ЩЕ СИ ИМАМЕ КУЧЕ! || Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Hello people! And the news are, that by the end of this month Me and Petko are gonna be having a new puppy! The breed is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel And as you can probably hear They are here around me, and now I’ll show them to you! Here are the little cute puppies! They are so cute! Okay, I don’t think I can film any better than this, because they are always following me! And here they are! Look at them! They are so cute and there’s four of them! Babies! This little fluffy one This one you see here, that’s ours! Hey, no fighting! That’s Jolene, meet her! She’s our future cute little puppy She’s the tiniest one of them all But she’s the cutest! Actually, they are all cute but I liked her so much! That’s her mother and she’s a champion at a lot of things She is very loving and she’s always giving kisses Okay, I am very much in love, and by the way I haven’t told you anything about these dogs until now, because We weren’t very sure if we really wanted to get a dog If we really could take care of it We hadn’t even chosen what breed it was going to be. But after we really thought about it, we came to a conclusion that we really want a dog, and to look after it and it’s going to be a little bit difficult, because of the cat, because we have a cat as you may know But I hope there aren’t any problems and they will feel comfortable with each other Look at them, they are babies! Jolene?! Come here, come here Jolene! Come! They are always in my feet everywhere! I think their teeth are itchy and because of that they are biting everything around them And as you can see, Jolene is eating my shoe right now Wait, don’t put your face in the camera! Why are you eating this thing here? The floor? Hello? Why are you eating the floor? Little cutie! Aww they are thirsty! Hey, cute Jolene! Little baby! Proud mommy! You are a proud mommy! I want to show you this lady, she owns the dog that gave birth and that we’re getting a dog from She has one of these hairless cats Actually, I wanted to tell you that she does have some hair, but it’s very tiny! And the dogs are playing with her and she has very tiny hairs, and when you touch her, it’s just like touching a peach this cat is so unique! It’s my first time seeing a cat like this, and touching a cat like this and I’m very excited, because it’s very interesting when you touch her Mommy’s cute little Jolene! Aww, Jolene! How can you be this cute? Here’s Jolene, let me show her to you once again Now we’re officially making you a vlogger! She’s probably going to be in a lot of my videos So you’re going to see her all the time and see her growing up And the process of her growing up! You’re going to be one proud dad! Oh, yes! I wanna touch your nose! It’s like a button! Petko is a maniac when it comes to touching noses! especially dog noses! It’s like a button! It’s just like a button that you have to push Yes, yes exactly! Jolene, as it seems, is the calmest one of all her brothers and sisters and when you hug her, she falls asleep! she almost fell asleep, she’s closing her eyes! She’s a super cute little baby! That’s my future baby! Bye, proud mom! And bye, little doggies! And now it’s time for us to leave, because we’re going to a premiere of the movie called A man of faith and we’re going to the movie, and then we’re probably going to a jazz festival, so I’ll see you again very soon! We’re here now in front of NDK Now we’re going to the movie! and I can’t wait to see this Alex Orbito who does surgery with bare hands! It’s gonna be interesting! How do you feel after this dose of cute puppies? I melted! I know right? You melted! I did too And I am very melted And I’m just in love with Jolene! And now i’m thinking if we should keep the name Jolene Or change it and think of a new name we’re gonna decide And look who’s at the premiere! Dimi and Kris! and a girl! What are you going to say? Are you excited about the movie? Well…. We can’t wait! Is it starting? So interesting! Here we we’re spying on Magi, she’s hugging some people! She saw us! Well, guys the movie about Alex Orbito Has ended, “A man of faith” And I feel very split in two What I’m actually thinking and what i’m believing I can’t even explain myself There were a lot of things that don’t match the things I believe in But there were a lot of things that do I mean, I really do believe he does surgery with bare hands I just don’t know I just feel a little confused about all of this and I’ll be happy if someone else has seen the movie, to tell me in the comments What they think about Alex Orbito How did they feel about the movie, and everything they think about it By the way, I’m with a coworker And she came to the movie as well So that’s Emma, meet Emma! We work in television together, and her position is Operator, uh operator.. Master control operator? Now with Petko, who will arrive soon We’re going to the jazz festival, because today is the last day and then a little bit of relax, because tomorrow I have to go to work! Yay! Hey vlogger! Are you a vlogger? I’m volder Mirolo I’m letting you know I’m volder Mirolo What? Vloden? Volder, volder. Mirolo volder Those are our guests from Couchsurfing! They are Dutch, and right now we’re together at the jazz festival Hey! Hey followers! They’re really cool! By the way I was talking to them and I was telling them that I wanted to film them drinking rakia So if this works It’s gonna be a genius video I don’t know if there will be any time left, but if there is…

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