06. Meet Dillon the Springer Spaniel and how he loved being on a Canal Narrowboat.

Hello again! Hi!
We thought we’d introduce you to this chap. This is Dillon. (laughs) He’s getting a little impatient.
He’s very impatient.
He wants to be off running around the lock. We’ve had Dillon since… Well
we’ve known him since he was a day old. We held him within like 24 hours of him
being born, so he’s known us all his life, since the day he was born. He weighed about
700 grams when he was born. Tiny. Just sat in the palm of your hand.
(Didn’t you, Dillon) So as you can see, he’s a Springer
Spaniel, and he looks just like his dad. And he’s absolutely hating sitting down
doing nothing. Yeah, you want to be off running don’t you?
You’re gonna have to wait just a little bit. (excited barking) So when we made the decision to get another narrowboat, we thought we’d better check and make sure he was all right, so we took
him out on a hire boat a couple of weeks ago.

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