The Cardiff Futures Forum is responsible for producing, commissioning or editing 'think pieces' - short essays in which Forum members investigate in greater depth some of the themes identified by the group. The Cardiff Futures website serves as an online portal where forum members and interested commentators could exchange findings and viewpoints.

Each Think Piece author is responsible for the content of the Think Piece, and for proposing actions to create a sustainable and prosperous Cardiff.

Don Snow, Mandix - "Cardiff Carbon-Lite:  "Reducing the city’s resource and carbon intensity"
John Punter - Cardiff University School of City & Regional Planning: "The Built Environment"
Phil Jones, Centre for Research in the Built Environment, Welsh School of Architecture - "Towards a More Sustainable Built Environment
Robin Coombes, B3 Burgess - "Transport and Connectivity"

Don Snow, Mandix - "Severn Tidal Power Feasibility Study, Update and Considerations"

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