👉 If You Feed Labrador Retriever With Dry Dog Food ❌ Stop Immediately!

Dry dog food…Is it good or bad for Labrador
retriever? If you are a Labrador Retriever owner and
feed your pet with dry dog food then stop immediately. Dry dog food is not healthy for Labrador health
and in fact, it is dangerous in long run. Why is that so? In this video, I will reveal you 4 health
problems that might be caused by dry dog food. If you want to preserve your Labrador health
and extend its life I highly recommend you to switch on the dehydrated diet. Dehydrated dog foods are most appropriate
for Labradors diet and after this video, I bet you will think twice next time you decide
to feed your Lab with dry dog food. Ok, now let’s see 4 health problems that dry
dog foods cause: Number one, dental problems. Dogs that eat dry foods usually have dental
problems, why? Fibers are present in a dry diet for about
20% percent of the composition. Fibers contain sugar which causes dog dental
problems. Dehydrated dog foods contain very low fiber
percentage and very high proteins levels which are very healthy for dogs. Risk of getting dental problems with a dehydrated
diet is very low. Number two, pancreatitis and diabetes. In many cases, dry diet contains peas, corn,
wheat, soy, and other less quality and unhealthy ingredients. These ingredients cause pancreatitis and sugar
imbalance ie. diabetes Dehydrated diet is mostly focused on high-quality
meat ingredients and they are grain free. So the risk for Labrador to get pancreatitis
and diabetes is zero comparing to the dry diets. Wanna see more? Number three, allergic reactions. As I already mentioned, dry diet contains: Soy. Corn. Wheat. And eggs. Guess what…these ingredients are very famous
dog food allergens. Again dehydrated dog food is free of these
allergens. And health problems number four,
Cancers. The word dry means that ingredients are dried
on very high temperature in order to stay preserved for a longer period of time. The problem is the high temperature. Thermally processed ingredients at high temperatures,
250 degrees and higher, generate amines in proteins and acrylamides in carbs which are
carcinogenic compounds. It causes very dangerous dog cancers. On the other hand, dehydrated dog food processed
ingredients by freeze-dried, air-dried and dehydration processes which are totally acceptable. The best technique is freeze-dried where ingredients
preserve original raw structure as well as full nutritional value. So I beg you, do not feed your Labrador Retriever
with low quality and unhealthy dry dog foods. I suggest you choose dehydrated products with
the freeze-drying technique because these dog foods are most acceptable for Labradors. These foods will preserve your Labrador health
and extend its life. I am a dog food judge and I made a comparison
of the most popular dehydrated dog foods. In the description, I place for you my completely
free comparison test results and you just need to download it and see it. It is free because I want to help you to preserve
your Labrador health. If you like this video, hit the subscribe
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will learn the truth about dry dog food as well. And remember let’s keep our pets healthy! Bye!

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