❤️코카스파니엘💕About cocker spaniel

Today’s cute clumsily cockapaniel.
I’d like to introduce you to something. Cockaspaniel weighs 9 to 16 kilograms.
It’s a medium-sized dog that goes as far as. She’s got curly hair, double hair, and she’s taking care of it.
If you don’t, you can experience extreme hair loss. If you wear it in a medium length,
You might feel like you’re barely missing. If you take good care of dog hair, he’ll not almost lose your hair.
You can think of it as none. Cockerspaniel works for the Sporting Group.
It’s a hunting dog. Pick up a falling bird.
finding the bird when soar.
Told me you were in the role. So significant speed and endurance.
he have. A perfect balance and ideal for him.
Has the size. A whiff of activity as well as appearance.
It’s great. If you want to work out, if you raise them,
I think you’ll love it. Cockaspaniel was the one who was called the Devil’s Dog
The reason is because of this amount of activity. If you don’t give me enough exercise,
such as frequent bowel movements or damage to furniture.
a highly probable strain of an accident
It is. Cockaspaniel is optimistic and pleasant.
almost all because of one’s personality.
he get along well with people and adapt. socialization training because of optimistic personality
It’s also a very easy breed. But too active and curious.
one’s master’s firmness because of one’s character
You will need to teach etiquette. It’s too much. It’s a rude puppy.
It’s easy to be. If you do something wrong, you’ll always have to do it.
Please give me a good scolding. Don’t hit me. Dog intelligence from various angles.
He’s a dog in the top 20 on the list. We live together, and we’re all so smart.
I can see that you do it. He’s too smart, but he’s easy to train. A slight loss of concentration or an anomaly.
It’s because he’s thinking a lot about something Concentration when training Cocker spaniel
It’s good to start with improvement training. . Eye contact for focused training,
Clicker, wait, train, etc. a drawback in drooping ears
There’s this. When you eat food as long as it is long
When I’m taking a walk, my ears are burning.
It hits the ground. So it’s essential to keep your ears open every day.
Yes. And he’s got long ears, so he’s always covering it.
I have a lot of inflammation because I don’t have a lot of gout. If you don’t keep your ears clean,
It’s itchy and it scratches on your hind legs, so if you do it wrong, you’ll get it inflamed all year round.
you can do it Manage your ears if you don’t want to suffer from each other
It’s a must. an apartment or an indoor because of one’s active personality
You might think it’s hard to raise them in something. And I’m pretty sure there’s not much in vain.
If you’re good at teaching, you’ll be able to do it indoors.
I can get along well. Moderate exercise and etiquette education
If you let her live, then the demon dog will be able to live.
with your angel dog.
I’m going to hog it. I’ve been looking into cocker spaniel
yo Heavy-duty dog fur flushing usually requires exercise
Ear management essential, firm etiquette education, etc. It’s a reward for what we’ve done.
It’s a pretty dog. Please give me a lot of love for cocker spaniel
Thank you. Oh, good with the subscription. Did you press it?
Please set the alarm.

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  • 땡칠이가 코카스테파니엘이구나 보면서 이견종을 잘이해하며 키운다는게 정말 멋졌어요 귀엽다고 무조건 키우기보다는 견종마다 특징을 잘알고 키운다면 트러블도 없고 서로 스트레스없구요 👍👍👍1:08로봇청소기가 있는데도 본인이 로봇 청소기가 되었네요 ㅋㅌㅋ🥰🥰🥰

  • 와 땡칠이 너무 귀여워요😭
    특히 수건에 끌려갈때😂
    목소리가 너무 좋으셔서 영상에 집중이 잘 돼요👍👍
    땡칠이는 사랑을 많이 받은 천사견😆

  • 꺅ㅋㅋ완전귀여워요~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    애기때는 인형이 따로없네요~😍
    유익한 영상 잘보구 갑니당❤️💕🎶
    코카도 귀가 길어서 잘관리해줘야되는군요~

  • 땡칠이 안녕~~~~~
    애견인들은… 털관리가 생명이죠.ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    개헤엄도 엄청 잘하네요.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    땡칠아 또봐.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 사냥견인지만 사냥을절대하지않는 착한코카 땡칠이♡ ㅎㅎ 똑똑이땡칠아 늘~ 재미나게 지내렴♡

  • 수건 끌려가는거 넘 귀엽네요❤ 아기 댕댕이때 왤케 귀염뽀짝🥰 진짜 이쁘게 컸네용

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