stress and anxiety. Mine has like decreased significantly and you’re just like more
in the present moment you’re not worrying about things as much, you’re just thinking about, you know, taking care of another
animal outside yourself like if you’re someone, like Matt and I, you know we’ve been
together for many years and we have our own routine and we’re just very independent and having to take care of something else other than ourselves
has been a really nice like challenge and just like, yeah, it’s been a really nice thing, like growth, like personal
growth I think as well. Yeah, it’s just, she’s
been a joy to have and I, I think having a pet or
an animal in your life is an amazing thing and I’ve already seen like my niece and nephew
really warm up to her and I just, yeah, I think that
everyone should have a pet, not everyone but like, if you
can, if you can make it work, and it fits within your
lifestyle, honestly, the best thing ever, so. Alright so those were my 10 things I wish I knew before getting a puppy. Oh sorry, did you want that? Did you want that, I’m sorry. There’s your carrot, there’s your carrot. So those are my 10 things I wish I knew before getting a puppy,
hopefully they will help you out. If you have a puppy, or if you’re thinking about getting a puppy, honestly, she’s the sweetest thing ever and you should totally follow
her on your Instagram account, Cashew_the_boxer, I
will link it down below, and let me know if you have a dog or a cat or an animal or a pet. Leave me a comment down below
letting me know what it is and what the name is and, yeah, you guys we can all follow
each other on her Instagram. So thank you so much for watching guys, obviously this was like a
different style of video than I normally do. Don’t worry, lots of smoothies and recipes and healthy living tips coming your way. But obviously Cashew is
a big part of our life, and I’ve gotten a lot of
requests for some puppy videos. I also wanna do a puppy
haul video on some things that we’ve picked up for Cashew
that I think are so sweet. Thank you so much for watching
guys, have a fabulous day. And goodbye from Cashew and I. Hey Cash, hey. (electronic music)

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